NATO PR David Cameron at UN Promoting More ‘Humanitarian Interventions’

By Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
September 23, 2011

If you are a seasoned boxing fan, it’s easy to tell when a boxer is fighting out of his weight division. He looks bloated and puffy, mostly from over-hydration and a taper in training. But most of all, the fighter is obviously punching well above his genuine weight.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, who was described by the US President Barrack Obama as “a lightweight” in that infamous Wikileaks cable last year- is such a boxer – bloated, puffy and clearly out of his league. Now that’s a US lightweight calling a Brit a lightweight, which would really make that Brit afeatherweight.

David is not bothered. With his flabby Tory/Lib-Dem Coalition mandate falling apart at home, Cameron is trying to seize the day overseas, fresh off Britain’s little VJ Day field trip to Libya.

Cameron’s big media slot was yesterday at the UN in New York City, where he spouted to world leaders about how we need to, ‘be prepared to intervene again when civilians are massacred by repressive regimes’.

NATO's new Girl Friday promotes template for a criminal enterprise (IMAGE:

David’s message regarding Libya is that we should really be “quicker” to take military action to stop the slaughter of innocents.

No mention here of the thousands of Libyans who have been killed by NATO bombings and many thousands who were openly slaughtered or ethnically cleansed by NATO’s local partners, the al-Qaida aka “Rebel” fighters, whom they have hired to help dislodge Libyan leader Gaffafi from power.

But Cameron would not trade this experience for the world. He has gotten some actual ‘statesman’ mileage out of Libya (at least in terms of invitations to Berlusconi’s parties etc) so far, and remember last week when he was hailed by tiny staged crowds Tripoli, reassuring them that their country ‘chose the path to freedom’.

And here we are in New York, where Cameron lays it on thick:

“This revolution truly belongs to the Libyan people. The United Nations played a vital role authorising international action. But let’s be clear, the United Nations is no more effective than the nation states that come together to enforce its will.

“On this occasion a coalition of nations across the Western and Arab world had the will to act. In so doing, they stopped Benghazi from joining Srebrenica and Rwanda in history’s painful roll call of massacres the world failed to prevent.”

The truth, of course, is something else altogether.

The rape of Libya was quite possibly the most bold smash-and-grab crime in modern history.

It was even more bold than the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, following the whole “WMD thing”. The US-NATO looting of the sovereign state of Libya was worse because they didn’t even bother to come up with a big lie- like a suitcase nuke, or a WMD. They simply openly joined in under a UN banner, and supported one side militarily in an internal civil war, under the lightweight banner of “humanitarian intervention” via “kinetic actions”.

Western corporations were already beginning to carve up Libya’s assets as far back as March 2011, in the early days of the civil war. Now we have David Cameron running around Manhattan trying to promote this template for a criminal enterprise. Of course, this little war will spill over into other parts of Africa such as Sudan, Egypt, Chad, Niger and Mali, where the UN can send in the blue helmets.

But the facts cannot hide that while David Cameron is at the UN doing the job of Washington and NATO’s little PR girl (like Tony Blair did loyally in 2003), no amount of lies can hide forever what Libya really is- a complete disaster in the making. There is panic at the UN, because the UN knows that it is in grave danger of losing its nerve after being used by the US-NATO-Israeli Axis for this particular criminal campaign.

If there is any justice in the world, one would hope that Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and rest of the little European looters in Libya will be dragged into court for crimes against humanity, not least because that’s what they truly deserve.

That ‘special relationship’

Wikileaks jibes aside, Cameron now enjoys a good relationship with Mr Obama. Yes, it’s a return to that “special relationship” enjoyed by the US and Britain for so many years, made famous by those photo shoots at the Crawford Dude Ranch where George W. Bush and Tony Blair sported big belt buckles and pristine Stetsons.

Indeed, Barrack and David can now have cordial discussions about each other’s wives, and perhaps play a round of golf at St Andrews.

But the timing of Cameron’s little jolly in NYC says volumes about the new ‘special relationship’.

The real reason David Cameron is doing this UN junket this week is mainly because he will also be weighing in on Palestine, reminding us, on one hand, that their national aspirations are part of the fabled “Arab Spring”, and on the other hand, that Palestine should forget about statehood.

David will give Abbas a little nudge from England too. ‘No, that’s not the plan right now, Mr Abbas’. No, the proper aspiration is to put that idea of statehood aside for the moment, and opt instead for more, extended, somewhat protracted “peaceful negotiations” with Israel. Yes, it is a much better thing indeed.

He has made clear Britain’s disfavour with Mahmoud Abbas’s desire to make a declaration of statehood at the UN this week. We now know, because Uncle Barrack has told us, that Palestinian Statehood will not happen this year.

Cameron says that it’s a much better thing for Palestine to pursue diplomacy, “sit down and talk to each other, make compromises, build trust and agree”.

Yes, David. It would’ve been interesting to have tried to use that technique in Libya.


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3 Responses to “NATO PR David Cameron at UN Promoting More ‘Humanitarian Interventions’”

  1. mothman777 Says:

    Extremely well put.. One measure that the public might consider asking their MP’s to bring into law is for every soldier to be given a more effective means of deciding whether he or she is really willing to kill or to risk losing their own lives in any action decided on by their government. In future, if such a law were to be made effective, soldiers would no longer be merely dumb animals to be played with like toys by the spoilt rich brats in the Houses Of Parliament. Indeed, when governments go criminally insane as that of David Cameron has, armed forces currently blindly forced to go into battle under threat of being placed in military prison if they don’t, would simply be able to take all the power away from such a criminal governemnt by refusing to fight any criminal military action that they had been ordered to. After all, it is supposed to be a democracy, and soldiers are part of our communities, not slaves for governments to do as they please with. For too long, the public has been forced to watch their governments ploughing ahead with all sorts of military attrocities without being able to stop them. The average voter has the memory span of a goldfish, and come election time, there is never any mention of war, just tax cuts and other silly mundane tripe. Bringing in such a law would be a very progressive move in stopping runaway racist dictators like Cameron, who not only stated ‘I will empower UK Jews’, thereby stating they are somehow superior to anyone else and we should for some reason be under a Zionist Jewish government now, like we are Israel, and then he went on to start a war for Israel where the ‘rebels’ have stated that one of their objectives is to allow Israeli military bases in Libya. Funny rebels aren’t they? This is a war in which thousands of innocent blacks are mindlessly slaughtered in Libya under some ridiculous pretense that they are mercenaries, when they are in fact residents and guest workers from Chad and other African states. Please google ‘Gagnauga Yes I’m Saying That It’s All LIes’ for a wonderfully presented mass of enlightening information on the true nature of the Ghaddafi regime, information which should truly shame anyone who then goes on to allow this present administration in office for one more week. Usually, mass murderers are arrested and put in jail on remand, but not Cameron’s nasty racist crew of sick killers.

  2. Rae Merrill Says:

    Agree completely but what is the chance of them ever coming before a court? Corruption is so entrenched in western politics it would take something like the French revolution but there were no super weapons back then the rulers could use to suppress the revolt.

  3. David s. Ling Says:

    Hello, you got me all confused in your recent article on Qccupy. You claim they are doing the bidding of Boros but Soros is often depicted as the guardian angel of the left and is a main target of Glenn Beck and Bill O`reilly on Fox news

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