Patrick Henningsen on RT: Bin Laden is “busiest corpse in show business”

May 3, 2011
Patrick Henningsen, independent journalist and Managing Editor of 21st Century Wire explains to Russia Today TV why it’s unlikely that any real evidence of the deceased Osama bin Laden will ever be produced by US authorities because for the last 8 years, Osama has been “the busiest corpse in show business”. Henningsen also believes that this news signals that in the long term, the US might move away from seeing the shadowy form of Al-Qaeda as its chief enemy in “the War on Terror”, and refocus on nation state enemies, namely Libya, Syria and Iran. Watch video…


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One Response to “Patrick Henningsen on RT: Bin Laden is “busiest corpse in show business””

  1. loyal reader Says:

    Excellent !

    So amazing that the Bin-Laden-Hologram, which was created by the US regime to pin the 9/11 WTC horrors on Al-Qaeda, became an instant classic upon Bin Laden’s alleged death.

    The psychology of blaming all “evil-doings” on one person (who was interestingly an ally of the US not too long ago), is based on the established fact that societies love to have scapegoats, to keep their definition of good and evil alive.

    Who launched 9/11 is no longer debated. After 10 years of constant brainwash, even our cats and dogs believe it was that “bad Bin Laden”, assumedly.

    Therefore, if the “evil-doer” has now been eliminated, and Obama says so, we’ll all be happy and resume to picnicking and frolicking. Simple and good, just the way we are to like.

    The ones who believed 9/11 was launched by Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden, will most likely also believe he was killed and buried.

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