“Climategate” Exposed!


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6 Responses to ““Climategate” Exposed!”

  1. PREX Says:

    Alex is celebrating consecutive victories against the imperial fleet.

  2. ACID_ORWELL Says:

    The Audacity of Cap n’ Trade…

  3. TUMORDICK Says:

    what is your you tube site?? can you please put up a link

  4. ACID_ORWELL Says:

    It’s up there now, top post… see the vids on youtube!

  5. Lethal Moron: Danny Glover Blames Haiti Earthquake on ‘Climate Change’ « 21st Century Wire Says:

    […] non-existent threats, both are failed scientific theories now thoroughly discredited in the wake of Climate Gate and repeated record cold temperatures across the globe this […]

  6. Mickey Rourke Wins 2010 “Man of the Year” in Storm of Controversy « Gonzotown's Blog Says:

    […] explains, “After the Climategate scandal, it looks as if UN staff were trying to give the software away. Originally it cost like […]

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