Libya Conquered in the Dark

Tony Cartalucci
Feb 21, 2011

Shut down the Middle East, you shut down China and Russia, then you rule the world. The current Middle East destabilization is a desperate gambit to eliminate the Near-East buffer, isolate the two rising superpowers, and force them to concede to their place within a unipolar New York-London centric world order.

Libya is next in a long line of nations in the Middle East being destabilized and facing a Western-backed regime change. With the corporate owned mainstream media performing breathtaking acts of propagandizing, the US State Department’s army of bloggers coordinating Libya’s uprising on the ground, and nearly zero confirmed reports coming out, it seems the large North African nation is being dismembered entirely in the dark.

ALWAYS UP FOR MAKING A BUCK: Tony Blair doing his paid "business development" work whilst serving as PM, all for British companies in Libya.

Unlike in Egypt, where US International Crisis Group trustee Mohamed ElBaradei was talking daily to international reporters on the ground, and AlJazeera provided 24 hour coverage, Libya is a virtual blackhole. The mainstream media is relaying hearsay from “Libyan” bloggers and protesters on the ground. The tell-tale quotation marks peppering reports coming out of BBC and AlJazeera and a litany of weasel words indicate that the “revolution” will be feed to the public in the most disingenuous and unsubstantiated manner possible.

Unfortunately, when all we have to depend on during a crisis is the honor of the corporate owned media, where BBC itself is a major corporate member of the globalist nexus Chatham House, nothing can be trusted and we are left in confusion and uncertainty. Far too many people, however, will still fall for the thin veneer of legitimacy the mainstream media’s slick graphics and well-dressed shills lend it.

BBC’s latest article regarding Sayf al-Islam’s address to the nation gives us an astounding example of the mainstream media forcing the scant facts coming out of Libya into a predetermined narrative to suit the global-combine’s interests. In his address to the Libyan nation, Sayf al-Islam accused opposition groups and outsiders of trying to transform Libya, that the foreign media was grossly exaggerating the government’s response to protesters, and compared the unrest to an Egypt-style Facebook revolution.

While BBC concedes that “verifying information from Libya has been difficult,” within the text of the article they refer to the speech as a “rambling TV address.” In the side bar, we hear from BBC propagandist Jon Leyne, who covered the “bazillion-gagillion man march” in Egypt and told viewers it seemed as if “all of Egypt” had turned out in Tahrir Square. Best estimates of the crowd range from 50,000 to no more than 100,000 (0.1% of Egypt’s population.) Leyne says the following regarding Sayf al-Islam’s address, in an unprofessional bravado we should only have come to expect from the BBC:

“That was one of the strangest political speeches I think I’ve ever sat through. He was completely and utterly detached from the reality of what is going on in his country. To put it bluntly, most Libyans will just treat it as gibberish – it was completely meaningless to them. The idea that they’re somehow going to sit down and have a national dialogue with a government that’s brought in foreign mercenaries to shoot at them is laughable.”

What qualifies Leyne to speak on behalf of the Libyan people on a crisis his own network concedes is difficult to report on, thus “utterly detached” themselves, is beyond understanding, unless of course it is pure propaganda aimed at discrediting the address.

What the mainstream media and Sayf al-Islam seem to agree on is that Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi has been overrun by mobs who have seized military tanks and weapons. For BBC and AlJazeera to call the government’s response to arsonists, looters, vandals, and now dangerously and overtly armed mobs, a “massacre,” seems somewhat disingenuous and very similar to their coverage of the US-backed mobs that took to the streets in Bangkok in May, 2010.

While Sayf al-Islam admits security forces have made mistakes, the possibility that violence is also being employed by the protesters or their foreign agitators cannot be entirely ruled out. The US think-tank Brookings Institute dedicated an entire chapter in their report regarding Iran, to fueling color revolutions and the prospect of using military force to help counter Iranian security forces – who were sure to put down revolutions without US military intervention, covert or otherwise.

In Bangkok, in 2010, protesters in the street following US-backed, deposed PM Thaksin Shinwatra were bolstered by a shadowy militant group under the command of key protest leaders. They instigated a bloodbath on April 10, 2010 in an attempt to force the government to take responsibility and step down. The violence and 91 deaths that resulted between Thai security forces and this militant group has laid the foundation of globalist lawyer Robert Amsterdam’s attempts to target the Thai government nearly a year later.

Since the mainstream media is obviously compromised, it is up to us to discern what is really happening. The greatest clue that all is not what it seems and that foreign hands are meddling in the affairs of these nations is the fact that paid propagandists like BBC and AlJazeera are clearly taking sides instead of doing their supposed job of objective reporting.

While the designs against Libya are somewhat ambiguous, we have already noted beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Egyptian and Tunisian protests are entirely the result of Western meddling, where even the props used by the protesters were “recycled” from a previous and admitted US-backed plot in Serbia. The hallmarks are there, and absent of objective reporting, caution is urged, further research is required, and without a doubt, our mainstream media is not to ever be trusted again.

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at Land Destroyer.


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3 Responses to “Libya Conquered in the Dark”

  1. Eric V. Encina Says:


    By Eric V. Encina

    “Violence should be answered by violence when the other party is dead to reason.” – Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero – Makamisa Novel.


    THE REVOLUTIONS SHOULD BE AGAINST THE BANKERS, AND NOT ONLY TO POLITICAL AUTHORITIES., Cut Bankers’ Welfare Out, Instead of Things We Care About …, (RIPE FOR JUDGMENT – In Extremis- Against The Banki…

    If the regional or continental uprising such as in the Arab/Islamic world or the possible global uprising or revolution is either wholly or partly orchestrated or fueled by the power-that-be, the global manipulators, by the international financiers, then it is null and void. It is a sham, a fake one. This is a kind of Hegelian tactics in the grand creation of global chaos by inciting world citizens to revolt against the governments by violence and then propose solutions that we can prognosticate as NEW WORLD ORDER panacea.

    The real revolution must be peoples-based according to justice and noble intentions, not by the inducement of money, economic, political and military powers through the methods of violence.

    The present violent-based uprising is extremely confusing with its domino effects all over the world.

    Egypt’s Revolution-Creative Destruction For A ‘Greater …

    If the basis of a regional or continental or a global uprising is only due to “corruptions” and dictatorships, this is indeed very shallow, and thus we’re misled by those who manipulate us and the world affairs.

    Ongoing greater chaos in the Middle East/Arab nations that began in Egypt by People’s uprising that brought the downfall of the longest Egyptian President from 1981 to 2011, Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak, reportedly his family might be worth up to $70 billion due to corruption, kickbacks and legitimate business activities (Hosni Mubarak – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – What will happen to Mubarak’s billions? – The best thing to do is to distribute to every Egyptian citizen) and now in Libya – Libya Conquered in the Dark, and Bahrain – For US, more at stake in Bahrain than base alone, , and now reportedly in China (Chinese Protesting Lawless Dictatorship in China) that one can prognosticate of its fire-like conflagration in months time all over the world, by the very fact itself, is extremely dangerous.

    I clamor for righteous and authentic revolution and I deplore any method of sham or fake revolution.


    Arising from the present economic, financial and political deeply flawed systems and policies based on monopoly of credit and economy that fail to serve the common people especially the poorest of the poor in the world, there might be a right to stage a revolution, however, peaceful, but of course, there will be no guarantee that there would be no violence of some kind in the process. But violence should not the objective tool.

    Staging a revolution for a better change is therefore a morally permissible whenever the system or the government is not working for the betterment of the common people.

    The governments of today are only existing for the powerful, tycoons, for the rich, for the educated and intelligent, for the multinational corporations, for the international finance and worse for the sake of the foreign, international and global power structures and policies, not for the common peoples in the savage cruelty of poverty and hunger and cycles of crisis. The people are neglected economically and financially. The governments are betraying the common peoples for the sake of foreign and global power, overburdening the people by increasing taxes for the sake of complying to the wishes of international finance, and thus violating the People’s Mandates and the constitutions for economic justice and democracy. Under such conditions, the governments, by destroying the economic rights of the common people and by denying economic security and democracy, loses their authority and in fact dissolve themselves as governments of the peoples and cease to be the legitimate authorities to governing power despite it is still in power.

    I believe that possession of the power to rule does not automatically confer the right to rule, and these government leaders who have power and yet only for their own, for their vested interest, and not for the common people, are therefore abusing their power and have no right to rule.

    Revolution is always permissible for the better change and is morally correct. Peoples of the world must not, and cannot consent to governments’ present economic and monetary policies of control that result to mass poverty and endless economic insecurity – one of the major reasons for uprising, at least partly, other orchestrated by the global manipulators. In natural law, no one has the power over our lives. The governments are destroying the peoples by depriving the peoples’ economic rights by allowing and conspiring the debt money system of the commercial, foreign and international finance. The governments feed and protect the ever-greedy bankers.

    The miseries of the peoples seem to be no way out, and seem to be endless under the present savage cruelty of poverty, mountainous debts and everlasting interest payments, devaluation of currency from time to time, inflationary pressures and the dreadful budget deficits, the increasing taxes, the absence of real and sustainable governments and public services, the absence of transparency in their governments’ operations, CAN JUSTIFY A KIND OF REVOLUTION for change. The peoples are continuously assailed by an unjust system of finance and economic force, only for the interest of the powerful few. And it is about time as the time is very ripe for the peoples to agree and stage to cooperate in the revolution for the better change. The major purpose that should be, of the revolution is pressure the Governments to cancel the debts, mostly spurious or odious debts, stop payments of interest and the debts (89 nations on earth, have paid more than too much ) to IMF and WB, and then government-nations must CREATE their OWN MONEY DEBT AND INTEREST FREE and provide a sustainable economic security to everyone, to every man, woman and child from the cradle to the grave by right of citizenship.

    The dissolution of the present system does not mean the dissolution of society. We just want a kind of real and authentic reform which is workable and sustainable for the common people. We need a democratic system that there will be free from terrible financial pressures and will be free from poverty. What we need is a transition of new governments of the world with independency, WITHOUT A NEED OF A NEW GLOBAL WORLD ORDER, with clear objectives to provide economic security specifically through debt free money. There will be no need of tremendous brain drain; there will be no need of foreign aid with conditions and deceptions from the rich country’s foreign policies and when there will be no need to contract interest-bearing loans to bilateral and multilateral banking institutions that control and give CITIZENS OF THE WORLD of such heavy conditions and sufferings beyond imagination.

    We need to stage a righteous People-Power Revolution to have a real independence mainly from ubiquitous money power based on debt and monopoly that controls us. There can be no real independence without financial independence and financial security to everyone.

    The present system of finance, economics and politics are surreptitiously tyrannical because PEOPLES are deprived of real economic democracy, rights and justice. This is the central issue. PEOPLES ARE SUFFERING SO MUCH, but sadly and pestiferously misled, because of debt finance and this must be changed. There have been many attempts and proposals to correct the system but in fiasco, and now the very last resort is the doctrine of resistance by staging a righteous people-power revolution with moral reasons and principles but as much as possible avoid to be embroiled by violence. Violence is not the objective, if it happens, it is the inevitable sort of thing. I still believe the importance of PEACEFUL REVOLUTION methods but when people are already hungry – with stomach revolution, deprived, intensely pressured by endless financial and economic crisis and confused by political tomfoolery, then violent revolution, theoretically and practically, is inevitable. Vox Populi – Vox Dei: The Voice of the people is the voice of God.

    It must be clearly pointed out here that IT IS NOT THE PEOPLES WHO WISH TO HAVE ANY KIND OF REVOLUTION, peoples all over the world are, by nature, peaceful inhabitants, but rather it is the system of the bankers, of the foreign and international bankers in collusion with the nasty-muddy politics of the governments, of the regimes, that ACTUALLY creates the reasons for revolution and resistance.

    IF THE SYSTEM IS JUST THEN THERE CAN BE NO REVOLUTION. Hence, to prevent any civil disobedience and any form of rebellion or revolution, it is indispensable for the governments to create a system where peoples and citizens, by right of citizenship, are ECONOMICALLY SECURED AND NOT BE CONTINUALLY DEPRIVED OF ECONOMIC RIGHTS AND JUSTICE. The scarcity of devalued money is tyrannical worse than the revolution of the common peoples.

    THE DANGER OF REVOLUTION IS NOT OF WEAPONS but of the EMPTY STOMACH OF THE COMMON PEOPLES, the empty pockets and wallets of the common peoples, the hunger and starvation of children and the innocents, the constant and acute monetary pressures that squeeze them to the bone daily to the point of skinning them alive.

    Civil disobedience is a sort of action by the people to correct the system, not for the sake of violence and revolution per se, and not also actually to undermine the authority of the governments. It is still valid, by civility, to respect the Authority, however, subject to what is being imposed upon the peoples. Respect and obedience to Authority is not absolute, but only limited and conditional.


    We even betray our dignity as creatures when we blindly obey the rulers and authorities who oppose the laws of God. It is logically certain that God does not will that 89 nations on earth are being sold to International Finance and banksters, arising of financial crisis and enormity of the man-made infinitely-silly debt money system and governmental faults. IS IT JUSTICE THAT 89 nations on earth MUST COMPLY WITH THE HARSH CONDITIONS AND PRESCRIPTIONS OF THE FOREIGN AND INTERNATIONAL CREDITORS and voracious bankers, but never mind the peoples?—being choked into perpetual indebtedness, increasing taxes and endlessly depriving economic justice and security?

    We can no longer stomach poverty worldwide where we find ourselves hopeless in front of the power-money- debt-addict politicians and fiendish ogres of the international finance.

    Millions, hundreds of millions and billions of people in this planet are in the constant struggles of economic desperation and real despair where suicide, violence and revolutions are rampant. Under the present system, citizens of the earth of different nations who are mostly poor and dispossessed, are despaired to rise again under heavy pressures, from the bondage of debt and interest, and being choked up to death at the neck, and losing sanity that lead to violence and revolutions. These are the results of – . The Futility Of Not Creating Debt Free Currency.

    The basis of a righteous people-power and noble-based revolution for all people:

    Monetary Reform:

    1. The money, per se, of the peoples must be at any moment equal with the prices of existing goods and basic needs. (Right now, the rate of income is less than the rate of expenses: money is scarce, devalued, in front of the rising prices of basic needs and services). The losing value of money with the increasing prices of basic needs, services and commodities is one of the inducements to revolutions.

    The peoples are not the author of revolutions, rather it is the system, it is the bankers who are the culprit of the revolutions.

    2. The money required to finance production and development must be coming from the creation of new money debt and interest free. (Right now the money for development or production is coming from debt finance locally, domestically and internationally in cycles and from taxes with hair-raising scandals of corruptions. Take a look what is also happening the US now –, Ticking Debt Clock And Untold Sufferings by Eric …, $50 TRILLION WIPED OFF IN THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL C…, TRILLIONS FOR THE BANKERS AS BANKING ARITHMETIC OF…

    US NATIONAL DEBT, US Economy Is Deliberately Destroyed – A Must Vide…, US$53 TRILLION American Total Debt: US$2.5 Billion…, US$53 TRILLION American Total Debt: US$2.5 Billion… THE DEADLY SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC MONEY, WEALTH AND…

    U.S. Debts.

    US$14,111, 498,654, 077.88

    Debt Per American Citizen

    US$45, 426.1214

    US Population


    What about the P6 Trillion total debts of the Philippine Government and in the borrowing cycles in 2011 with P900 Billion interest payments annually?

    Revolution is fueled by debt finance, and induced by the avariciousness of those in power.

    3. There must be money in the form of DIVIDEND, SUPPLEMENTARY BASIC INCOME OR CITIZEN INCOME to be distributed equally without means-test to everyone from the cradle to the grave in addition to employment benefits and other sources of income. – Distribution Of Money To Every Man, Woman & Chil…

    Therefore, I conclude that this is the basis in general to pressure the governments by a righteous people-power revolution to reform the present defective financial-economic system to finally address the devastating problems of poverty and money. – National/Global March For Government Debt-Free Mon…

    (THE PROPOSAL FOR LOCAL CURRENCY METHOD IS ONLY TEMPORARY AND SHORT-LIVED in its effects. What we need is the reformation of the money system globally towards debt-free money economy for all nations.

    If ONLY PEOPLES ARE TRUE TO REAL REVOLUTION THAT WILL SET US FREE from the calamitous debt finance and usury and monopoly of money by the banking system, then they must join the campaign for Social Credit Monetary Reform – 10 DAYS WORLD’S MEETING/CONGRESS PROPOSAL FOR 201…

    I welcome comments and correction.


    Eric V. Encina
    Eric V. Encina Brief Life Story For Reference

    Filipino Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer

    c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite,

    Km2. Brgy. Lawa-n, PO Box 8 , 5800 Roxas City , Capiz Province ,

    Contact Number 09192335124

    – Eric Encina – Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer/ Campaigner in the Philippines Of impoverished, hunger-starvation, health-disasters-stricken Capiz province, Philippines.

    Filipino Movement of Eric V. Encina

    It is the criterion of a just money system that what is both socially and physically possible should also be made financially possible.

    The aim of the economic and financial system is the service of man. The goal of an economic system should be the satisfaction of human needs, the production of goods (the role of the producing system) and the distribution of goods so that they may reach the people who need them (the role of the financial system). Social Credit proposes a technique that would make the production and financial systems serve their purpose.

    Eric V. Encina

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