Another Bin Laden Scoop for Alternative Media: “No photos or video will be released.”

21st Century Wire
May 4, 2011

Yet again, the alternative media has proven that it remains ahead of the corporate media’s analysis curve, leaving pundits at FOX, CNN, MSNBC and every major newspaper still scratching their heads.

A full day before Washington made its announcement, Patrick Henningsen, Editor of 21st Century Wire went live on air Tuesday with Russia Today TV stating conclusively, “There will be no photos or video released (of Osama bin Laden’s final minutes) at all.”

On Wednesday, the White House validated 21st Century Wire’s prediction as President Barack Obama stated that he will not to release any of the photographs of “the deceased Osama bin Laden,” according to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

 21st Century Wire beats Obama to the punch by predicting no photo evidence would be produced.

Regarding this latest scoop, Editor Patrick Henningsen explains, “If you have been paying attention to this story over the last 8 years, then it’s not very difficult to predict this. If you apply basic common sense, the evidence weighs in favour of Osama bin Laden having died years ago. Or you can choose to believe the Hollywood version of events that we have been fed over the years, one which requires no effort.”

M.I.A. : Washington lacks habeas corpus to prove their latest triumph over the illusory bin Laden. (PHOTO AP)

Henningsen adds, “The official announcement that Washington will not be releasing bin Laden photos was made because there are no genuine photos of Sunday’s alleged assassination. No body, no photos, no video- no evidence. All you get in the end is the official gospel for the public to believe. It’s another example of the public switching off their critical faculties, whilst being instructed what to think by Washington and the mainstream media machine.”

Official news report on Washington’s missing evidence of bin Laden’s assassination.

For those who follow the news via alternative sources, this incident will come as no surprise, but this scoop speaks volumes. With daily budgets in the millions, audiences should seriously question whether the corporate mainstream media are up to the task and still deserve to their lofty titles “free press”, and “watchdog”.

Meanwhile millions of viewers a day are migrating away from the major networks and newspapers, opting instead to pursue their own credible content and independent analysis online. 


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7 Responses to “Another Bin Laden Scoop for Alternative Media: “No photos or video will be released.””

  1. Michael Rivero Says:

    The reason there are no photos or videos is because it was actually Pakistani forces that carried out the raid!

  2. Bin Laden fairy tale: alternative media analysis robust while corporate media instructs masses not to think | empirestrikesblack Says:

    […] Another Bin Laden Scoop for Alternative Media: “No photos or video will be released.” 21st Century Wire May 4, 2011. […]

  3. hp Says:

    OBarnum’s press secretary is named Carney?!!!

    You can’t make up stuff like that.

    President OBarnum and press man Carney have a statement for the Confederacy of Dunces know as the American public.

    The only one missing is W.C. Clinton.

  4. Vibol Ting Says:

    Did you listen to the interview between Alex Jones and Steve R. Pieczenik on May 3 2011? Not only OBL death is a cover up, he says, but he is also ready to testify under oath before grand jury that 9/11 is a false flag operation.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      I know, it’s brilliant. The White House could not manage a piss-up in a brewery, Democrats should’ve left the OBL fairy tale to the Neocons to handle, they helped invent the damn thing in the first place…

  5. Washington Still Working Hard to Plug Gaps in The Bin Laden Story « 21st Century Wire Says:

    […] late CIA admission was obviously due to the immense pressure to release some images- but how could they have photos or video of an event which never even took place? The answer is simple: they […]

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