By Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
Nov 25, 2010

Economics needn’t be so confusing to the non-Havard MBA grad. In short, this little animated cartoon sequence explains what the US Federal Reserve Bank is up to and how we got here- a highly educational animated segment…

     The cryptic economic policy known as “Quantitative Easing” is outlined here.

Of course, Quantitative Easing is simply running the US money printing press on overtime, an action which will ultimately reduce the value of the US dollar and re-position it for a new and dangerous inflationary cycle. You might ask yourself, “Why should anyone be concerned with macro economic policy?” Keep asking yourself that question when your weekly wage cheque is no longer worth the paper it’s printed on…

Special thanks for this story to newshound and 21st Century Wire researcher Victor Hernandez, he is also founder of (don’t forget the dash).


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  1. Stewart Says:

    It really is this outrageous.

    Thank you for breaking it down to its base insanity. Hopefully Americans are nearing the point where they can see clearly, and begin to rally for accountability and actual change.

    Nuremberg trials were a start. Goldman Sachs trials, 9/11 trials, Mainstream Media trials, NeoCon trials, and the like will be nice to see.

    Guillotines on pay per view can start generating recovery revenue in the new era of accountability.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      I know, it beggars belief sometimes. The bad news for the Bernankes is that the kids are getting smarter to the old game and people are are calling their hand like never before…

      Still “proud to be a Roman” but thinking about moving to Carthage…

  2. Stewart Howe Says:

    Before you move, check to see if there is a Federal Reserve Bank of Carthage…

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