‘SYRIA HERE WE COME’ – Patrick Henningsen interview on THE ALEX JONES SHOW

21st Century Wire
October 25, 2011

Gaddafi has exited the stage, and now Syria looks to be the next target for the regime change gang in Washington DC.

Viewers need to pay attention to the popular talking points coming out through the mainstream globalist media via Washington designed to sway public opinion against the ruling government in Damascus. Watch the following interview segments hosted by Aaron Dykes, with Patrick Henningsen reporting for Infowars.com on events going on across the Middle East and North Africa:


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One Response to “‘SYRIA HERE WE COME’ – Patrick Henningsen interview on THE ALEX JONES SHOW”

  1. Ama Nzegwu Says:

    People time to wake up.

    I was reading an article, the writer seems to suggest that these ‘insane ones’ – for lack of a better word- believe they are going to win,that is, cause wars and death and then get away with it!!!! If they did win, it would be going against divine laws – ACTION REACTION’. The Laws of Karma. The Laws of the Universe – As you sow so shall you reap- remember. These people are enjoying their last days. The question for us is DO WE WANT TO HUNT WITH HOUNDS AND pretend to RUN WITH THE DEER?!!!Not possible.

    All evidence indicates -from the Bible to other scripts etc – these insane people know their time is up -as WE all have been living on borrowed time. They can not LIVE ON this PLANET BECAUSE THE VIBRATIONS OF THIS PLANET WILL MAKE THIS IMPOSSIBLE -LOVE- THEY know this WE just laugh at our ignorance!!I-they know this. They just want to cause as much destruction as possible before they are finally removed, The big question for us is how many of US want to join them THESE INSANE WAR HUNGARY SICK ENTITIES???

    Service Love etc anything that bring more LIGHT to this world is necessary or we will be joining these insane ones….!! PEACE LOVE SERVICE to other people –

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