FORCED TO STRIP NAKED IN THE STREET: Shocking scenes as rioters steal clothes and rifle through bags

Editor’s Note: Sadly, what we are witnessing here can be summed up as a racially motivated incident using humiliation in order to establish social dominance. In a lawless environment, any gang will use their upper hand to carry out unspeakable acts and this is one example of what we can expect, an act which can destroy decades of integration and racial progress. It could be anyone of any colour, but you cannot deny after seeing these multiple reports that there is a very real and negative, economically-fueled, and territorial-based racial tension that exists under the surface in some areas of the UK. 1000 years ago, this would have been defined as tribal strife, but today in modern Britain, the tribes are perveived through economic status, and also colour.


By Daily Mail Reporter
August 11, 2011

This picture shows the shocking depths the thugs were prepared to plumb – stealing the clothes from a man’s back.

The taller, broader man already holds a pair of white and green trainers and a white T-shirt in his hands. Now, it seems, he wants the trousers too.

The shorter man dutifully removes his jeans, leaving only his dark blue underpants and his white socks.

Humiliation: A young man is forced to strip to his underpants in the street, having apparently already handed his T-shirt and trainers to a looter. There were unconfirmed reports last night of victims being made to strip in Deptford, south London, and in Birmingham (PHOTO: Twittter)

The image appeared on Twitter as internet rumours claimed that, on top of widespread violence and looting across London, thugs were even removing clothing from  their victims.

Several people on Twitter claimed there have been incidents of victims being stripped naked in Deptford, South London and Birmingham but, because of the very nature of the alleged incidents, the reports remain unsubstantiated.

In the photograph the ‘victim’  –  his face pixellated – stands on the kerbside in a quiet side road and appears cowed before the other man after handing over his clothing.


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