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December 21, 2010

(it could land you in prison)

   Come Jan 1st, those innocent “climate quips” could just land you in a cold cell.

The video comedy sketch above is actually hitting very close to home. Our latest and somewhat controversial article on global warming  has prompted some readers and Facebook members to say that “They (21st Century Wire) should not be allowed to write (our critical essays and news challenging the UN’s global warming orthodoxy)”, and that “They should confine themselves to blogs or talking loudly at bars, where they can safely be ignored”. In other words, the UN’s science summary is holy law, to challenge or question it is akin to heresy.

MISSING: Has anyone seen this man lately?

It’s worth pointing out here that the global warming church will always cry in chorus “climate change!” anytime there is a heat spell, a hurricane, an earthquake or a sandstorm, but will condemn and excommunicate heretic ‘deniers’ like us who are simply putting across a collection factual research and nonpolitical opinion that challenges the UN’s controlled party line. If there is an iron maiden in the basement of the UN building in New York, surely our writers here at 21st Century will have advanced booking privileges.

Actor Danny Glover  made such a statement  after the Haiti Earthquake disaster- blaming the disaster on climate change, which means that 21st Century Wire would be well within its bounds to decree that he should not be allowed to act as a result. Would we? Of course not, we like Lethal Weapons 1 & 2… a lot, but Danny will end up paying the price in ‘street cred’ (he’s been docked a few) if he goes and says anything outrageously absurd on global TV.

Proof that there is a warming bias right in front of our eyes…

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”
-Dr David Viner, Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, March 20, 2000

“Why did the Met Office forecast a “mild winter?”
–Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, The Daily Telegraph, December 20, 2010

FYI note for the Climate Taliban, please can you make my hair shirt a medium, thanks, and with a 16.5″ neck. It’s almost comical, yet it’s enough to make you nearly cry. Readers you still have the choice: keep taking your blue pills, or wake up and deprogram.

Patrick Henningsen

21st Century Wire



2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming?

December 18, 2010
By Patrick Henningsen 
Dec 18, 2010

Britain and Europe have been hit hard for the third straight record-breaking winter season. Labeled by experts as the coldest winter in 100 years and set to blow well into 2011, it is already raising some very interesting questions about the new ideological split we are witnessing throughout society in the much celebrated green debate.

Tonight Britain braces itself for a further 10 inches of snow and more sub-zero temperatures to come- with no let-up, top forecasters have warned. These unusual Arctic conditions are set to last through the Christmas and New Year bank holidays and beyond and as temperatures plummeted to -10c (14f), prompting the UK’s Met Office to state that this December 2010 was ‘almost certain’ to become the coldest since records began in 1910. 

So is it not safe to say that we are witnessing a real, tangible and physical trend here? Unlike the million dollar computer-generated climate model projections produced by the UN’s elite circle of research grantees and bursary award-winning climate scientists, this new trend is actually a real one- one we can touch, feel and most importantly… one we can empirically measure.

Yet another record-breaking winter in Britain, could this be a trend? Go figure. (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen).

Indeed, it is Britain who has been hit- yet again, by a siege of blizzards and freezing temperatures. As public transport and utilities face continued disruption in services, major airports are reporting closures as the snow drift continues to pile up.  It seems that temperatures will struggle to rising above freezing points for the second straight day and this will sure spell more chaos for the general welfare. For a relatively moderate, low altitude climate zone like the UK, such winter storms can cost lives and create an endless backlog of crisises that municipalities will have difficulty managing.

There is a rather bizarre upside of course. If you count yourself as one of the millions worldwide who find yourself living in constant fear of global warming and climate change, there is one positive reassuring aspect to this now bona fide and well documented global cooling weather trend since 1998. This essentially means that you can now safely get out from under the bed and breathe a sigh of green relief as you look out your window to see everything covered in thick white again. Yes, yes, you are completely and utterly safe from CGI-created scary visions of sea levels rising- as seen in the science fiction “cult” film, Age of Stupid (yes, those are CGI graphics and no, sea levels are not rising), allegedly due to that arbitrary phantom menace… called climate change. But some well-meaning folks seem to have forgotten that the Earth’s climate is constantly changing- it always has done. What is the main driver of the Earth’s climate; its cloud cover, its weather patterns, its extreme climate cycles? Undoubtedly, it is that big red firey furnace in the sky- the Sun.

Still though, this hasn’t stopped thousands of green-washed activists, hippies and guilt-ridden corporate rehab patients in search of a low calorie religious love-in, from chasing their paper tiger into the deepest darkest corner of this endless political forest. A generation lost to indoctrination from up-on-high, high, high up some of the world’s leading investment banks and arcane think tanks. And the hippies, well, they are also high.

Lost the plot: What was once a fun green activity for young Euro-hippies has now transformed into a wandering farcical climate circus.

The Club of Rome  (official progenitor of the global warming hoax) and the UN’s own well-documented programmes of social engineering(Agenda 21) and various departments of political division, all have seen resounding success, particularly between 2004-2008, before the ideological zeitgeist of global warming and its new alter ego, climate change, started heading south for the winter (all the way south to Antarctica, in fact). The inevitable collapse of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is one recent sign that the whole effort to monetised and control Western lives through this coercive pseudo market is struggling to maintain its illusion of green utilitarianism. The writing was on the wall this past summer and went unnoticed by most green activists and passive spectators in the great climate debate. Although initial investors and shared holders managed to jump ship with their fortunes in tact, in the end, it was simply “unsustainable”.

If you have unwavering faith in men like Al Gore, the UN’s own knighted IPCC body of 40-odd climate scientists and the Guardian’s resident earth expert George Monbiot, then you have effectively swallowed the blue pill. Here you have a license to switch off your critical thinking faculties because in your mind you can hear the following phrases, successfully implanted there, over and over again. “The debate is over, the science is settled, every scientist agrees”. Like a fundamentalist Christian, a Jew, or Muslim, you take the climate scriptures word for word. You are a true believer, one who somehow knows in his heart that there really is a thing called man-made CO2-driven global warming. It simply must be. And there is a ready-made crowd waiting for you at the church, where everyone is singing happily from the same hymn sheet- literally. What once passed for education in the West, was transformed into a top-down waterfall of relentless green propaganda- driven by middle class guilt and a multi-billion dollar gravy train of state-subsidised financial opportunities.

And in the most bizarre turn of green ideology seen yet, more and more liberal-minded zealots are now claiming  “that global cooling is what we must expect because of global warming”. If you are in any doubt as to the reality of this new claim, just ask any climate change advocate yourself and you will be amazed to hear this new party line stated. Another idea has been successfully implanted into the minds of this faithful flock.

And then you have the skeptics– the demonised, the mavericks, the outcasts(of whom this author is one, and has yet to receive any money from ‘big oil’ etc) often stoned in public for challenging Herrs Gore, Strong, Hansen, Mann and Jones on certain hack aspects of their sacred computer-modeled science. The doubters knew something wasn’t right when Wall Street started its hedging and hyping of the world’s most innovative financial instrument yet- carbon emissions. They knew something was off kilter when carbon taxes inevitably became to main thrust of global warming shills and the United Nations. So after a third straight year of frostbite and ice skating down your neighborhood street and into a lamp post, it’s gone beyond a joke. You simply have no choice but to swallow the red pill

In the end, the climate debate comes down to Alice in Wonderland. Our advice: at least know which pill you have swallowed.

It seems that the only people in denial are the religious followers of the IPCC’s new Jonestown Church of climate change… drunk on a delusion that they are, in their own little way, saving the planet from the evil substance known as CO2. It’s become a sort of tribal division, where two tribes cannot seem to agree if the Sun orbits the Earth, or the Earth orbits the Sun. Throughout history tribes of people needed mythologies in order to give meaning to their lives. Climate Change is simply the latest mythology for this current epoch. In the 21st century, we thought modern man had surely advanced past this handicap, but alas… old habits die hard. 

Alice… are you there Alice?


INTERVIEW: Richard Groves talks about the independent media

December 16, 2010

   Tragedy And Hope founder Richard Groves talks about the potential of the independent media.

This is an excellent new thought-provoking portal that delves into the issue of empowerment, as well as many aspects and possibilities surrounding the rise of the independent media…


WIKIREBELS: The Documentary

December 14, 2010


   Watch this documentary covering the Wikileaks phenomenon.

“There is no doubt that on the whole, Wikileaks and Julian Assange have done a tremendous public service by providing the public with war-time transparency on the big stage. The effort by the organisation is nothing short of groundbreaking. But this does not mean that newshounds and pundits will be shy and not apply an intense analytical microscope on the quality of the leaks it presents, mainstream media filtering of its leaks, as well as the byproducts in terms of real policy change that results- or does not result from its work. Seeing through the media circus…”

– Patrick Henningsen, Managing Editor, 21st Century Wire


WIKILEAKS: Corrupted Oracle or Cointelpro Asset of the Establishment?

Exclusive: “Internet was never free or open and never will be…”

December 14, 2010

By Nathan Diebenow
December 14, 2010

Author: If Americans want a truly free network, ‘we’ve got to build it from scratch’

Secrets outlet WikiLeaks’ continuing struggle to remain online in the face of corporate and government censorship is a striking example of something few truly realize: that the Internet is not and never has been democratically controlled, a media studies professor commented to Raw Story.

“[T]he stuff that goes on on the Internet does not go on because the authorties can’t stop it,” Douglas Rushkoff, author of Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age and Life, Inc.: How Corporatism Conquered the World and How to Take it Back”, said. “It goes on because the authorities are choosing what to stop and what not to stop.”

Rushkoff told Raw Story that the authorities have the ability to quash cyber dissent due to the Internet’s original design, as a top-down, authoritarian device with a centralized indexing system.

Essentially, all one needs to halt a rogue site is to delete its address from the domain name system registry.

“This is not rocket science,” said Rushkoff, who also teaches media studies at The New School University in Manhattan.

For example, the Dutch teenager arrested Thursday for helping to organize a denial of service attack on an ‘Operation Payback’ online chatroom: “They just took him off. He had his own server, and they just go, ‘Oh, nip this one!'” Rushkoff said.

This is why, he noted in a recent CNN editorial, the actual threat to PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Amazon last week were “vastly overstated” in most media.

The best I.T. talent may soon gobble the red pill and test their skills down the rabbit hole.

“The forces of bottom-up anarchy have reached a similar impasse, and the authorities of the Internet have once again demonstrated their ability to fend off any genuine peer-to-peer activity,” he explained. “This is a tightly controlled network, and you know, that’s why I think the Chinese do have it right in that they understand, ‘Oh, we can control this thing. We just censor the fuck out of it… ”



Who is Behind the Demonization of the Web?



December 13, 2010

By Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
Dec 14, 2010

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false”.
– William Casey, Director of CIA in his first address to his staff in 1981.

Whether the Wikileak media phenomenon has been actually engineered from a cluster of office cubicles in Langley, Virginia or has been corrupted with made-to-order disinformation is still anyone’s guess. One thing that we can say for certain, however, is that the Icelandic “watchdog” digital dumping site is being now used in a cynical ploy by the Establishment. If the only tangible result of the recent Wikileaks hype is that the State will be curtailing internet freedoms and blocking selected websites, then it only validates William Casey’s haunting statement back in 1981.

Case in point, the FOX News recent piece feature entitled, Al Qaeda Looks to Make New ‘Friends’ — on Facebook  is the latest example in a cumulative campaign designed to advance the ruling Establishment’s key talking point for coming year in 2011- that the internet is a potential threat to national security, “the troops”, public safety and the general welfare of the nation.

This of course, follows the massive Wikileaks document dump two weeks ago. Upon releasing the 250,000 ‘secret cables’, the Mainstream Media (aka ‘MSM’)  has engaged in a fortnight-long feeding frenzy, chewing mostly on light-to-middleweight intelligence leaks and US Embassy gossip, followed by a serialized sex scandal drama centered around the website’s illusive point-man Julian Assange. The US State Department, along with regular Neoconservative mouthpieces like Ann Coulter, have  joined in with a host of similar predictable reactionary voices, who are all together, advancing identical talking points about how dangerous Wikileaks(aka the free internet) is for America. The essence of this campaign which we will continue to see throughout the coming year can be summed up in this list of maxims: 

1) The World Web Wide is putting National Security at risk
2) The Web is being used by terrorists to share intel and plan attacks
3) We must sacrifice our freedom of speech online in order to make us safer at home

America invented, pioneered and revolutionized the web, so it is only fitting that America will be the first Western state to regulate free speech on the internet using a Chinese-style grid containing a long list of websites and key words banned by the new Thought Police.

The 21st century Thought Police are chomping at the bit for a some action.

Naturally, web giants like Google and Facebook will not in themselves be affected, or lose advertising revenue from a State clampdown on free internet and expression, although millions of their users could be at risk of falling afoul with the Thought Police.

There is a genuine conflict of interest here with regards to Google who itself has received some of its seed capital money from the CIA and has retained strong links with the agency as well as the NSA. Without a doubt, members of its board and operations managers are members of the intelligence club, and recipients of a nice double paycheck. But the primary targets of a concerted State and corporate campaign against internet free speech will surely be independent news sites, blog sites, peer-to-peer and torrent sites.

Mainstream Media losing its audience

Since 2000, the inertia created from the boom has propelled the Web way past the traditional monolithic MSM in terms of numbers. The MSM still maintains the prestige associated with big brands, big budget productions and celebrity, but in terms of bottom line profits, its hay days are long gone. Where a relatively small number of corporate conglomerates once had a monopoly stronghold over audiences, viewer numbers for terrestrial and cable TV have plummeted during the ascent of the internet. Websites, forums, chat rooms, blogs, alternative news sites and social networks have more or less obliterated TV Neilson Rating numbers and print newspaper sales, which means that the big advertizing money has also dried up considerably since 2000. Large sections of advertising budgets that were once reserved for expensive commercials and reserving block bookings for highly rated TV ad space have already migrated over to the internet with no sign of returning. That money is now being collected by thousands of New Media agencies and in the form of advertising revenue for the likes of Google, Facebook and Yahoo and E-Bay whose finances have gone orbital in comparison to the MSM stalwarts- making these web-based corporations the new heavyweights on the Fortune 500.

Conflict of interest: Giants like Google have real ties to State-run intelligence operations (PHOTO: The Guardian)

Earlier efforts to monetize user-generated content sites like YouTube saw Google’s acquisition of the social networking video giant in late 2006, which was followed soon after by a revamp away from user-generated and rated content on its main page, to its new front page being reserved exclusively for paid-for network TV trailers, Hollywood Studio promos and music industry videos. This was in effect a sort of corporate bottom-line-driven form of censorship.

Audiences have switched off their TV’s, dropped their newspapers and flocked to the web because of its interactivity and because it offers an online community experience not available in the traditional MSM. The result of this trend has meant that TV networks and news wire agencies like Reuters and AP have had to rely on paid-for news inserts(masquerading as news) to make up the short fall on their balance sheets, by promoting R&D technology, pharmaceuticals, retail products and hyping investment stocks. A major source of TV and news revenue between 2003 and 2005 was in the form of an estimated $1.6 Billion spend by the US government in paid-for government news. It seems State propaganda can indeed be a lucrative business after all.

The National Association of Broadcasters

When it comes to running an orchestrated campaign to demonize the Web, who better to lead the charge than the old guard cartel, who has lost the most- and stands the most to gain by restricting parts of the Web. The National Association of Broadcasters is one of the largest lobbies in Washington and whose members read like a who’s who list of major networks and media conglomerates. Collectively it contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the campaign coffers and works to influence legislation by applying pressure on elected representatives and committees to pen legislation in their favor.

In their minds, if the internet had never come along late last century, they would be completely content with the status quo and an iron grip over audiences and influence. Those days are long gone of course, but still today, traditional monolithic media outlets are still the ideal bedfellow for the ruling Establishment’s own State-run propaganda machine. The major networks like FOX, CBS, MSNBC and ABC have all been enthusiastic and compliant partners with the State whenever it needed to prime the public for an impending illegal war (see Afghanistan, Iraq), or when it requires a distraction away from a questionable election (see 2000). In contrast, independent websites like Infowars, Drudge Report, CLG News, We R Change and Zero Hedge– along with thousands of other sites and newsgroups, are rather difficult to manage in terms of synchronizing official talking points released through the type of strictly controlled press briefings we get coming out of Washington. Collectively, these relatively small web sites break more real news, release gov’t leaks and shatter more disinformation campaigns than Wikileaks or any other MSM outlet combined. They currently amount to a rather large thorn in the side of the Establishment. Not only are they uncontrollable, they are also spiriting away millions upon millions of readers, viewers and advertizing dollars each day from the traditional MSM. It is almost impossible for the State to run a successful disinformation campaign or gov’t “Psy-op” via these elements of the independent online media because they are not licensed by the government, not centrally controlled by ownership or a trade-lobby association, and more importantly… they don’t take their marching orders from head office or Washington DC. This is precisely why they are all a priority target of the ruling Establishment.

The Big Three

In terms of user numbers and revenue, the “Big Three” online are Google, YouTube and Facebook. As far as searching for, propagating and sharing information, these three giants, along with Twitter, are indispensable tools for any independent publisher or viewer, but when the Establishment’s clampdown begins, it will be here that we will see the opening salvos against free speech. The Big Three have already begun testing the waters, starting a few years back with YouTube’s aggressive removal of selected content like the popular Alex Jones Channel in 2009. In addition, this past year also saw social networking portal Facebook banning the Gadsden Flag and other Tea Party-related material in July 2010. Later in 2010, the Alex Jones Channel, now one of the most viewed channels in the history of YouTube, was once again targeted by YouTube’s parent company Google for showing the infamous US Apache helicopter massacre Wikileaks clip. There are many other examples but these are all well documented and illustrate both the power of information on the web and the power of the giants to censor it.
   Alex Jones explains YouTube’s ongoing battle with his own independent  channel

Real Web vs Fake Web

There is an egalitarian aspect of the World Wide Web which for the most part, makes it curiously immune to disinformation and State-sponsored propaganda campaigns. On the Real Web the cream usually rises to the top, and the garbage tends to sink to the bottom. The process is validated through a massive hive of readers, researchers and consumers who can very quickly and easily test the veracity of a particular story, OpEd piece or news flash online. This works in a completely opposite fashion to the passive viewer-led MSM model where most disinformation and propaganda immediately dominates the top layer of news and events and constantly recycled in a manner that any psychologist would admit is mass classical conditioning. Just as fake news has been planted countless times throughout history in major newspapers and run on TV, there is also fake intelligence which is uploaded to the Web via security agencies and clandestine government operations in order to achieve success in one operation or another.

Enter stage left, the silver fox and new face of free speech online, one Julian Assange, founder of the free world’s latest beacon of light, Wikileaks. Still mesmerized by the volume of info released, few in the MSM are ready to question the quality of information dripping down from the massive Wikileak doc dump. Some of it could be genuine intel, while other parts may be planted. Planting information or intelligence online is nothing new. The Fake Web was launched nearly a decade ago through a prolific series of anonymous postings on seemingly anonymous radical Islamic websites featuring a Walt Disney-like rotating cast of pixellated avatars including Osama Bin Laden, and the Al’s– like Ayman alZawahiri and Abu Musab alZarqawi plus a host of theatrical supporting characters in the West’s staged production of the Global War on Terror. One of the Fake Web’s greatest hits was the Nick Berg beheading video which many still maintain is one of the best examples of digital fakery ever to hit the big-time and sway war-time public opinion over the edge. It’s certainly worth noting here also that many, if not all of the Bin Laden video and MP3 messages have since been debunked and exposed as contrived fakes put out by the CIA’s shadowy media arm Intel Center.

What the anonymous Islamic boom achieved was to validate the Fake Web composed of all manner of mysterious postings and virtual events online as something purporting to real life intelligence and a new digital form of modern historical record. Predictably, Washington would validate these internet episodes in as serious a manner as possible with official State Department briefings, reactions and high even references in Presidential speeches. Hence, foreign policies, domestic security state measures and war-time decisions could now be based on this new virtual theatre. Add Wikileaks to the mix now, and we get more reactions from the State based on another digital theatre of events.

The Waning Power of Joe the Plumber

That brings us back to where we are today. Authorities and their MSM mouthpieces are all calling in unison for something to be done about “the internet”. The MSM will always defer to their core audience opinion on this issue, typically embodied by the everyman cum-political sage, passive media consumer- Joe the Plumber. If Joe believes that regulating the net will keep him safe from Al Qaeda, then chances are he is going to support any government or corporate restriction of free speech online because after all, Joe only uses Twitter to Tweet about his softball games on the weekends and give a ribbing to his buddies at work. “Sometimes we have to sacrifice our liberty for freedom”, he says, but totally unaware of what his statement really means.

In the past, Joe’s voice carried some serious weight but increasingly today, the web is being driven by millions of active, not passive users and readers. The active bunch who are used to operating on a web of unlimited choice and egalitarian rankings based on intense participation, and they won’t go quietly into the night. Controlling them will not be as simple and as straight forward as controlling what is aired on the Eleven O’Clock News.


WIKILEAKS: Corrupted Oracle or Cointelpro Asset of the Establishment?

Russian Charge D’affaires confirms 21st Century Wire story: UK media goes blackout

December 11, 2010

Editors Note: Special thanks to our reporter and research assistants for having the foresight and trusted sources needed in order to verify this connection. Amazingly- or not, we originally broke this story nearly one week before the mainstream media, further proving that small independent news sites like this one are often a step ahead of multinational media conglomerates. Here, here.

By Giles Dexter
Whitehall Correspondent
21st Century Wire
Dec 11, 2010

As the tit for tat spy row you first read about earlier this week here on 21st Century Wire escalated today, with further expulsions threatened by Moscow, Alexander Sternik,  chargé d’affaires at the Russian embassy in London, claimed the detention of Ekaterina Zatuliveter was a way of changing the news agenda from the WikiLeaks allegations and England’s failure to beat Russia in the race to host the 2018 World Cup.

The London Guardian reported on Dec 9th that according to Russia’s top official in London, Parliamentary assistant Zatuliveter’s detention was part of a diplomatic diversion on the part of Britain. Sternik, speaking at a breakfast briefing in central London, told journalists that media-fuelled agitation over Zatuliveter had been used as a smokescreen for Britain’s “considerable” problems. “We periodically observe these ‘spy scares’ in the British mass media,” he added.

Sternik added, “Usually, these are tried and true methods of drawing away the public eye from more tangible problems. These problems are many over the last couple of months. You can cite the unflattering leaks from WikiLeaks and the unsuccessful [World Cup] bid. So sometimes it is just a PR stunt to ensure the attention is not focused where it should be.”

Moscow media claimed that UK authorities were simply angry over England losing out to Russia in the bid to host the 2018 World Cup. “This all looks like petty revenge on Russia for the football,” said Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Putin's master FIFA bid has sparked a diplomatic row with Her Majesty's Intelligence Services

A senior source from Russia’s FSB security service quoted in another paper said: “Everything is more than strange. The situation is incomprehensible. They arrest an alleged agent. But judging from their announcements, she wasn’t working against Britain. So why deport her with such fuss? It could have all been done quietly without attracting attention. They [just] want to announce a big victory over Russian spies.”

In the British media, two stories which had individually attracted acres of newsprint and hours of airtime, and which are now linked, have disappeared from screens and newspapers.

Perhaps UK authorities are concerned their claims of no connection between the events will not believed, and this instructed the supine British media to drop the story? In the weeks to come, further developments in this story might reveal the full scope of this diplomatic crisis.

In case you missed it earlier in the week…

Queen’s MI5 Detains Russian Honey Trap Spy in Response to England’s 2018 World Cup Humiliation

Tit-for-Tat Diplomatic Row Pits Putin Against the Queen

WIKILEAKS: Corrupted Oracle or Cointelpro Asset of the Establishment?

December 8, 2010

By Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
Updated Dec 13, 2010

You can judge a tree by its fruit. In the case of Wikileaks, its low-hanging fruit.

There is only one thing more dangerous than a fundamentalist Neo-conservative, and that’s a naive liberal. In the wake of the demolition of the modern, somewhat mythological illusory icon Barrack Obama, people who identify themselves as liberal watchdogs have been left wanting for a new hero.

Enter the Messiah 2.0, the silver haired saviour, one Julian Assange. The ascent and timing of the Wikileaks phenomenon could not be more scripted and perfect. This magnificent digital cloud has literally captured the minds of eternally frustrated people the world over- frustrated by war, corruption and the endless cloak and dagger exploits of their leaders. The uploading of 250,000 “top-secret cables” threatened to bring down the corrupt Washington Establishment. In reality it has done nothing of the sort, rather, bizarrely bolstering the status quo.

Some might say it’s a new channel for passive political entertainment- tune in, switch off and watch the globetrotting Assange duck and dive Interpol and Washington. Another excuse for the mainstream media to obstain from doing any journalism, opting instead for giving sideline play-by-play, which they love. There is no doubt that on the whole, Wikileaks and Julian Assange have done a tremendous public service by providing the public with war-time transparency on the big stage. The effort by the organisation is nothing short of groundbreaking. But this does not mean that newshounds and pundits will be shy and not apply an intense analytical microscope on the quality of the leaks it presents, the mainstream media’s filtering of its leaks, as well as the byproducts in terms of real policy change that results- or does not result from its work. Seeing through the media circus is essential in unlocking the riddle of Wikileaks.

   What exactly is Wikileaks? The pieces are slowly coming together.

The whole concept of “intelligence” has changed considerably since the dawn of the internet age. Instead of papers and physical dossiers, we now have emails, digital video and “cables”. How can analysts verify intelligence these days? The soil was readied for the arrival of Wikileaks by a decade of anonymous postings on highly questionable Islamic websites featuring pixellated avatars of Osama Bin Laden, Ayman alZawahiri and Abu Musab alZarqawi and similar theatrical villains in the West’s staged production of the Global War on Terror. What the anonymous Islamic boom achieved was to validate all manner of mysterious postings and virtual events online as something purporting to be modern historical record. Washington, London and Tel Aviv validated these internet episodes with official State Dept reactions and high level addresses. Hence, foreign policies, domestic security state measures and war-time decisions could now be based on this new virtual theatre of events. Enter stage left, the anamorphic character, crusader for free speech, Mr Julian Assange, alleged founder of the free liberal world’s latest beacon of light, Wikileaks.

Who is Julian Assange? A 'useful idiot' for the Establishment or a Cointelpro operative? The jury is still out.

Is Wikileaks being used by the Globalist Establishment? In the complexed world of intelligence leaks, counter leaks, false leaks and misinformation it is often difficult for the casual observer to separate the wheat from the chaff. Leaks are used by the Establishment to out rogue agents, settle political scores or create timely diversions needed by intelligence services to maintain an air of chaos on the front pages of the major daily rags.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Is there real information within these intelligence dumps? Indeed, there is. The size and scope of the uploads will certainly contain volumes of real information, but which bits and when selected bits are chosen to run in a synchronised fashion across the mainstream media news cycle tells a lot about how Wikileaks is being used by the Establishment. But the real clues to the political functions of these leaks are often hidden in plain sight. Case in point: this past summer’s Wikileaks cache which featured former Pakistani ISI Chief, Hamid Gul, portraying him as an active puppet master working in cahoots with Al Qaeda and the Taliban to attack US and NATO forces in the region, was one of the clearest giveaways as to the real function and dark pedigree of the so-called intelligence pouring out of the trustworthy Icelandic online oracle. In the years running up to this supposed US ‘leak’, General Hamid Gul was one of the most consistent and relentless critics of the US foreign policy and the military occupations in the region, as well as exposing its often duplicitous relationship with client state Pakistan. Gul even went so far as to accuse elements within the US intelligence structure as being either responsible or involved in the planning and execution of the infamous September 11th attacks of 2001. This of course, was a bombshell at the time and placed Hamid Gul in the crosshairs of Washington’s military and intelligence establishments. It was, after all, Gul- the old inside man in the pay of the CIA, who worked for Washington in the 1980’s to train and arm the US-backed Mujahedeen in Soviet occupied Afghanistan. The July 2010 Wikileaks file on General Gul repositioned him from whistleblower into a new member of the revised ‘Al Qaeda camp’, an enemy of the state, thus priming the engines of the CIA Gulfstream Jet that could now pick up the retired Pakistani General as an enemy combatant in the War on Terror, black sack and all. From annoying insider… to demonised outsider. Job done.

   Watch Hamid Gul’s reaction to the Wikileak release

More importantly, however, what this supposed Wiki-revelation did was to fuel the new idea that there is now “mistrust” between these two close allies in the war on terror, and “without each other’s support they cannot win the war on terror”. This now puts Pakistan on its back foot. Bear in mind that during this time, US drone attacks and Blackwater encroachments into Pakistani territory had reached a new high. This is only one example, but certainly a telling one, virtually identical in execution to Osama bin Laden’s fabled timely election messages and Christmas addresses to the world, further demonstrating the uncanny timing and disinformation coming out of many of these Wikileaks doc dumps. Welcome to the world of intelligence leaks.

Many, if not all of those warm timely Bin Laden festive messages have been debunked, and exposed as contrived fakes put out by the CIA’s shadowy media arm Intel Center, but again viewers need to consider the significance of these messages with regards the formation of public opinion and feeling on issues surrounding both domestic and foreign policy. These controlled items are invaluable and serve a real PR purpose. Wikileaks can be analysed in a similar fashion by noting the timing of the content, the material released, the subsequent predictable media reaction to them, and also noting what is omitted from these supposed ‘tell all’ mega files.

The Business of Leaking

In the case of Washington, when real world events become difficult to manage in PR terms, a diversion is essential. The old formula of staging fake terror plots, or even real terror bombs has reached its end with the public, so what is better than combing through the Pentagon’s back catalogue of PDF files and adding a few new files for good measure, then uploading them to an off-shore server? It’s cheap, fast and best all, it’s easy to control. A junior officer could do the job. Amazingly, nowhere in any of these sinister cables appears any implications of criminal wrong doing by Herrs Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama or Blair. Nothing about the US funding of terror cells in Iran, 911 cover-ups, WMDs or dodgy Whitehall Dossiers. Notice the absence of any hints, implications- or international criticism of the US’s number one ally and moral/material partner in the illegal Middle East occupations- Israel. It’s pure Punch ‘n Judy, business as usual. One secret cable even-numbered Iraqi civilian deaths since the invasion at a mere 66,000- in effect revising history by rewriting previous UN and independent estimates of 1.5 million deaths.

In yet another example of revisionist propaganda in the “secret cables”, WikiLeaks intel tried to claim that weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq, justifying the invasion. Alas, no such weapons were ever found.

Obviously, the Wikileak is corrupted before it arrives to the Wiki server. Can anyone who has followed the news over the last 7 years take this new dump seriously? So we get 250,000 ‘secret’ files dumped and the prevailing Establishment remains firmly in tact with no real change in the status quo. No change at all in US or Israeli foreign policy. Only a benign feeding frenzy for the mainstream media.  A hollow Wiki? Interesting question.

Still, all roads lead back to 911.

Surface leaks sometimes cover up the real leaks. Just like in Watergate all roads lead back to JFK- what E. Howard Hunt referred to as “the whole Bay of Pigs thing”, aka “The Big Event”- was actually referring to the assasination of President JFK.  Still today, all roads lead to 911. The fact remains that before WMD’s came to the poker table in the run-up to Iraq, it was 911 which was the original pre-text for the invasion of Afghanistan. Regarding the attacks of 911, Assange has stated on record:

“I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud…”

On the subject of 911, this statement positions Julian Assange as an institutional gatekeeper. He will decide what is important for you and which leaks we need, which leaks we should ignore. As a Liberal icon, the coffee table crowd will naturally be hanging on his every word. It is for this reason that building up a cult of personality has no place in a truly independent media oracle such as Wikileaks. Gatekeepers become editors, further narrowing the channels of information flow.

   Webster Tarpley breaks down the problem with Julian Assange and Wikileaks

Time will tell what policy and law changes will be rushed into place as a Neo-conservative reaction against Wikileaks’ staged embarrassment of the US State Dept. Perhaps Washington and London will enact new security measures and authorities to take down hundreds of ‘rogue’ websites that threaten the interests of National Security. That would of course be an own-goal for liberal watchdogs and fans pining for the illusive Assange and Wikileaks, but this is precisely the kind of reaction we can expect in the media circus surrounding the flimsy internet Wikileak phenomenon.

Whether the new liberal cult hero Julian Assange is in fact a “useful idiot” helping to propagate fake leaks for the Establishment, or is a bona fide covert intelligence operative, remains to be seen. His recent detention in the UK for alleged sexual abuses in Sweden is providing endless media columns which will focus on the international legal circus of these charges, and further propel the cult of personality forward. One thing is fairly certain though, that Wikileaks is a corrupted oracle putting out a mix of light-to-middleweight intelligence and in some cases outright misinformation in order to direct public opinion on a variety of issues. One needs only to look at the initial George Soros-type funding vessels and early support for Wikileaks, and tie this association together in order to trace its genealogy. This is complexed and not for amateurs, but utterly fascinating for those willing to look deeper into this virtual off-shore Conintelpro organ of the 21st century.

Wikileaks could be a “honey pot” for leakers. And by the way, who are these leakers? We live in an information age, so these are both relevant questions we need to ask before taking these so-called “classified” document releases as objective utilitarian gospel.

If it all goes south for Wikileaks and free speech online, you can expect that Time Magazine’s new 2010 Man of the Year Assange will be hard on the lecture circuit promoting his inevitable book launch, which you can buy in hardback on Amazon for $24.99 plus shipping (whisked in through the back door no less).

Our advice to readers: be vigilant when analysing your Wikileaks. Watch for the low-hanging fruit… look but don’t bite!


Who is Behind the Demonization of the Web?

Tit-for-Tat Diplomatic Row Pits Putin Against the Queen

December 7, 2010

By Giles Dexter
Whitehall Correspondent
21st Century Wire
Dec 7, 2010

The tit-for-tat diplomatic row between Britain and Russia escalated today when in a sensational development a senior Russian Figure admitted Vladimir Putin had held secret talks with key FIFA Officials in the build up to last week’s summit.

Russia side-stepped England along with two other joint European bids from Spain/Portugal and Belgium/the Netherlands to win the right to host the FIFA World Cup for the first time in the country’s history. 

From a Crown perspective, perhaps the most significant of the casualties of England’s failed mission was that its future King, Prince William, failed to bring back a royal booty from his first major diplomatic crusade overseas. Sources inside Whitehall are speculating that the near knee-jerk  netting of an alleged Russian mole in the House of Commons was merely an attempt to equalise by Buckingham Palace in this diplomatic turf war.

Grandmaster Putin outflanked England, Benelux and the Iberian Peninsula to win the cup bid (PHOTO: RIA Novosti / Aleksey Nikolskiy)

Former FIFA vice-president Vyacheslav Koloskov, a Russian ambassador for the winning bid, admitted that the Russian Prime Mininster had met in advance with at least a third of the members of the key FIFA executive committee, but that “We kept this a secret and only now can we disclose it”

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed detention facility inside the London beltway, the Russian woman threatened with deportation by MI5 for alleged spying in relation for Britain’s Zurich mauling by the Russian bear, has claimed she will fight to clear her name. Katia Zatuliveter, 25, claims she had no idea why she had been arrested and told she would be kicked out of Britain.

” I am… appealing against the deportation and absolutely sure I will win, if there’s any justice.” Her father, businessman Andrei Zatuliveter, accused British Home Secretary Teresa May of “dipping my daughter in the dirt” and said she was being treated in an uncivilised and inhuman way”.

Once again it seems, innocent bystanders pay the price and suffer while the global elite play their game of diplomatic chess.


Russian Charge D’affaires confirms 21st Century Wire story: UK media goes blackout

Queen’s MI5 Detains Russian Honey Trap Spy in Response to England’s 2018 World Cup Humiliation

December 6, 2010

By Giles Dexter
Whitehall Correspondent
21st Century Wire
Dec 6, 2010

While England’s elite have long since accepted the pre-eminent days of Victorian times or even the middle of the last century are long past, they don’t tolerate being outmaneuvered, humiliated and lied to as Prince William and David Cameron were last week in Switzerland, where a combination of Russian Grand Master-style chess wizardry and duplicity from FIFA’s blazer brigade resulted in such complete humiliation that exacting revenge was the only option. 

In a scene straight from a James Bond film, enter blonde Russian Katia Zatuliveter, who just happens to work for a British Member of Parliament that sits on the UK’s Defense Select Committee. Mike Hancock, Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South and a member of the junior governing party, is alleged to be the victim of a ‘honeytrap’, is said to be naively ensnared by the alluring Mata-Hari. And so without the slightest shred of evidence she has ever had access to information that cannot be gleaned from a simple Google search, or that she has any connection with Moscow’s security services, she is detained by MI5, held under questioning. Why she has been singled out only a few of days after England’s failure to win the right to host the 2018 World Cup, becomes clearer when wider diplomatic tit-for-tat and the depth of British anger and Royal frustration at events in Zurich last week is understood. 

HM Not Amused: Crown security apparatus MI5 moves in to detain alleged Russian spy (PHOTO Montage: 21st Century Wire)

Seven members of the FIFA Executive Committee – Trinidad’s Jack Warner, America’s Chuck Blazer, Guatemala’s Rafael Salguero, South Korea’s Chung Mong-Joon,  Jacob Anouma of the Ivory coast, Turkey’s Erzik and Lefkaritis all shook his hand and looked the future King in the eye promising to deliver a vote for England’s 2018 World Cup bid. FIFA Vice President Warner, a member of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth, put his arm around the Prince’s shoulder and assured him: ‘You have my vote.’ He also promised William and fellow Old Etonian British Prime Minister David Cameron to bring two more votes with him. Polling only 2 votes from the 22 FIFA executive delegates and elimination at the first hurdle wasn’t defeat for England, it was total humiliation.

   Sparks fly: England shock and frustration over their failed World Cup bid

Only bare faced lies explain Downing Street’s enormous anger at FIFA and why Prince William was reported to be ‘furious’ at the betrayal in Zurich, but not the whole story of how ‘Grand Master’ Vladimir Putin drew them into a classic check mate. 

Big Guns Firing Blanks: Prince William, PM Cameron and David Beckham, returned from Zurich empty handed (PHOTO: Daily Mirror)

The Prince and the Prime Minister, alongside celebrated British and world sports icon David Beckham, had spent a frantic 48 hours bending the knee to delegates to bring the 2018 World Cup back to it historic home in Britain. Mr Cameron said he met England’s future King coming out of one meeting with one of the five FIFA execs and asked how it had gone. The Prime Minister explained: ‘He said it had gone really, really well. I said: “Gosh, how did you do it? What did you offer him, an invitation to the wedding?” The good humoured Prince replied, “Prime Minister, I went so far, I think I offered to marry him!”

In fact, many believe that the England delegation were wasting their time even boarding the plane to Zurich. Sources reported that lobbyists on behalf of Russia, including the Swiss-based international sports rights firm Sportfive, had worked into the early hours to convince certain committee members to support the Russian bid, while others claim it was all wrapped up long before the official bids were submitted. Fresh allegations emerging from a former FIFA employee that votes on the key committee were for sale months ago for $1.5m.

 Check mate

And so, as a “visibly furious” David Cameron flew out of Zurich, he was passed on the tarmac- by a jubilant Vladimir Putin. The Russian Prime Minister had played a brilliant hand. Staying away from Zurich before the vote, Putin curried favour with Blatter and his sty by attacking the recent Sunday Times and BBC Panorama’s exposés of FIFA bribery and corruption. “We have unfortunately witnessed a campaign against members of the FIFA executive – filth and compromising material has been poured over them,” he told ministers in Moscow, the boss of Wikileaks alleged mafia state naturally opting for the policy of Omertà, “I see this as unscrupulous competition ahead of the vote.” In sharp contrast to the apparent scraping and bowing of Britain’s top level delegation, Putin bluffed superbly stating beforehand, “I would love to represent our entry in person. However, under these circumstances, I think it would be best not to go out of respect for the members of the FIFA executive committee, so that they can make their decision in peace and without any outside pressure.”

When FIFA Chairman Sepp Blatter held aloft the piece of paper proclaiming the winner, the check mate was confirmed. Cue a triumphant Tsar, his dignity in tact, arriving for a valedictory Press conference alongside the British bête-noir Chairman Blatter who announced that he was “honoured” football’s world governing body had selected the bid. “From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” he crowed. “We are honoured to win in this tough and fair fight.” By now the sound of wretching stretched up and down Whitehall. “Each bid is very special and significant. You can take my word for it, the 2018 World Cup in Russia will be up to the highest standards.” He also refuted suggestions England had been “cheated” out of holding the World Cup. “No, I don’t think (so),” he said, careful to avoid a hint of irony in his voice.

The Crown’s retaliation 

Whether MI5, servants to the Crown, took their orders from Buckingham Palace or from Downing Street, or whether it was a joint decision, is not certain yet. It’s also possible they acted independently, needing no instruction that something needed to be done. While pride could not immediately be restored, they could at least stoke the embers of the cold war and nab a so called “spy”, and who better than a blonde female who works for alleged womanising British Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock

 The MP’s assistant was detained this past weekend by M15 security services on grounds relating to national security. Indeed, she may be Russian, but as yet no evidence has been presented that she has had any contact with Russian intelligence. In the “great game” of diplomacy it matters not. It’s highly unlikely however, she would have extraordinary access to anything not already available from normal public sources, including her alleged report on the scope and whereabouts of the UK’s nuclear arsenal.

Miss Katia: Lure in a spook honeytrap, or innocent victim of Crown retaliation? (PHOTO: Daily Mail)

In a conversation with the UK’s Daily Mail, the Portsmouth South MP, whose constituency is home to a Royal Navy base, said Miss Zatuliveter passed a compulsory two month security check. “Katia came with references and was the best person for the job. She was security checked and it took about two months for her House of Commons’ pass to come through.” Hancock added, “’The Russians may pose a threat to national security but if you believe what the security services tell you, everybody could pose a threat these days.”

All that matters is that she is Russian, she works in the House of Commons for a Russia-friendly MP nobody has ever heard of, and that her detention sends a clear message to the Kremlin. “We don’t like what happened in Switzerland last week. We don’t like it at all!”

And with the best technical bid on the table, who can blame them? Similar problems on the pitch too, great technique, trouble scoring.

Watch this space for further developments on this story.


Russian Charge D’affaires confirms 21st Century Wire story: UK media goes blackout