“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”
– Ayn Rand 

By Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
June 23, 2011

Since flooding began on June 6th, there has been a disturbingly low level of media attention given to the crisis at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Facility near Omaha, Nebraska. But available evidence strongly suggests that something very serious could have happened there.

Unfortunately for members of the public, there is no shortage of proof that serious nuclear incidents and radiation releases have happened in America, and have been covered up each and every time.

Most Americans are completely unaware that dangerous radiation has leaked from some three-quarters of all U.S. nuclear power stations and should naturally raise concerns that much of the the country’s water supplies may be contaminated. For this reason, it is paramount that the media and the public demand every bit of information available on this latest event.

First accounts tell us that on June 7th, there was a fire reported at Fort Calhoun.  The official story is that the fire was in an electrical switchgear room at the plant.  The apparently facility lost power to a pump that cools the spent fuel rod pool, allegedly for a duration of approximately 90 minutes.

Here is a video regarding the extent of flooding experienced along the Missouri River in Nebraska:
 RISK: Levees in and around Omaha were not designed for 3 months of continuous flood water.
            FORT CALHOUN NUKE SITE: does it pose a public risk?

The following sequence of events is documented on the Omaha Public Power District’s own website, stating among other things, that here was no such imminent danger with the Fort Calhoun Station spent-fuel pool, and that due to a fire in an electrical switchgear room at FCS on the morning of June 7, the plant temporarily lost power to a pump that cools the spent-fuel pool.

In addition to the flooding that has occurred on the banks of the Missouri River at Fort Calhoun, the Cooper Nuclear Facility in Brownville, Nebraska may also be threatened by the rising flood waters.

As was declared at Fort Calhoun on June 7th, another  “Notification of Unusual Event” was declared at Cooper Nuclear Station on June 20th.  This notification was issued because the Missouri River’s water level reached an alarming 42.5 feet. Apparently, Cooper Station is advising that it is unable to discharge sludge into the Missouri River due to flooding, and therefore “overtopped” its sludge pond.

Not surprisingly, and completely ignored by the Mainstream Media, these two nuclear power facilities in Nebraska were designated temporary restricted NO FLY ZONES  by the FAA in early June.  The FAA restrictions were reportedly down to “hazards” and were  ‘effectively immediately’, and ‘until further notice’. Yet, according to the NRC, there’s no cause for the public to panic.

FORT CALHOUN: Under water now. Is it potentially the next Fukushima?

“On June 6, 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration put into effect ‘temporary flying restrictions’or a NO FLY ZONE – until further notice over the area around Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in Blaine, Nebraska.”

A news report from local NBC 6 on the Ft. Calhoun Power Plant and large areas of farm land flooded by the Missouri River, interviews a local farmer worried about the levees, “We need the Corps-Army Corps of Engineers–to do more. The Corps needs to tell us what to do and where to go. This is not mother nature, this is man-made.” Nearby town Council Bluffs has already implemented its own three tier warning system should residents have to leave the area quickly. Flooding fears would be drawfed however, in the event of a radiation leak at one the region’s nuclear facilities.

To date, it is unknown to members of the public whether or not the incident at Ft Calhoun Nuclear is actually a Level 4 emergency (on a US regulatory scale). A Level 4 emergency would constitute an “actual or imminent substantial core damage or melting of reactor fuel with the potential for loss of containment integrity.”

If there was any core damage, there is no guarantee that officials would allow such information to be made public for fear of public panic and loss of confidence.

Serious nuclear incidents have taken place on US soil which were covered-up, in some cases for over 40 years. “In 1959, a partial meltdown occurred at the Boeing-Rocketdyne nuclear testing facility, about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The incident released the third greatest amount of radioactive iodine in nuclear history. But no one really heard about it until Boeing recently settled a class-action suit filed by local residents,” reported Living On Earth in 2006. At no point were members of the public informed about these severe radiation leaks which undoubtedly caused hundreds of cases of cancer and contributed to resident deaths. Details of this and other incidents have been kept secret for some 40 or more years.

 COVER-UP: The Boeing-Rocketdyne nuclear incident, 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles. 

According to the seven-level International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, a Level 4 incident requires at least one death, which has not occurred according to available reports.

According a recent report on the People’sVoice website, The Ft. Calhoun plant — which stores its fuel rods at ground level according to Tom Burnett — is now partly submerged and Missouri River levels are expected to rise further before the summer if finished, local reports in and around the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suggest that the waters are expected to rise at least 5 more feet.

Burnett states, “Ft. Calhoun is the designated spent fuel storage facility for the entire state of Nebraska…and maybe for more than one state. Calhoun stores its spent fuel in ground-level pools which are underwater anyway – but they are open at the top. When the Missouri river pours in there, it’s going to make Fukushima look like an X-Ray.”

The People’s Voice’s report explains how Ft Calhoun and Fukushima share some of the very same high-risk factors:

“In 2010, Nebraska stored 840 metric tons of the highly radioactive spent fuel rods, reports the Nuclear Energy Institute. That’s one-tenth of what Illinois stores (8,440 MT), and less than Louisiana (1,210) and Minnesota (1,160). But it’s more than other flood-threatened states like Missouri (650) and Iowa (420).”

 Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen explains how cooling pumps must operate continuously, even years after a plant is shut down.

As with the critical event in Fukushima, in Ft Calhoun circulatin­g water is required at all times to keep the new fuel and more importantl­y the spent radioactive material cool. The Nebraska facility houses around 600,000 – 800,000 pounds of spent fuel that must be constantly cooled to prevent it from starting to boil, so the reported 90 minute gap in service should raise alarm bells.

Conventional wisdom about what makes for a safe location regarding nuclear power facilities was turned on its head this year following Japan’s Fukushima disaster following the earthquake and tsunami which ravaged the region and triggered one of the planets worst-ever nuclear meltdowns.

TV and radio journalist Tom Hartmann explores some of these arguments here:

Nebraska’s nuclear plant’s similarities to Japan’s Fukushima, both were store houses for years of spent nuclear fuel rods.

In addition, there are eyewitness reports of odd military movements, including unmarked vehicles and soldier movements throughout the region. Should a radiation accident occur, most certainly extreme public controls would be enacted by the military, not least because this region contains some of the country’s key environmental, transportation and military assets.
Angela Tague at Business Gather reports also that the recent Midwest floods may seriously impact food and gas prices.  Lost farmland may be behind the price spike to $7.55 a bushel for corn, already twice last year’s price.  Tague notes also:
“Corn is a key ingredient in ethanol gasoline, feeds America’s livestock and is found in many food products including soft drinks and cereal. Prices will undoubtedly increase steadily at the grocery store, gas pump and butcher shop throughout the summer as Midwest flooding continues along the Missouri River basin. Not only are farmers losing their homes, land and fields — ultimately their bank accounts will also suffer this season.”

The nuclear industry has a very long history of withholding information and misleading the public with regards to the hazards of its industrial activities. One of the lessons we can learn for Japan’s tragic Fukushima disaster is that the government’s choice to impose a media blackout on information around the disaster may have already cost thousands of lives. Only time will tell the scope the disaster and how many victims it will claim.

More importantly, though, is that public officials might do well to reconsider the “safe” and “green” credentials of nuclear power- arguably one of the dirtiest industries in existence today. Especially up for inspection, are those of 40-50 year old facilities like Ft Calhoun in the US, strangely being re-licensed for operation past 2030. Many of these older facilities serve little on the electrical production front, and are more or less “bomb factories” that produce enriched material for nuclear weapons, and recycled nuclear waste used in deadly depleted uranium munitions.
When a nuclear facility goes red, it’s game over for the population in the surrounding vicinity. Can we really afford more Fukushima-type events from a government and an industry that keeps its lips so tight? 






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  1. Why Is There A Media Blackout On Nuclear Incident At Fort Calhoun In Nebraska? : Says:

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  2. Says:

    So USA is the new communist party that likes to block on all medias that will harm the government (especially the standing party)

  3. marjehecht Says:

    Why are there so many hysterical scare-mongering stories on this issue, like this one, that doesn’t bother even to report what the plant has done to keep the water out, or what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has said about the situation? “No one can confirm”? Did anyone check the NRC website event reports?

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      Not sure if you noticed or not, but the largest nuclear meltdown occurred earlier this year in Japan… these Nuke Plants are a little dangerous, and people should be overly concerned, because when they pop it’s game-over, no expensive clean-up or band aid will make a difference in the end.

  4. Exposé Says:

    Dangerous radiation leaked from three-quarters of U.S. nuclear power plants ( ) –Water tested around 37 facilities contained radioactive concentrations exceeding U.S. drinking water standard and in some cases at hundreds of times over limit 21 Jun 2011 Dangerous radiation has leaked from three-quarters of all U.S. nuclear power stations raising fears the country’s water supplies could one day be contaminated. The number and severity of leaks has increased because of the many old and unsafe plants across America, a new investigation has claimed. Radioactive tritium has escaped at least 48 of 65 of all U.S. sites, often entering water around the plants through rusty old pipes. [No worries. The GOP/DNC/O’Buma nexus will simply lower the drinking water standards – problem solved.]

  5. Why Is There A Media Blackout On Nuclear Incident At Fort Calhoun In Nebraska? « Kinetic Truth Says:

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  6. Dan Rowland Says:

    Well written.Shocking stuff.Particularly when here in the UK we are enlarging Nuclear Power & today have the “wonderful” opportunity to be consulted & join the debate on which of the Eight existing sights we would want to develop.Errr, the one furthest from me.They`re basicaly in all four corners of the Britsh Mainland so N.I.M.B.Y ism will be rife.All cover-ups lead to the mother of all cover-ups.

    Ok fuck it I`ll say it: For one.Why do we need the huge stock piles of Nuclear Weapons? Who are they pointing at ? Terresterially? The Arms Race, Cold War, Vietnam, Afghanistan. Political Ideology & dogma can only intensify so much surely, in the hope they will never be used .All of it smacks of a show of strength to some outside force & an excuse to write off Billions of Dollars to develop black ops with secret technology .

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  9. marjehecht Says:

    Dear “waking generation” Patrick:

    It seems like your reason and good journalism have gone to sleep. You are repeating scare stories without a shred of verification.
    It would not have been difficult to check some of the wild allegations. For example, look here:
    But you chose not to. Why? Cui bono?

  10. PY Says:

    Last week’s had a superbly informed guest on Fukushima – engineered attack – gave all technology reasons why. He also touched the media and Arnie Gundersen and Ft Calhoun. Rense hasn’t covered him and he’s way better than AG.

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