Former Child Actor is Let Down After Opening Up to Media: ‘I named names, but they’ve buried my story’

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Has Rupert Murdoch’s Times Newspaper also joined the BBC’s practice of covering for child abusers in high places?

On Friday Oct 11, former child actor and now investigative journalist, Ben Fellows, published his own sordid account of his personal experiences growing up in show business and working at the BBC. The following week, his story was picked-up by the London newspaper Daily Express on Oct 17th.

Ben Fellows on the BBC’s News 24 in 2006.

What the public is not aware of however, is that the Murdoch-owned Times newspaper in London had also summoned Fellows to an interview regarding his story the following day on Thursday Oct 18th.

(Read Ben’s full account of interview and commentary here)

“Since the original story I wrote, a lot of readers, people and other members of the media have been asking me to name names, and actually accusing me of feeding the abuse system by not naming names in my initial story. So when the Times contacted me, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to names names.”

Fellows continues, “It’s all rather easy to pin the entire scandal on a deceased, former celebrity like Jimmy Savile, but if you’re going to name the names of currently active entertainment professionals and politicians, you have to go with the biggest and strongest media outlet because you will get sued and the Times told me, ‘You have nothing to worry about, we have the most powerful lawyers in the world’ – and that gave me the confidence to name names”.

According to Fellows, he was interviewed by Jack Malvern, a veteran and senior writer with the Times at the Novotel in Greenwich last Thursday, with the promise that his story would go out in the Saturday morning edition of the Times, but when Saturday arrived, no story appeared – and thus, no names were named.

“The fact they haven’t run my story worries me, because they asked me to talk and I did – and now I’m not sure which way to turn”, explains Fellows.

“It made me feel like I had been ‘debriefed’ and not interviewed, and that maybe the only reason I was summoned there was to give information to them (the Murdoch press) for their own internal use.”

The irony of this situation is too much to ignore, as the Murdoch empire’s flagship ‘anti-paedophile’ newspaper, The Sun, is pulling no punches with the BBC over their Jimmy Savile cover-up, since the BBC has been exposed for mothballing two internal investigations over child abuse within their state-funded media realm.

In the case of Fellows, he appears to have hand-delivered a number of top show business and political personality names to the Times, names whom he has witnessed first-hand to be involved with a wide range of highly inappropriate and illegal activities – including predatory advances on a child actor (Fellows), offering and consuming of Class A narcotics, and the promise of success by top producers in exchange for sex. He maintains that some of the names the Times is currently holding include a few of the most powerful individuals in the entertainment industry.

According to Fellows, he had mentioned MP Ken Clarke. Interestingly, Clarke has just been linked to paedophile predator Savile this week, as Savile was handed the keys to Broadmoor secure hospital in 1988 – under the watch of Minister Ken Clarke.

Fellows believed that the reason the Times has killed the story is because one of the names he gave was a celebrity who SKY TV has a heavy amount invested in for the coming season.

“They wanted me to name names, but not the ones I gave them!” said Fellows.

“I had no idea that this person was to be the star of SKY this coming season when I named them in my Times interview. Now they are sitting on the whole story because it conflicts with their organisation’s plans this year. The hypocrisy is clear to see, and very disappointing to say the least.”

“What the Times is doing here, is no different than how the BBC is covering for itself. And the end result of both cover-ups is that the public have less knowledge of child abuse in the system. I think our major media outlets are failing the public, and now it’s there for everyone to see.”

It appears that now the Times has joined the BBC – in covering-up reported activities of people in positions of power and influence, in their own self-interest.

“I was offered an ‘Exclusive’, but I did not respond to what this offer alluded to because it sounded like code for ‘money’, but I fully expected them to run my story with so many high-profile people mentioned”, said Fellows.

Tonight’s episode of Panorama on BBC is nothing more than a late move to try to repair what is clearly a broken and corrupt public funded media giant. Ofcom licenses have been pulled for less.

Similarly, Tuesday’s appearance at a House Select Committee by George Entwistle, current Director General of the BBC, is unlikely to yield much, as Entwistle, then Director of Programming at the BBC, was also the man who allegedly pulled the BBC’s ‘Newsnight’ investigation into Savile’s unsavoury habits last Dec 2011. Certainly, the BBC will be expected to produce some sacrificial lamb to draw a line under this scandal, but it’s unclear as yet who that will be.

Fellows adds here, “I am concerned that when it’s all said and done, the BBC and the government are just going to have Jimmy Savile ‘done and dusted’ and maybe pin some conviction on an old employee, then close the book on what is clearly an institutional and social disease which has infected the BBC and other corridors of power in Britain”.

How long will the Times sit on this story, and if they do run it, will they name the names that Fellows delivered to them?

Considering the weight of allegations from the Savile Affair, we all can agree that it’s in a free society’s best interest for any major newspaper to print a story which deals with the protection of children or unethical and illegal behaviour by BBC employees – which is certainly, at least in the opinion of this website – in the public’s interest to know.


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54 Responses to “Former Child Actor is Let Down After Opening Up to Media: ‘I named names, but they’ve buried my story’”

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  2. Ben Fellows: ‘Murdoch Newspaper does a ‘BBC’ to Protect Pedophiles & Child Abusers’ « 21st Century Wire Says:

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  3. rmiglobal Says:

    Basic terms of Blackmail have to be worked out before the Times runs it… as in ‘how much can THEY extract for silence. You just made them richer Ben.

    The Murdoch Times, they aren’t a changin

  4. James Says:

    About time the BBC was seen for what it is. I have tons of text’s i have sent to the BBC regarding this and numerous other dispicable types of behaviour they indulge in. Can’t wait to see them hung out to dry and if this dosen’t do it, then we really have a problem on our hands


  5. Some Dude Says:

    This Ben dude should just put the list out in public for all to see along with his story and inform the world the BBC did an interview where he game them these same names and the BBC appears to now be complicit. Hand out fliers and put ’em on all the cars. Send the story and name list out via email to every man, woman, and child in England. Then to every man , woman, and child around the world .

    Exposure is the only thing these guys fear and he should do it loud and proud. Shine the light and leave the darkness no where left to hide.

  6. carl Says:

    I give you credit and high marks for your story Ben . We need to hear more and more people need to tell the truth and come forth .

  7. James Says:

    I take my hat off to Ben and he is well within his rights to disclose the names and should if nothing is being done about it. One cautionary note, Gossip Kills, this stuff is far too serious to mess about with and should be dealt with in a professional way, through the courts, like all other crimes. Even then it is not fail safe, as i know of a lovely chap (every womans dream) who was accused of such stuff. He landed up on remand and developed a serious mental affliction, by the time it got to court, the accusation was proven to be malicious and was thrown out. He is now mentaly afflicted and walks with difficulty and nothing has happened to his accuser. So be careful what you wish for, some people can take it and some people can’t. Nothing is black and white!!!!!


  8. Carl Jones Says:

    The newspapers work for MI5/6. YOU gave given them the reference points (names), so they are one step ahead….they can prepare and limit damage.

    If Savile can produce some 600 leads and add Ben’s numbers, multiply this with the MSM and political classes over 60 years and even if you deduct abuser/multiple victims, you are looking at thousands, maybe tens of thousands!!!!!

    Remember the Fed’s sending their 5000 name sexFiles dossier to the British police…this was just before the Iraq invasion!! This was around the time of the Soham murders…a case where the judge did not believe Huntley’s story abiyt what happened in the house. Huntley took on two 11yo girls!! Was this just another elite child sex ring??

    Ben needs to go to the police and make a statement about everything and another statement should go to a soliciter. Ben’s life is bound to be in danger, because old perves have little to loose by taking desperate steps

  9. Former Child Actor Is Let Down After Opening Up to Media: ‘I named names, but they’ve buried my story’ | Says:

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  10. freetoairphoenix Says:

    I’d like to know what the difference is between a person who refuses to name names on account of fear of lawsuits, and a person who refuses to name names on account of being paid off. What is the difference pray tell

  11. James Says:

    Ones scared, ones greedy and imoral, it’s just the end result that is the same.

  12. something fishy Says:

    Ex child actor that doesn’t appear to have acted in anything at any time, in fact the only time I’ve heard of him is to do with this story.

    • ultra909 Says:

      Yep. Careful here. Ben may be the real deal, but if you google him not a lot comes up. Not listed on the Wikipedia page for alumni of Sylvia Young, seemingly no trace of his EastEnders stint etc etc.

      And so far the only person he has named is a politician who is something of a bête noire for the rabid right of the Tories. Then his 21CW post gets picked up by the Express as it is posted by… rabid right winger Guido Fawkes.

      Can we get a bit more of a background check on Mr Fellows please?

  13. Former Child Actor is Let Down After Opening Up to Media: ‘I named names, but they’ve buried my story’ | Knowledge Wealth Centre Says:

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  14. NAMED, SHAMED AND BURIED « Psalm79:9+10 Says:

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  15. Rae Merrill Says:

    Waste of time going to the media where these issues are concerned. Even The Sun campaign sticks to what we already know and is limited to a campaign to remove Saville’s Knighthhod, even though he’s dead and little more than that. Also a few digs at the BBC, it’a Murdoch rag after all but the Sun campaign is superficial.

  16. gnstr Says:

    “I think our major media outlets are failing the public, and now it’s there for everyone to see.”

    “Tonight’s episode of Panorama on BBC is nothing more than a late move to try to repair what is clearly a broken and corrupt public funded media giant. Ofcom licenses have been pulled for less.”

    as Entwistle, then Director of Programming at the BBC, was also the man who allegedly pulled the BBC’s ‘Newsnight’ investigation into Savile’s unsavoury habits last Dec 2011.

    “I am concerned that when it’s all said and done, the BBC and the government are just going to have Jimmy Savile ‘done and dusted’ and maybe pin some conviction on an old employee, then close the book on what is clearly an institutional and social disease which has infected the BBC and other corridors of power in Britain”.

    very difficult matters my friend. From racism to abuse (sexual, rape and many other forms) and predatory policies against developing nations, illegal wars, some people are just corrupt to the very core. And unless the masses came up with a real challenge, which i must say is very unlikely, seeing what’s at stake, unfortunately.the sordid cycle will continue.

  17. James Says:

    Right on the money, but its not just the BBC they are all at it. Our main stream meadia are now just the propoganda arm of a Terrorist, Racist, Criminal, Paedophile, Genocidal, Satanic, Insestuious, ruling elite, going right to the top, and they have their special plans for us also.

    The so called television presenenters/personalities, etc who are suposed to be the cream of the crop have, but have no idea what’s going on, yet it’s common knowledge around the world. Their stupidity beggers belief, but it’s more likely to be desperation for fame and an imoral buck. The sooner people wake up to this fact, the better. These people are not what they profess to be and they’l say and do anything they are asked to, as long as their gravy train keeps on rolling down the tracks, splattering us as they go. They Don’t Care!!!!!!

  18. carl Says:

    James you are right , it goes all the way to the top because the whole world is in darkness . This darkness is in the worship of Lucifer and the lust of money , power ! From the British Royals , the Pope ( black and white ) , Military , the police forces , fraternal orders in schools , Skull and Bones , the Bush family , boy scouts , brotherhoods , political powers in the US and GB and around the world , the sports world , Hollywood and Dollywood , the bankers , the lawyers , the Rothschilds ,the Rockerfellers , all the women with the spirit of Jezebel , wheew, where does one stop ? Cameron and Clegg ? well , they are players in this pedoplile thing as well because they were in the fraternal order of their schools , whether it be Eton or Oxford . Drugs and alcohol ruins a mans mind . In Gen.3o ;37-43 , the pealed poles ; will this work on man ? No , but it is working through tel-e-vision . The Royals ,MI-5/6 and the CIA are the biggest drug pushers in the world , for how else are they going to control the sheep and lock them up . I can see that i could go on but enough said for now .

    • James Says:

      It explains why everything is backwards, once you realize that, it all starts to make sense, Re, Why whistle blowers are crucified when they are trying to bring about change for the better, why they take form the poor and give to the rich, why 30,000 children go missing a year, (that’s an industry) in our country alone and nobody goes to prison for it, why we are paying through the nose for energy, when they can produce it for nothing and eliminate pollution, why they have made growing plants that can cure, illegal, while selling a degenerate body and brain destroying beverage on virtually every corner. The list of action they take against us to keep us in the dark ages (because that is where we still are) and in ill health, is endless and if anyone becomes a serious threat to their paradigm, they kill them or conspire to make them un-credible, Everything is Backwards!!!

  19. will Says:

    some wonderfull comments there, how nice it is to see people finaly waking up to the criminal elite and there agenda, my own brother has just had to witness his abusers walk free with a suspended sentance and £1000 fine even though they went not guilty to start with, 25 years of torment for him and a thousand pound fine for them, and it doesnt surprise me that ken clark is up to his neck in it, the very man that thinks we need spying on, all our internet movements i.e face book etc, if anyone should be spied on its that peodophile sympathiser, your a disgusting man clark and your not fit for office.

  20. Sue Says:

    Normally I’d agree. Go to the police and get a solicitor on board. However, I’m beginning to think there isn’t a single institution we can trust in this country.

    If you’re naming high profile people you’re likely to come in for some flak yourself, apart from any legal suit they try and shut you up with. Link up with another investigative journalist or two – people you can trust and who can blow a whistle if needed. Have evidence in more than one place. I’m sure more competent people than I can give you further advice .. but plan. And take care.

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  22. Ben Fellows: ‘Murdoch Newspaper Protects Pedophiles, Child Abusers’ – Secrets of the Fed Says:

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  23. Aaron L Says:

    Ben Fellows you are brave and I advise you to go immediately to the police and have your statement properly recorded. If you do not then the Paedophile protecting powerful elite will quash your accusations and try to tear you down. In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s there was an organisation that uncovered the PIE (Paedophile Information Service) that organisation head worker was Mary Whitehouse. She and her panel worked tirelessly to bring attention to adverts and tv programmes that were sexualising the young. I was disgusted to see Harriet Harman standing in Parliament and pretending to care about the welfare of children when she was the secretary of the PIE who’s purpose is to normalise child and adult sexual relationships and outlaw the age of consent.
    If you watch British television at any time of the day you will see something sexual. I saw a perfum advert at 9am in which the actress was doing a partial slow strip-tease to the background music of “Je Taime”. This is at time when pre-school children are watching children’s tv.
    In light of the atrocious Paedophile Jimmy Savile, on yesterday’s BBC 1 children’s programme the 2 girls fans aged 9 years and big fans of 1 direction pop group were being taking to meet the band. Where was this? To the bands dressing room! The same dressing room once belonging to JS no doubt. Talk about the BBC being insensitive and practically smiling in the face of serious allergations.

  24. James Says:

    Very sorry to hear about your brother, but i’m sorry to say, it dosen’t suprise me. I’ve been banging on about this stuff and a lot more for years now. Perfectly sane people, who complain about their everyday hardships, who i’ve tried to put in the picture, to why this stuff is happeneing to them, can’t be bothered and i’m afraid in most cases that is what is going on. They want the likes of you and me to sort it out, take all the flak and then benefit from our endeavours, while they secretly think we are crazy for what we are saying and doing. The amount of times I’ve been told, to just to look after myself, makes me feel very despondent, because that’s exactly what they are doing, when in reality it’s the total opposite, but they cant see it, dont want to, or think they are not going to be around when the dooda really hits the fan. I have news for them, it already has, we are living it.

  25. Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke – You Are Not Free To Tell The Truth | Says:

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  26. Trisha Says:

    Ben, Go public, what is stopping you? Hold a press conference on live television.

  27. James Says:

    Ben is at this very moment “Kicking Bottom” on the UK Column, anyone who doubts his story, just needs to watch the replay when it is posted..


    […] […]

  29. carl Says:

    To those of you telling Ben to speak up , he has and now it is your turn . What i said before , is the truth . So what are you going to do ? Are you still going to those churches , support these Royals , support the house of commons /lords , while these pedophiles , these worshippers of Lucifer are getting ready too abuse your children and even sacrifice them to Satan on this Halloween . I bet you will dressup your children as little devils ,demons and gobblins and send them out to get a treat , while the sceams in the darkness will not be heard . You’re right , we all have done it , but once i have come into the truth and realize it , i go with it . What about you or is the traditions of men , that which you have become so soul tied to and you will not change ? Perhaps you just don’t care .

  30. James Says:

    To be honest i have a really bad feeling about all this, if they can’t contain the damage, i think this may eventually kick something really major off. It will be a case of eat or be eaten, and if you think they are going quietly, you may just need to think again, because this goes right to the top. The police and maybe more, need to move now, as this stuff in different guises, is being seen for what it is around the world and that errodes their power.

    For goodness sake, start at the top, we know who they are, they have even written books telling us what they are doing. How much more proof is needed before these scumbags taste a little of what they dish out to everyone else on the planet. Yes we do need FEMA camps, for them, as there are countless thousands of them, maybe that’s something they may just have overlooked. Wouldn’t that be the supreme justice.

  31. carl Says:

    Don’t worry James ,you want to know more of me ; go on Peter Eyre , where Tony Blair said he would do the same thing again . To you Ben , have faith in and of the Son of God .

    • James Says:

      Thanks for that Carl, will check it out. Just to say, i’m not really worried, what will be will be, i’m mainly frustrated and dissapointed with the lack of action from those wonderful chaps in the police. I keep hearing how wonderful they are, but nothing ever happens, i think they are trying to emulate the boiling frog method. Also their handcuffs seem to stop working the higher they go up the power structure, I’ll do it for them, if any of them are reading this.

  32. carl Says:

    I understand what you are saying James very well . and please forgive me for what i said, for it is not about me , but the Lord God and it is his calling not mine . Ben is one of the lucky ones , for most go on and abuse others . Those people that i talked about are part of the NWO and it will not come to fruitation , but for sure , there are tough times ahead . Probably will be awhile for i get back to this post .

    • James Says:

      Nothing to forgive and i think i have finally worked some of the answer out. If god has an ego, we are in trouble. The lies we have been taught have pushed him out, while the others still worship their master.

      • carl Says:

        Just came back to say hi ! This pedophile thing is big but don’t get stuck on the same song and miss the BIGGER things that they are planning for the sheeple . Make sure you understand these people worship Lucifer and are children of the Devil , and are possessed of Demons , becaused they chose to be ! Do understand the Ethereal Realm and the power that Christ has given us to combat such things .

      • James Says:

        Bang on Carl

  33. unlimitednow Says:

    The Cover-up is a great a scandal as the abuse The police are concealing the evidence and silencing the investgators

  34. High-Level Executives Suddenly Dumping JP Morgan Stock En-Masse « paulthepaperbear Says:

    […] […]


    […] I’ve Named Names But They’ve Buried My Story […]

  36. John Sivorn Says:

    There isn’t an editor who hasn’t known much of this stuff for years. I don’t want Glitter etc. I what all those men who hid behind Margaret Thatcher, Heath, Major, Blair etc. Those in the House of Lords. the Church, civil service, the courts and judiciary and most of all the media barons who keep their dirty secrets in exchange for favours. I want democracy back…….

    • Jonathon Sings Says:

      But John, herein lies the dilemma: all the institutions you have named are the very bedrock on which democracy is built and depends (and sustains). Political evils are born of democracy, because it is a deception, mired in elite power-relations which are corrupt to the core, and give rise to such perverse desires. (And I am no Marxist). The democracy you yearn for never went away; the difference is, that the that rot that was once so skillfully concealed is now yielding, due to the access to information that computer technology is facilitating. In this respect, democracy shall eat itself: it contains the seeds of its own destruction…

  37. unlimitednow Says:

    Ken Clarke is also mentioned as covering up for paedophiles in this article JUSTICE DENIED: Andrea Davison, Jimmy Savile, SERCO and How it all…





  40. xmaseveeve Says:

    God is a character in a book. He doesn’t exist. Could you please pass up a perceived opportunity to prostelytise and leave ‘God’ out of this? I should think you’d have more shame, after all the paedophiles who are in the clergy.

  41. carl Says:

    Here in is a truth and i will tell it to the English , where it is more seen and visiable . Anglo saxon , sax sons . well Isaac’s sons ,Esau and Jacob are both in England . God said of one , I loved and to the other I hated . The ones that are now ruling are the ones that God hated and they have everlasting Hatred for the one that God loved . This truth can be said of the USA and all contries , if applied in spiritual thought . NOW, the english are part of the lost sheep of the House of Israel , but only one part ! The irish , french ,germans , russians , french canadians and maybe those of spain are also of the House of Israel (and many more) The House of Israel did not like the House of Judah and since the House of Israel was divided it did not stand ! Those that are calling themselves Jews , but are not , are those that are ruling over you and are the ones that hates the one that God loved . Pedophilia and homosexual is nothing but pure Sodomy and no nation or person will stand that promotes such . I myself , was surprised to learn that such things were going on in a small town that i live in such a LARGE way . The media (in any form) is pushing the flesh to destroy the ones that God loved , just as the Serpent did in the garden of Eden .In simple terms this is the truth , but we have a BIG problem with this today . The heads of all places of power are Sodomites in one form or another … period !!

  42. Says:

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  43. Says:

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  44. carl Says:

    You are doing well Ben , this site is growing or branching out , should i say . If you want me to accuse the Royals of Sodomy … I do.If you want me to say they are whores , they are because they worship false gods. If you want me to accuse them of murder, I do because they murdered princess Diana . This family are impostors and there is no connection to the Windsors that rule . All the pomp is pure bullshit , period . If Cameron wants war ,put him in uniform and send him to the middle east ,WITHOUT bodyguards and on the way over get a few from the US as well . You people of Emsworth , come out of the church of England for Dr. Williams is a Druid , a false witness and is leading the flock to damnation. What more should i say , i ask you ?

  45. adeybob Says:

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