2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming?

By Patrick Henningsen 
Dec 18, 2010

Britain and Europe have been hit hard for the third straight record-breaking winter season. Labeled by experts as the coldest winter in 100 years and set to blow well into 2011, it is already raising some very interesting questions about the new ideological split we are witnessing throughout society in the much celebrated green debate.

Tonight Britain braces itself for a further 10 inches of snow and more sub-zero temperatures to come- with no let-up, top forecasters have warned. These unusual Arctic conditions are set to last through the Christmas and New Year bank holidays and beyond and as temperatures plummeted to -10c (14f), prompting the UK’s Met Office to state that this December 2010 was ‘almost certain’ to become the coldest since records began in 1910. 

So is it not safe to say that we are witnessing a real, tangible and physical trend here? Unlike the million dollar computer-generated climate model projections produced by the UN’s elite circle of research grantees and bursary award-winning climate scientists, this new trend is actually a real one- one we can touch, feel and most importantly… one we can empirically measure.

Yet another record-breaking winter in Britain, could this be a trend? Go figure. (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen).

Indeed, it is Britain who has been hit- yet again, by a siege of blizzards and freezing temperatures. As public transport and utilities face continued disruption in services, major airports are reporting closures as the snow drift continues to pile up.  It seems that temperatures will struggle to rising above freezing points for the second straight day and this will sure spell more chaos for the general welfare. For a relatively moderate, low altitude climate zone like the UK, such winter storms can cost lives and create an endless backlog of crisises that municipalities will have difficulty managing.

There is a rather bizarre upside of course. If you count yourself as one of the millions worldwide who find yourself living in constant fear of global warming and climate change, there is one positive reassuring aspect to this now bona fide and well documented global cooling weather trend since 1998. This essentially means that you can now safely get out from under the bed and breathe a sigh of green relief as you look out your window to see everything covered in thick white again. Yes, yes, you are completely and utterly safe from CGI-created scary visions of sea levels rising- as seen in the science fiction “cult” film, Age of Stupid (yes, those are CGI graphics and no, sea levels are not rising), allegedly due to that arbitrary phantom menace… called climate change. But some well-meaning folks seem to have forgotten that the Earth’s climate is constantly changing- it always has done. What is the main driver of the Earth’s climate; its cloud cover, its weather patterns, its extreme climate cycles? Undoubtedly, it is that big red firey furnace in the sky- the Sun.

Still though, this hasn’t stopped thousands of green-washed activists, hippies and guilt-ridden corporate rehab patients in search of a low calorie religious love-in, from chasing their paper tiger into the deepest darkest corner of this endless political forest. A generation lost to indoctrination from up-on-high, high, high up some of the world’s leading investment banks and arcane think tanks. And the hippies, well, they are also high.

Lost the plot: What was once a fun green activity for young Euro-hippies has now transformed into a wandering farcical climate circus.

The Club of Rome  (official progenitor of the global warming hoax) and the UN’s own well-documented programmes of social engineering(Agenda 21) and various departments of political division, all have seen resounding success, particularly between 2004-2008, before the ideological zeitgeist of global warming and its new alter ego, climate change, started heading south for the winter (all the way south to Antarctica, in fact). The inevitable collapse of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is one recent sign that the whole effort to monetised and control Western lives through this coercive pseudo market is struggling to maintain its illusion of green utilitarianism. The writing was on the wall this past summer and went unnoticed by most green activists and passive spectators in the great climate debate. Although initial investors and shared holders managed to jump ship with their fortunes in tact, in the end, it was simply “unsustainable”.

If you have unwavering faith in men like Al Gore, the UN’s own knighted IPCC body of 40-odd climate scientists and the Guardian’s resident earth expert George Monbiot, then you have effectively swallowed the blue pill. Here you have a license to switch off your critical thinking faculties because in your mind you can hear the following phrases, successfully implanted there, over and over again. “The debate is over, the science is settled, every scientist agrees”. Like a fundamentalist Christian, a Jew, or Muslim, you take the climate scriptures word for word. You are a true believer, one who somehow knows in his heart that there really is a thing called man-made CO2-driven global warming. It simply must be. And there is a ready-made crowd waiting for you at the church, where everyone is singing happily from the same hymn sheet- literally. What once passed for education in the West, was transformed into a top-down waterfall of relentless green propaganda- driven by middle class guilt and a multi-billion dollar gravy train of state-subsidised financial opportunities.

And in the most bizarre turn of green ideology seen yet, more and more liberal-minded zealots are now claiming  “that global cooling is what we must expect because of global warming”. If you are in any doubt as to the reality of this new claim, just ask any climate change advocate yourself and you will be amazed to hear this new party line stated. Another idea has been successfully implanted into the minds of this faithful flock.

And then you have the skeptics– the demonised, the mavericks, the outcasts(of whom this author is one, and has yet to receive any money from ‘big oil’ etc) often stoned in public for challenging Herrs Gore, Strong, Hansen, Mann and Jones on certain hack aspects of their sacred computer-modeled science. The doubters knew something wasn’t right when Wall Street started its hedging and hyping of the world’s most innovative financial instrument yet- carbon emissions. They knew something was off kilter when carbon taxes inevitably became to main thrust of global warming shills and the United Nations. So after a third straight year of frostbite and ice skating down your neighborhood street and into a lamp post, it’s gone beyond a joke. You simply have no choice but to swallow the red pill

In the end, the climate debate comes down to Alice in Wonderland. Our advice: at least know which pill you have swallowed.

It seems that the only people in denial are the religious followers of the IPCC’s new Jonestown Church of climate change… drunk on a delusion that they are, in their own little way, saving the planet from the evil substance known as CO2. It’s become a sort of tribal division, where two tribes cannot seem to agree if the Sun orbits the Earth, or the Earth orbits the Sun. Throughout history tribes of people needed mythologies in order to give meaning to their lives. Climate Change is simply the latest mythology for this current epoch. In the 21st century, we thought modern man had surely advanced past this handicap, but alas… old habits die hard. 

Alice… are you there Alice?



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36 Responses to “2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming?”

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  2. bright_future_technology Says:

    I can explain to you what is happening. The powers that be, have authorized the implementation of a weather modification project currently underway in Texas. By modifying the weather in this region, this has created air masses tha have then floated away into other areas of the country and collided with the natural air masses in those regions. This has created snow storms in some areas and droughts in others depending on which way they went. This is proof enough for me to show that global warming, i.e. climate change, is indeed a man made phenomena. However, it’s not created by individuals but by those with lots of money and power to create a problem, for which they will later give you also the solution of their choosing. (i.e. more taxation and other control measures on your personal liberties.) I suspect this is what is happening elsewhere around the world at the moment.

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  4. Mckensie Says:

    I like your article it succinctly rams home the farcical nature of the UK’s predicament with it’s record breaking freezing winter temperatures.

    I get the frustration that lead to your words about global warming advocates.

    “Still though, this hasn’t stopped thousands of green-washed activists, hippies and guilt-ridden corporate rehab patients in search of a low calorie religion from chasing their paper tiger further into that endless political forest. A generation lost to indoctrination from up-on-high, high, high up some of the world’s leading investment banks and arcane think tanks. And the hippies, well they are also high, of course.”

    Your article is good for entertaining and preaching to the skeptic choir but how do you hold well meaning people accountable for their beliefs without turning them away from reflection by mocking them?

    This is a common “climate change” communication problem on both sides I don’t know how people can ever get past it, despite the good information you present.

  5. Cath Says:

    There is no such thing as Global Warming… it is all a political fraud.

  6. Gary Says:

    Uh… guys… hold onto your hat. It ain’t even winter yet! But I like the article. The “global warming” crowd is indeed a cult and creepy one at that.

  7. 2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming? « Says:

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  8. 21st Century Wire Says:


    Has anyone seen Al Gore lately?

    I’m getting worried.

  9. Ralph Says:

    I’ll bet Al is hiding in either his seaside mansion in California, or his seaside condo also in California.

  10. Gator Says:

    Well said Patrick! I especially enjoyed the “Jonestown Church” reference. Very fitting.

  11. naturepattern Says:

    CO2 isn’t an “evil substance”. It’s when it accumulates in such high quantities that it becomes a problem. Global warming caused by the greenhouse effect is the prime example of an environmental problem caused by doing too much of something that is otherwise working fine. The principle is of balance and honoring the Earth’s equilibrium by not pushing it too far in one direction.

    Also, the hippie’s “global cooling” response you posted was ridiculous, obviously. However, it has been found that the Arctic’s record warmth and melting is in fact bringing cold air down to the continents. It’s a winter pattern that arrives via the North Atlantic Oscillation. We are seeing it this year and it was at it’s most extreme on record last winter. Check out Dr. Jeff Masters’ post on it: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/comment.html?entrynum=1710&tstamp=


    […] 21st Century Wire News for the Waking Generation « 2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming? […]

  13. Michael Rivero Says:

    Global warming was never about the globe or even warming, but was a classic political maneuver of creating a crisis and selling the people a solution. In this case, global warming was being used as a device to justify global government “to save the Earth” and a global carbon tax to pay for yet another layer of rulers above us. As a side benefit, the AGW players were going to “Enronize” carbon-credits to become rich. A lot of money and power were the payoff for this scam had it worked, but three harsh winters in a row has derailed this globalist propaganda and their desperate spin that global warming creates cold weather is not getting any traction with anyone holding a snow shovel right now.

  14. j r Says:

    If it wasn’t for global warming we would really be in deep …. snow.

  15. red porch Says:

    You’re steppin’ on someone’s ‘pecunia’ patch…

  16. square1 Says:

    Wow. Denialists sure area wacky bunch.

    While modeling the planet’s climate and predicting making accurate predictions climate changes is no small feat, grasping the concept is fairly straightforward.

    Do denialists really believe that it is possible to continue to pump trillions of tons of carbon gases into the atmosphere and it won’t cause changes? Bizarre. Sure, debates can and should occur over where the precise tipping point may occur. But questioning that such tipping points exist? Really?

    And the insane Al Gore/hoax rhetoric. Really? Al Gore is a former V.P. The man could easily make millions of dollars a year shilling for the largest energy companies on the planet. He could spend his days flying to Africa, Latin America, and Asia, lobbying foreign governments to open up their resources for exploitation. Or Gore could make millions as a consultant/lobbyist in D.C.

    It is insane to think that it is easier and simpler to concoct a completely phony threat, convince thousands of scientists around the world to join the hoax, and take on some of the largest corporations on the planet. That’s the easy way to make money? How? On some hypothetical carbon-trading scheme? Is there any evidence that Gore would make more from such a scheme than from being a run-of-the-mill lobbyist/consultant?

    As for the suggested global warming/cooling contradictions, the cooling hypotheses are all derived as secondary effects as a result of interruptions in naturally occurring dynamic systems. That is, heating the oceans can cause interruptions in the thermohaline circulation. That in turn could trigger a new ice age and more immediate regionalized cooling in areas that benefit from current heat transfers (e.g. Western Europe).

    It isn’t like scientists are saying that carbon both causes warming and cooling. They are saying, watch out for heating. And also watch out for thermohaline circulation changes. Contrary to comments here, those are not mutually exclusive or contradictory. Indeed, signs of both are apparent in recent years.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      Do Climatists really believe that man’s CO2 is heating up the planet? Yes. Can they show any proof of this? No.

      The biggest dellusion of all is the Hollywood trance whereby Climatists also think they can alter atmospheric temperatures downwards- mostly by selling “off-sets”. It’s a lie. But it’s probably the biggest gravy train in history. Hundreds of billions illions are there for the taking, mostly state subsidized. In other words, the dole!

      • Michael Rivero Says:

        You are correct; Global Warming is classic snake-oil politics; take something that happens naturally, declare it a crisis, then offer to sell the gullible public a “solution.”

    • Michael Rivero Says:

      What happens when CO2 is added to the atmosphere is that plants absorb it, grow faster and larger, producing more food and oxygen. I a world already dealing with massive famine, this is a good thing!

      Commercial greenhouses add CO2 to their interior atmosphere for precisely that reason; to produce larger crops.

      The computer models the warmistas love to wave around do not include the acceleration of plant growth and the resulting increase of CO2 absorption in the simulations. And the focus on taxable CO2 ignores the far greater impact of water vapor and methane, which are more potent greenhouse gases but not usable to justify taxation to loot the public.

      The only ones in denial here are the carbonazis, who are still pushing for a tax to fight global warming as the third record-setting winter in a row paralyzes the world. It’s snowing in New South Wales right now, and it’s the start of SUMMER down there!

      • 21st Century Wire Says:

        Thanks Mike. The green-washed congregation Jonestown Church of Climate Change, all drinking the green Kool Aid and not considering for a second what happens when you try to base a global policy on top of a pile of hack science and misinformation.

        Climatists should consider for a second how little progress has been made in the last ten years in eliminating real dangers from our biosphere like Toxic waste and DNA altering GMOs. That is real tragedy of the whole affair.

  17. Michael Rivero Says:

    In the last few days it has become known that 31 major metropolitan areas in the United States have Hexavalent Chromium in their drinking water. Hexavalent Chromium, or Chromium-6 is a potent carcinogen and the cause of the public health disaster in Hinkley, California underlying the real life story behind the film “Erin Brockovich.” The same EPA that gladly joins the chorus shouting for carbon taxes has turned a blind eye to the Chromium-6 problem from 1996 (the date of the PG&E settlement) up to the present time.

    It’s just a huge money-grab!

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  19. truth seeker Says:

    “Educated” “Left” people are the most dangerous brainwashees….their ego leads them to believe they could never be fooled and so they eat up the twisted logic (it’s cold because of warming…) and ask for seconds.

    Speaking of which, maybe you can ‘splain to Mike Rivero, why atheism is the utmost in pure faith (no chance of being proven even if it is true) based on simple logic….

    Man thinking he is god leads to hell on earth….communists have proven it over and over…when it is all relative (man is god) the most powerful evil men decide the rules and that is the rule of the game…and the rothschilds are winning that game….

    Truth, Liberty, Peace….in that order, for them to last.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      That’s a pretty fair and accurate comment. The “liberal, educated left” are victims of their own collective illusion, their tyranny is as dangerous as any neoconservative mentality… they just don’t know it.

      As for your comment on Mike Rivero, I am not sure what religious point you are referring to.

  20. Economy 1-25-11 | Dprogram.net Says:

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  21. cheap ego-t Says:

    cheap ego-t…

    […]2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming? « 21st Century Wire[…]…

  22. al.baroid@gmail.com Says:

    The gulf stream, the warm water that keeps our Winters mild, is slowing to a halt. What scientists have known for a long time. Unfortunately no one seems to be paying any attention to what they’ve been saying. Wait and see if this of this Winter gets even colder than the last. Let’s hope they’re wrong and you are right. http://www.spiritofmaat.com/announce/ann_dryice.htm

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