Decline of the West: Blood-lust in the streets of Libya suffices for justice

By Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
October 21, 2011

It appears that Libya’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi may have been handed down his final verdict by NATO rebels, but it’s perhaps an even more bloody awful fate already suffered by a morally detached western civilization.

The man who liberated his country from the tyrannical monarchy of King Idris back in 1969… was tried and sentenced by bullet today.

Gaddafi modeled himself after Omar MukhtarThe Lion of the Desert, the only other man who has led a genuine, independent Libyan resistance, fighting against a brutal Italian colonization in 1927. Yet, our media tell us he’s just another dead tyrant.

Unable to conceal her philistine nature, pathetic US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to crack a predictably disingenuous joke. When hearing the news of Gaddafi’s death she cackled as she told reporters, “We came, we saw, he died!”

 News clip of Hillary Clinton’s cackle over the death of Libya’s Gaddafi

This has become the new narrative in the US and western Europe now, where foreign leaders and other non-state actors with brown skin are given lengthy trials through press briefings by suited politicians in places like Washington, London and Paris, echoed by the corporate media until an antagonist is born for public consumption.

Following the White House’s comical staged hoax of SEAL Team 6′s gallant raid on long-dead Osama bin Laden, and with no evidence to show it actually happened other than President Obama’s TV speeches- we get the next public assassination. After all, Obama’s far-fetched tale of the bin-Laden mission somehow vindicated all those innocent lives ruined by US incarceration and outright torture of thousands of young men since the War on Terror officially began in 2001.

Al Jazeera will no doubt play the shaky cell phone video of the man being stripped and dragged through the streets of Sirte by the NATO rebel mob. Somehow they believe, Gaddafi’s brutal post-mortem will vindicate their careless efforts and somehow make right the thousands of innocents who have perished- so that Libya can finally become part of the globalist, debt-based, neoliberal economic IMF system.

The west and its banking elite have nothing left to plunder other than middle class pension funds and incomes at home, so they are relying on plundering countries in the east and south in order to refill its sadly diminishing coffers. This is the only way to get their hands on any real liquidity or assets.

JUSTICE? Gaddafi could never be put on trial by the West, it's a stage they cannot afford to give him.

The same treatment was given to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Like Gaddafi and Osama bin Laden, he worked hand in hand with America’s CIA and Britain’s MI6 in order to help western intelligence agencies achieve their operational goals, and thus the foreign policy objectives of the US, Great Britain and Israel. Grainy cell phone videos of Saddam’s circus execution somehow vindicated those in the west who liquidated so many innocent Iraqi lives since 1991, and arguably before.

This is the new trend in dispensing due process, in a declining western civilization where blood-lust suffices for justice.

After the protracted media trials of both Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein, globalist power-brokers will never allow their war criminals to stand trial and spill the beans on all their dirty little secrets.

Over the last few decades, both Americans and western Europeans have become well-trained media consumers, and absorb their talking points much in the same way that grade school children dutifully repeat after their teachers and walk in single file. As adults, their teachers are CNN, FOX, the BBC, and the newest addition to the state information corps, US CENTCOM’s own Al Jazeera. None of them have any genuine moral or ethical perspective left in their editorial vision. The corporate networks will reserve any real humanitarian compassion for a handful of trapped miners, baby seals, missing Caucasian children and Amanda Knox.

Our new teachers have taught the dutifully minded among us that when the mob labels a head of state or non-state actor as a tyrant, then regime change must take place, and that this man deserves to die. They have taught us that one dead US soldier is worth more in headlines than 100 dead brown-skinned Iraqis, Afghanis, Palestinians, or Libyans- women and children included. That is the overwhelming power of the 21st century media.

Will Libya have anything near the stability it enjoyed over the last 30 years? Will its people enjoy the mountain of state benefits available to them under the Gaddafi rein? Will Libyans be able to retain ownership of their country’s bounty of natural resources, and see the state reinvesting its profits back into their country for the benefit of future generations?

History has taught us that the answer to each and every one of these questions is of course…no.

History has written all over the sands of  the Maghreb of North Africa, and Libya in particular. It has always been under the thumb of one empire or another- from the Romans, the Spanish, the Vatican’s Knights of Malta, the Ottomans, and Mussolini’s Italy.

Libya’s first brush with America came in the early 19th century, when war broke out between the United States and what was then  referred to as Tripolitania, in what came to be known as the Barbary Wars. Only this time around the Barbary pirates are on the other side of the fighting, and they are known the world over by the name of ‘NATO’.

It’s only fitting that this latest chapter of history should be written as follows…

It was clear from day one that the Anglo-American empire, along with its clients like Qatar, were actively supporting and planning to bring destabilization to the country. From the very first days of the civil war in January 2011, before the shell casings had even hit the ground, western envoys and consultants worked with known al-Qaida fighters and criminals in Libya to form a new NTC government, a new central bank and a new state oil holding company. NATO were deployed to give brutal air support to these new gangs of rebel paramilitaries, and for nearly 10 months, both those groups killed, tortured, raped and looted everything in their path.

Meanwhile, offshore transnational corporations from the US, Europe and Qatar carved up the country’s assets. Months followed years of instability, infighting and acts of internal retribution followed. The poor became poorer, the rich became richer, organized crime blossomed and thousands of middle class Libyans were allowed to immigrate to the UK, France and Italy.

This would come to be known as Libya’s liberation.

What it means

The UN issued the citation, and NATO came in with the tow truck. Make no mistake, in the real world, NATO is the USA and the USA is NATO. It’s a politically correct way of using military force without being seen to be acting alone as an imperial aggressor. But what about the NTC’s death squads, the theft, the rape, the torture and destruction of citizens’ property, business, and whole lives?

To pass the buck a little further, NATO’s goals and end-game is handed over to Libya’s NTC, this way everyone’s asses are covered.

Politicians in Washington, London and Paris should be proud. They got everything they wanted, and with no dirt under their nails.

If no one in the US, UK, France, the UN or NATO’s technicians of death are held accountable for the sacking and looting of Libya- the crime of the 21st century, then expect that they will simply move forward, and do it again, and again. So who’s next? Syria?

There is no more moral high ground, no more western values, no beliefs to use as a back-stop for western civilization.

Was Gaddafi guilty? Is that it then, a bullet?

He will never be afforded the same trial that anyone reading this article would expect as their god-given right. So what makes any among us believe that we deserve any of these so-called rights we think we enjoy in the west?

Meanwhile, the US and UK corporate media can’t stop parading those barbaric pictures on the front page in exactly the same manner as Libya’s NATO rebels where parading corpses around town. And this is what 2000 years of civilization brought?

Who are we kidding?


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17 Responses to “Decline of the West: Blood-lust in the streets of Libya suffices for justice”

  1. Decline of the West: Blood-lust in the streets of Libya suffices for justice | Sovereign Independent Says:

    […] Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire October 21, […]

  2. Decline of the West: Blood-lust in the streets of Libya suffices for justice By Patrick Henningsen « William Says:

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  3. Tarig Anter Says:

    Patrick; Thanks, this an excellent and timely article. I re-posted it on my blog with full reference. Tell me if you have objection or remark.

    Obama is a Killer: Election Campaign Credential
    Awarding Obama a hasty Nobel Peace Prize (or price) shocked and surprised all level-headed individuals and pundits. The guy came from nowhere and his records were normal or even poor compared to other politicians. He is not a leader at any level, but a trained populist speeches reader.

    The main problem with Obama is that of his “Short-Cuts” mentality and approaches to domestic and international problems. Add to this his deceptive nature and political style.

    Fighting militant Islamic extremists is normal, but engaging and allying with their mercenaries to destabilize, to fight and kill nationalists anti-Islamism autocrats like Gaddafi of Libya; Assad of Syria; and Saleh of Yemen are crimes against national interests of the people of these countries. In the markets of all the targeted states you will never find any American or European companies or brands; and that is why they were hand-picked and considered dictatorships.

    Puppet oil Arab tiny regimes on the other hand are tolerated despite being dictatorships because they opened their markets and they are submissive in paying the bills to bring airborne “Democracy” to the villains who are refusing to share or give control on their wealth with the West. Killing few thousands to bring “Democracy” and “liberal markets” and “protect the civilians” are not a big deal in his policies and in the policies of the US military division that is called “NATO”.

    Obama an Error or a Sin

    Obama was made in deliberate processes and he is not real or a man of himself. Who brought Obama to power and supplemented him with the psychopathic Hilary Clinton? Is this really the choice of the people of USA? My guess is “NO”. It is the corporations; the bureaucracy; and the international secret societies constitute the “Establishment” and they are the real makers and the drivers in America.

    At first, I assumed that electing Obama was an innocent error; then I thought it is a mistake; but now I believe it was a sin from the dark part of America.

  4. Rae Merrill Says:

    Spot on with another great article. We have to accept that today’s mainstream media organisations in the hand’s of big corporations and are therefore unable to report accurately. If they did the editorial teams would be sacked and replaced. So if you work for one of these news organisations you either do as you’re told or find another job. Not easy in today’s economic climate.

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    […] piše Christian Stöcker. Patrick Henningsen, urednik spletnega časopisa 21st Century Wire, pa vidi zahodno civilizacijo v zatonu, kjer slo po krvi zadošča za pravico.Mark Lawson pravi, da so bili […]

  6. jasondylan Says:

    Great job Patrick. Heard you today on InfoWars commenting on the Libyan and upcoming Syrian campaigns and I thought you were spot on.

    I have been following the so called ‘Arab Spring’ and agree with your vivid account of the geo-political realities of the day. The fact that the US Syrian ambassadors name is Robert Ford is astonishing to say the least, Robert Ford’ is the ‘coward’ who shot Jesse James.

    This guy gives me the creeps, maybe this will give you a clue why…

    “”In 2010, President Obama nominated Ford as the first United States Ambassador to Syria in five years (pending Senate approval).[6]

    In December 2010, after the Senate had failed to act on Ford’s nomination, President Obama used a recess appointment to secure Ford the position.[1]

    The Senate then confirmed Ford by unanimous consent on October 3, 2011.[7][8] As a result, Ford no longer is serving under a recess appointment and therefore may hold the position until Obama’s term ends in January 2013.””

    I know this has John Negroponte all over it…”Negroponte speaks five languages (English, French, Greek, Spanish, and Vietnamese). He is the elder brother of Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and of the One Laptop per Child project.””

    He was born in London and educated at Yale. His wife is Diana Villiers….”A descendant of Charles II’s mistress Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland, and George Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon, who served as Queen Victoria’s three-time Foreign Secretary, she was born in London. Her father was Sir Charles Villiers, a merchant banker who was the chairman of British Steel from 1974 until 1988; her mother was Sir Charles’s second wife, the former Countess Marie Josée de la Barre d’Erquelinnes.”

    If you research these people’s history, it gets uglier and uglier. Loved the writing and tone Patrick, it is hard to argue with moral integrity supported by historical fact.

    As a Middle Easterner commented the other day, the imagery in the media seems to constantly brutalize the image of the Muslim and brown skin person, and that somehow Obama and all of the other colorful talking heads make this fact ok.

    “”Off with their talking heads!!!””


    Attn:Homeland Security

    My attempt at a joke is to no way infer or condone any intent of mine to incite or condone violence against any person or organizations.

  7. canobs Says:

    The real killers were not Hussein BinLaden or Qaddafi_____BUT Bush Cheney Rumsfeld who standardized and legalized torture, and totalled millions of civilians assassinated in Irak, afghanistan, Pakistan, now Libya with the NATO criminals, Clinton, Cameron, Sarkosy, Harper, and maybe the nobel peace prize winner Obama even if the US army leaders, (not democratically elected) are controlling him.

  8. canobs Says:

    All these bombings and killing to control banking, petroleum and gaz resources___________– see the documentary videos—Zeitgeist Addendum—and —The Weight of Chains—

  9. canobs Says:

    Excellent article and report Mr. Henningsen

  10. electric snow blower Says:

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  11. Our moral decline: Blood-lust in the streets of Libya suffices for justice | Tarig Anter Says:

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  12. kelakar Says:


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