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Strange Bedfellows: How the U.S. and Egypt control the destiny of the region

March 20, 2012

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
March 20, 2012

For the past five decades, the CIA has enjoyed near total anonymity whilst operating behind a web of international shell companies and NGOs like USAID.

In the 21st century, the agency has come to rely on a much more complex array of ‘human rights’ and  ‘pro-democracy’ foundation-funded and US State Department-funded organizations around the globe like the National Endowment for Democracy, CANVAS and the Open Society Institute. But keeping its influence peddling and regime change activities hidden from the public view has become increasingly difficult in the age of digital awareness.

Perhaps the foreign intelligence services have spread themselves too thin across the globe, or overestimated the public’s ability see through an increasingly transparent agenda. Or maybe this new revolution business has become too well-funded, with too many high-flying international consultants, and has tried too hard to look trendy in staging pop political campaigns like KONY 2012 – making it harder and harder to conceal their not-so-clandestine activities.

Obama’s latest move sent a clear message to Washington’s New World Order partners: provided American operatives overseas are not harmed, Washington does not care all that much about human rights, and even less about its local NGO Arab operatives – like all those Arab NGO workers hung out to dry in Cairo this month.

Present and future non-US NGO workers might take note here – as working for US-funded democracy and human rights programs in places like Egypt will not guarantee you any protection should you organization come under fire for spying.

Egypt remains as the Middle East’s most populated country, and most strategically placed – controlling the Suez Canal, and bordering neighbors Israel, Sudan and Libya.

Unfortunately for Washington, Egypt’s military junta have quickly figured out how the US is always able to play both sides of the geopolitical game. Realizing that they had served their purpose in helping to secure Libya for NATO, Egypt knew it may soon fall fast out of favor with their paymasters in Washington, perhaps with yet another western-backed ‘Arab Spring’ at some point in the near future. Meanwhile, thousands of real pro-reform Egyptian protestors were literally beaten to death by Cairo’s brutal military junta.

On December 27, 2011, Washington’s favored Egyptian military ruling government did the unthinkable – raiding 17 NGO’s in Cairo, many of which were arguably under the CIA’s cloak and dagger regime change workshop umbrella. The raids included the State Department-funded National Democratic Institute (NDI) founded by Madeleine Albright, and the International Republican Institute (IRI), headed by regime change enthusiast John McCain.

Cairo’s surprise spook-house raid sent shockwaves through US State Department, as administrators led by Hillary Clinton decried the move “completely unacceptable”, not because it had anything specifically to hide (interestingly, we do not recall Clinton actually denying that spying was going on in Cairo), but because Egypt is the US’s second largest recipient of US military aid in the world – with annual military gift vouchers totally approximately $1.5 billion per annum – mostly for military hardware.

In reality there is no real relationship between US foreign aid and the pro-democracy traits of its winning contestants. The Obama administration quickly reconsidered its previously stern position with Egypt over the NGO raids, going ahead with full military aid to Egypt. It’s hard to imagine another scenario that could do more damage to U.S. and British intelligence operations in the Middle East. Clinton was even forced to issue a “national security waiver” exempting the White House from explaining to Congress why Egypt is not “implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association, and religion, and due process of law”, yet still collecting its billions in US aid.

Although Egyptian courts lifted their travel ban on all American espionage suspects on March 1, 2012, criminal trials are still due to resume this April 10th against Egyptian NGO workers. NGO’s under the gun are the NDI, the IRI and of course, George Soros’s Freedom House, along with some 400 other NGOs also under official investigation.

Egypt played its role in bringing down Libya

During the fabled Arab Spring in 2011, Washington and London were under a very tight time table because of what was going on next door in Libya and needed a partner they could rely on. In order for NATO’s al-Qaida rebel forces, the Egyptian military junta obediently smuggled arms and al-Qaeda fighters over their western border into eastern Libya to help overthrow the regime of the late Col. Muammar Gaddafi.

The Wall Street Journal report confirmed this on March 17, 2011:

“Egypt’s military has begun shipping arms over the border to Libyan rebels with Washington’s knowledge, U.S. and Libyan rebel officials said…

… The shipments-mostly small arms such as assault rifles and ammunition-appear to be the first confirmed case of an outside government arming the rebel fighters. Those fighters have been losing ground for days in the face of a steady westward advance by forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.”

Good for US: Christian persecuted in Egypt and the wider region

Myth: Because of evangelical pro-Israel right-wing voters, Washington will care deeply about the mistreatment of Christians in the Middle East and East Africa.

And here’s the point: once you get past the myth of the fabled Arab Spring, you quickly realize that it’s common practice now for Washington’s illustrious State Department and London’s Foreign Office to back Islamist governments throughout the region, along with the usual protocol of partnerships for dictatorships and monarchies throughout the Middle East. 

Christians are being targeted in what looks like obvious provocateur events against the Copts in Egypt, and Orthodox Christians in Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Turkey – and Washington appears not to care at all. Why?

Obama’s ignorance of Christian persecution is no mere political omission – it is the policy of Washington. Don’t think for one second that if a Mitt Romney were to take office in January 2013, this policy would change at all. For Washington and London, Islamist governments, with their bent towards theocracies – unlike Christian secularists, are much easier to manipulated and play against neighboring nations. Washington and the CIA’s real priorites in the region are aligned with a policy of destabilization, namely Israel and backing Islamist regimes. Where the US wants stabilty, it will back Monarchies and Dictators – as is the case with the Gulf States and Egypt’s military junta.  This also feeds into Washington and London’s strategy of surrounding the settler state Israel with Islamist regimes, thus furthering the old mantra that ‘Israel needs to defend itself’, and that is ’a clash of civilizations’ between east and west, and ensuring conflict for the next 50 years.

For this very reason, it is a top priority of engineers in Washington and London to bring down the secular/multi-religious society led by President Assad in Syria. The goal is destabilization and this simply cannot happen with a solid secular regime in place there. The same observation should be applied to Libya too, and the results speak for themselves now as the al-Qaida’s own Jolly Roger is flying over Benghazi. 

Although GOP mouthpieces like Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney speak about the horrors of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the reality is that this islamist group was created and is mostly steered by the British intelligences agencies who work in concert with the CIA. A classic case of controlled oppostion dating back to the the 1920′s – but still, US politicians name-drop ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in order to scare Americans about the horrors of Islamic extremism and what a threat they pose to Israel.

Egypt is, and always has been the central choke-point in the Middle East, and no matter if it’s a brutal military junta or a pedestrian dictator- democracy matters little to Washington. The military aid will continue to flow and real reformers will continue to be killed and imprisioned there. And when placed under pressure, the US will throw all its Egyptian intelligence assets under the bus – and still send Cairo its $1.5 billion cheque.

Alas, strange bedfellows these two countries do make.


GMO’s linked to aborted animals, Schmallenberg, while climate changers peddle new equine fears

March 2, 2012

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
March 2, 2012

This week has seen one of the more shocking reports to emerge so far this year, the discovery of an unexplained bio-plague which is causing birth defects in record numbers in sheep and cattle stocks throughout English farms and in parts of the continent, believed to be linked to the Schmallenberg virus.

The Independent newspaper’s environmental beat writer Michael McCarthy wrote a piece on this topic today, attempting to combine recent animal diseases in Europe to climate change. He grabbed the opportunity to patch together what are clearly two very separate real issues, and bind them with one theoretical one: the Schmallenberg virus in sheep, African horse sickness – and ‘European warming caused by climate change’.

The problem with McCarthy’s article is that the first two are real, but the last one is pure speculation – and out of pure convenience, he’s combined all three as if they one issue. There goes our mainstram media, raising the climate change alarm:

“But scientists are warning that they may be only the first of a considerable number of new infections, including some affecting humans, which are being helped to spread north through Europe by the warming climate.”

Unfortunately, this tired practice of cheap conflation will not benefit humanity any longer.

It is yet another instance where the mainstream media is falling head over heals for climate change, while a very real environmental crisis – the ongoing infusion of GMOs into our now contaminated global food supply chain – is allowed to run completely out of control. And what are the consequences of this?

This is not the first livestock crisis to hit Europe. In the 1990′s we saw CJD, or ‘Mad Cow’ disease take numerous human lives, and more famously, Britain’s catatrophic outbreak of foot and mouth disease, a plague which was originally believed to have been caused by a natural – both ravaged herds and cost the agriculture industry and the state billions by the final tally. Foot and Mouth was eventually reported to have originated in a UK bio lab and released (intentionally, or unintentionally, has yet to be proven) into the ecosystem – a highly unnatural event. Based on this past findings of man-made pathogens, it only stands to reason that the current Schmallenberg outbreak may be the result of an unintended contamination between livestock herds and madmade industrial substances.

Infowars interviewed  GMO expert Jeffery Smith recently, where he revealed that, in fact, new discoveries on how GMOs could be ruining the internal organs and digestive tracts of livestock are coming out as we speak. He highlighted cases of aborted fetal tissue caused by a new organism only visible under an electron microscope. A study was done to determine the cause of the aborted animal fetuses and showed how when animal feed was treated with Monsanto Corp’s ‘Round-up’ chemical, there were high concentrations of this new, undiscovered deadly organism.

Jeffrey M. Smith Exposes Mystery Virus Triggering Aborted Fetuses: The Alex Jones Show, February 23, 2012

This organism was then taken to a preganant chicken where it killed the fetus within 24 to 48 hrs. It looks and acts like fungus, and is found to have caused spontaneous abortions in animals. One year ago, Dr. Don Huber, Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, warned the USDA of a wild spread infertility amongst livestock due to this new GMO ‘Round-up Ready’ pathogen and declared this as nothing less than “an emergency”. 

USDA has allowed Monsanto to perform its own GMO studies, and no studies conducted on humans, the population at large has exposed itself to a potential threat whereby not only is the damage done to the our human and livestock DNA is permanent, but the cost in lives and money is almost incalulable.
Could the recent  Schmallenberg sheep and cow crisis in the UK be somehow linked to a possible GMO-related pathogen in our food supply chain? If it is even remotely possible, one would sincerely hope that every green journalist on staff at the Independent, Guardian, Times of London, Washington Post and the New York Times – would be looking into this and related stories right this moment.

Or they could just continue to connect every natural eco or weather event… to climate change.

Scandal after scandal has hit the UN’s elite IPCC Climate Change clique, discrediting their so-called science, that same science which we were all told was ‘certain’. Since then, the public have since  realized how this scam was constructed and how truly massive it is… including Al Gore and ’scientific concensus’ members’ ties to the global Carbon Exchanges markets. Knowing this, many in the climate camp could no longer support those old computer-modelled global warming theories. It will go down in history as one of the biggest (and most lucrative) lies ever sold.

‘Green’ journalism, or more specifically – climatist journalism, has long since infected most corporate compartments of the mainline media, exhibiting an irresistible tendency to combine any emerging crisis in nature with the liberal popular mythology of global warming and climate change. Since 2005, aplocalyptic antecdotes of rising seas and computer-modeled projections of nonexistent warming have colored the green press keeping environmental activists and scientists busy chasing a phantom menace.

Proponents of the climatist ‘precautionary principle’ should beware, because there is a very dear price that humanity may be paying as a result of this flamboyant period of mythology ushered in by the likes of the UN’s IPCC clique, Al Gore, Michael Mann and James Hansen. With all the time, talent, and hundreds of billions already wasted on trying to monetize CO2 and pushing various global warming theories, real envirnomental (and actual apocolyptic events) have been allowed to ravage the ecosystem unchecked – specifically, we are talking about Monsanto’s GMO food empire, and a very, very unregulated international nuclear power industry. In the case of GMOs, it may even be too late to undo the damage.

It’s time for the public to think seriously about what would happen if the present unregulated GMO industry were to damage not only our human food supply, but our human DNA itself.

Currently, we are the guinea pigs in this global experiment.