By Stone Pinkerton
21st Century Wire
July 27, 2011

One thing is evident when observing the photos and statements of the apprehended Norwegian gunman Anders Behring Breivik. He is devoid of any emotion or articulation when making reference to the violent acts he is currently on trial for.

This of course begs the obvious question. From a textbook point of view, Anders fits the standard modus operandi for a man who has literally been up and down Jacob’s Ladder– a psychologically programmed super-soldier, sent out to do an evil deed for maximum social impact.

Whether you believe he acted under instruction, or alone as the classic ‘lone gunman’ will depend on your own ability to weigh possibility against probability. Indeed, we can all agree that to some degree, he is soldier… of sorts. On whose behalf he is acting is still anyone’s guess.

On its face, this story has all the makings of a perfect crime. Cleaner an operation there could not have been. By definition, it is textbook terrorist attack, designed and executed to achieve a political effect. His back story was already complete to an academic standard- a 1,500 page right-wing Likud-like, Zionist manifesto, a professionally edited video production loaded on to Youtube, online profiles and a comprehensive photo portfolio, kitted out in every costume imaginable. He was also a paid-up Mason and a member of the Knights Templar in Norway. And to top it all off, he gets arrested at the end, and will live to tell his story (if he survives custody). Can it get anymore perfect than that?

The operation has been very well planned, and very well thought out, which does not support a lone gunman theory. Anders could very well be the tip of a very big iceberg.

Here’s the rub. As I pointed out in my last article, Breivik’s hollow-point rampage was no random attack. His victims on that island camp were selected for their Pro-Palestinian political affiliations- even the wounded and dying were snuffed out via a head shot, making this incident, no mere terror attack, rather, a targeted mass political assassination. If you have studied similar events in the past, and there are many, this one looks less like a rampage, and too much like a “job”, or a mission.

THE MK ULTRA GLAZE: Breivik appears to show no remorse or ability to reflect on the incident.

His statements after the fact are completely sanitized, seemingly rehearsed, scripted even, and certainly devoid of any emotion or ability to reflect empathy in connection to the mass political culling of Norway’s Young Labour members which he alleged carried out only days before. By his own admission, Anders stated, “I did what I felt I had to do…” No regrets.

From a defense lawyer’s standpoint, one could definitely have some traction with an insanity plea. Any lawyer who couldn’t convince a jury that Breivik is anything less than an original nutter would have to be mentally handicapped himself. Exactly what kind of a “defense lawyer” marches out of a police station and into the arms of the waiting press only to announce that, ”Ladies and gentlemen, my client is GUILTY” ? You see, on every level, there is something very pre-fabricated about every aspect of this tragic incident. It appears so far that this gunman will be tried in court as a political actor, and not a pedestrian criminal.

A number of photos have already been released of Breivik in custody, depicting him in an almost trance-like state. He appears to be under the influence of something- hypnosis, medication, we don’t know exactly. For any students of the CIA’s once classified, illegal human research MK ULTRA program, this is where you would raise your hand and start asking questions.

The purpose of MK ULTRA was to develop trauma-based psychological triggers which could be imbedded in a subject’s mind and then activated by a handler in order for that subject to carry out certain rehearsed tasks. Among these tasked included political assassinations. By this token, the Norway Massacre and its post game show certainly fits nicely in such a scenario. Still, Breivik is  giving a flawless performance.

Breivik’s profile, and Hollywood extra photos were already on the news desks of editors within minutes of his apprehension, and if that’s not strange enough, allegedly, also, the arresting police already knew his name. This point was brought up by Channel 4 anchorman Jon Snow, who raised this oddity in a tweet, “What we don’t know is how the police knew the terrorist’s name before they arrested him”.

Other uncertainties will fester, and these are mostly fundamental forensic issues we face in a digital age. There is no evidence that Anders Breivik is author Andrew Berwick, or that he had anything to do with writing the so-called digital PDF “Manifesto” which, mind you, despite all of its twisted content, it is written in flawless English (not in Norwegian), which indicates an academic or professional English editor. Additionally, the “Marxist Hunter” badge visible in his now famous Amphibious Combat action shot has been Photoshopped into the picture by persons unknown. As we have pointed out, we still don’t know where all of these photos came from and how they were delivered to the media.

The red flags are already beginning to pop-up, as investigative police in Norway are still as yet, unable to establish any real link between Breivik and far right wing groups like the English football hooligan group, like the English Defense League, many of whom have already infiltrated by British intelligence. This development should throw a little more light on a pre-packaged trial by media which was underway from the early hours of this event happening this past weekend. Read the full report by Kurt Nimmo at Infowars here.

We run into these exact same problems when assuming that ‘jihadist messages’ and videos uploaded to websites, and grainy digital videos- are all authentic and are made by genuine, salt-of-the-earth, angry card-carrying Al Qaeda. Recent history has proven that in most cased, they were forged, faked and fabricated by Intel Center, AlSahib and other CIA/Pentagon run ‘media arms’.

A lot of the Guardian reading, consensus reality mob out there are probably thinking right now that the conspiracy theorists are going mental over this incident, and probably ”reading way too much into it”. I can only answer back saying, of course its provoking conspiracy theories- take a look at this story, look at this m.o. and look at this truck load of planted media collateral, photos and manifesto. This is a 21st century psy-op if there ever was one.

What’s potentially worse than this, is that we may have a Nordic, Aryan-looking Conan the Barbarian-type cult anti-hero on our hands here. Many a young foot soldier of the far right will be dazzled by Breivik’s spectacle. This is very real, and its ramifications will be unveiled later. That is perhaps the most frightening aspect of all this, in our brave new digital world.

Clearly, Anders Behring Breivik is now the front-runner to succeed the now defunct terror avatar, the man who put the “T” in terror, Osama bin Laden… with a twist.

Watch the political fall-out and the Norwegian, EU policy stances- particularly those concerning Israel, Libya, and security measures which take effect in the next few months, as these will give observers an indication of both qui bono, as well as what were the direct effects caused by Anders Breivik’s mind-bending massacre and running legal saga.

God help us, it seems we are entering another new video drome.

Author Stone Pinkerton is Editor of Gonzo Town.


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  1. Cardillac Says:

    you wrote:

    “Exactly what kind of a “defense lawyer” marches out of a police station and into the arms of the waiting press only to announce that, ”Ladies and gentlemen, my client is GUILTY” ? You see, on every level, there is something very pre-fabricated about every aspect of this tragic incident.”

    yes, exactly- but do we dare take it a step farther?-

    do we dare think for one second that this man just might be a patsy as Lee Harvey Oswald was?-

    obviously not- that would be too uncomfortable so we won’t go there today

  2. Righteous Liberty Says:

    Two questions are:
    1. Did anyone buy SEEMINGLY ludicrous ‘puts’ relative to Norway and
    2. How long has Hollywood been sitting on the ‘shooting script’ (no pun intended) AKA – THE (Intellectual) “PROPERTY” ?

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      It’s deeper than that.

      We are looking at the restructuring of the European extreme right, including Nationalist Fronts. Zionists may be arrogant, but they are not stupid, they know what they are doing…

      We will unveil their agenda shortly…!

  3. Cardillac Says:

    @21st Century Wire-

    you wrote:

    “it’s deeper than that.”-

    no shit-

    you wrote:

    “We will unveil their agenda shortly…!”-

    so do it- I can’t wait for the results- it would make my day

  4. uke Says:

    No one seems to be discussing this early report of him speaking into a headpiece. Is it one of those early details that are often washed out?


  5. Cardillac Says:


    yes, you are absolutely right- early details are always washout out- thery’re too inconvenient-

    how convenient-

    the earliest reports of the “evil do-er” were that of him speaking into a headset- obviously he was co-ordinating efforts-

    but: I’m still not convinced “Breivik ” did it- the “official story” is just too easy, convenient-

    I think there is just more behind this incident than we can even begin to imagine

  6. Cardillac Says:

    I apologize profusely for the spelling “misteaks” in my last posting- I typed (thought) faster than my pitiful keyboard skills- do forgive

  7. Righteous Liberty Says:

    It’s OK.

    I misteakes too.


    and you won’t mis ’em!)!


  8. uke Says:

    My assumption is that Zionists were sweeping the net for people like him and facilitated the operation, providing him with whatever assistance he may have needed and telling him whatever they needed to fit in with his mindset. The outcome was necessary to put a stop to the conservative wave sweeping Europe at the moment. The goal is most definitely to trigger high level internal conflicts, but not yet. They want more of an imbalance in the demographics before they ramp up violence, as the conservatives are still too powerful..

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  11. Kat Says:

    Fake Picture. He looks photo-shopped in.

  12. Cardillac Says:

    @21st Century Wire-

    honey, everything is “strange”- including the minor discrepancies in Breivik’s photo-

    every “minor discrepancy” is proof of a psy-ops- have you not yet figured that out?-

    if not, why do you have your website?- was just wondering…

    I intend no insult in my commentary whatsoever- just was asking a valid question- please feel free to answer it

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      Everything is a psy-op, the mainstream media is the vehicle for psy-ops, we trust that our readers know that our photos are republished from mainstream agencies, and that we are not News Corp or AOL, if you check out the hundreds of articles on our site you will see that we have exposed many psy-ops already, and we intend to expose many more…

  13. Cardillac Says:

    @21 Century Wire

    yes, everything is a psy-op- we both know that- and I don’t doubt the sincerity of your website for one second- so please continue your exposing the many psy-ops- I will stay tuned-

    and let us please cease the senseless debate about Breivik being a ‘possible’ patsy- we both no the score- and it’s not in our favor-


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  15. timelockfilm Says:

    “What we don’t know is how the police knew the terrorist’s name before they arrested him”

    The new his name bcoz the got from the rental car firm, where he rented the car used in the bombing in Oslo – and the licence plate was seen in camers there.

    His manifest was distributed in a word file, not PDF. Lot of the stuff in it was copied from other sources.

    He was on steroids.

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  20. Tony Cooper Says:


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