Alex Jones Talks About the film ‘The Road’ and Our History

21st Century Wire
July 22, 2010

A review by Alex Jones. After many listener requests to watch this recent Viggo Mortensen dystopic epic, Alex purchased the DVD of The Road directed by John Hillcoat based on the Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name.

Jones provides in depth analysis on the lessons and archetypes that are presented throughout this movie. He compares this dystopic nightmare world to man ’s history and what is in store for our future if we continue down our current economic and political road…

Alex Jones talks about the film The Road and our current state of society and humanity.


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2 Responses to “Alex Jones Talks About the film ‘The Road’ and Our History”

  1. Karena Ahlstrom Says:

    Hello there, I really liked your blog.

    I am a first-time reader (I found your website through another forum). I enjoy what I’ve read so far, and I hope you keep writing articles like this! I bookmarked your site, so I hope you continue posting articles like this. I hope to be seeing your future posts. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

  2. shamanicmechanic Says:

    I have seen “the road” and have recommended to friends.I believe it is a realistic depiction of the worst case scenario that can unfold if humanity does not address the big problems facing the world in a peaceful, loving way.As long as money,power and greed rule,a gradual progression to a world such as is depicted in “the road” is inevitable.

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