Obama’s Internet Czar Dr. Cass Sunstein wants to turn off the lights on Free Speech

EDITOR’S NOTE: The rhetoric and the planning coming out of Obama’s administration is a continuation of the same which proliferated under President Bush Jr.  Controlling the internet has long been a goal of the New World Order, and the US have taken their lead from countries like China who currently employ 30,000(conservatively) dedicated full-time net police. Like US and UK companies outsource their call centers to India, perhaps Washington plans to outsource its free speech patrolling to China at a fraction of the cost. Whatever your concerns might be, readers should pay attention to this issue at it affects all of us who read, as well as electronically publish material out here in virtual space. – PH  

Jerry Mazza
May 21, 2010  

Paul Joseph Watson, a writer at Prison Planet whom I greatly respect, gave us a reminder Monday May 17th that Obama Czar Wants Mandatory Government Propaganda On Political Websites. The Big Brother Czar is also a Harvard Professor currently dishing up the pabulum for Obama’s White House that “conspiracy theories” should be banned from the Internet; so much for Harvard, Czar-Dr. Cass Sunstein and intellectual freedom.  

Obama’s internet Czar Dr Cass Sunstein resembles Hitler’s chief communications henchman Goebbels.

What’s more Sunstein wants to “legally force” Americans “to do what’s best for our society” and water down their free speech (granted by the US Constitution), by mandating websites with pop-up links to opposing government propaganda be “forcibly included on political blogs.” Could we have such pop-ups when the President is speaking, Henry Kissinger, Bibi Netanyahu, AIPAC, Larry Silverstein, NIST, Fox News, Lloyd Blankfein?  

Coincidentally, the also Harvard educated Constitutional lawyer now President, Barack Obama, agrees with Sunstein and has knighted him “Head of Information Technology in the White House for ‘Conspiracy Theories,’” i.e. any political thought that doesn’t regurgitate establishment views, like Obama’s ties to the CIA at Columbia University and after. Those who talk truth to power will be taxed or banned. I hear the clicking of boot heels as Sunstein speaks and I write…  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


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4 Responses to “Obama’s Internet Czar Dr. Cass Sunstein wants to turn off the lights on Free Speech”

  1. MorningStar Says:

    Of course the democrats want to turn off the Internet by having regulations. Thus, the abolishment of this website and freedom of speech and thought. Good article.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Thanks, the state only know one thing- to grow in size and power…

  3. Abel Novacek Says:

    This site is really nice. I would like to see more like this!

  4. Rae Merrill Says:

    Good article but he didn’t allow comments. I guess he didn’t want neo-nazis chipping in.

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