21st Century Wire
November 26, 2011

Patrick Henningsen, a political analyst from the US-based online magazine and Editor of 21st Century Wire, believes that the escalation of tensions over Syria between the world’s major powers may lead to a new chilling in world politics.

“I think we are going to see a new Cold War emerge in the next two years, and we are seeing the initial steps of that new Cold War right now,” he told RT.

Another chief concern is Russia’s close military co-operation with Syria – with reports of S-300 missile defense installations having been supplied from Moscow. Henningsen adds here:

“If the Western powers think they are going to get away with a no-fly zone in Syria, this is a very different prospect than Libya. This will be the first time, in Syria, and also, if you look forward – with Iran, that the West, actually, is engaging a country that has the ability to fight back”.



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  1. Rae Merrill Says:

    We’re in unknown territory here. Nobody knows the extent to which Russia or China would defend Syria and Iran. However, I think the reality is much uglier than people know.

    My view is that the Neo-Nazis in charge of Washington have agreed secretly with China the benefits of a controlled nuclear war in the aim of rapid depopulation and this would be combined with biological contamination in order to stem any regrowth of population.

    Of course the rebuilding and clean up phase would be highly profitable but this isn’t about money. This is about grabbing resources and enslavement of the masses for the long term security of the minority elite. Once you own the natural resources you don’t need money as such. All you need is a credit system to reward minor bureaucrats and enforcement personnel. The remaining masses wont be paid at all. They will be labour slaves in exchange for food and shelter. Once you stop being an economic asset you are then simply executed.

    The Neo Nazis have learned a great deal from the mistakes of their forefathers. They’ve had more than half a century to perfect the formerly imperfect processes of human beings as a commodity resource. All the instruments of total control, a new Dark Age, are in place and this time there will be no mistake. The Holocaust will look like a picnic compared to the Apocalypse we now face.

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