Tom Watson Confirms Police Investigation into Downing Street Underway

Tom Watson MP

I cannot give much more detail until the police have been given more time to investigate whether evidence still exists from the mid-nineties, but here is what I can say.

Last week I was contacted by a former child protection specialist who for some years, had been concerned that a wider investigation regarding the activities of convicted paedophile, Peter Righton was not fully investigated.

He contacted me because he knew I had spoken out in the Murdoch scandal. Over the years, he had lost faith in the ability of politicians to get to the truth. The last time he contacted an MP was in 1994. The MP promised to follow up the case but nothing came of it.

The central allegation was that a large body of material seized in the raid on Righton’s home had not been fully investigated. Though Righton was the subject of a BBC profile in 1994 [I think this is the date] “The Secret Life of a Paedophile”, little had been done to follow up the leads from the case. A specialist unit in Scotland Yard had the material which supplemented a wider investigation into organised paedophile rings in children’s homes.

Over the last few days I have spoken to two other child protection specialists who share the concern of the gentleman who contacted me.

I’ll say more when I can but this may not be for some time…

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2 Responses to “Tom Watson Confirms Police Investigation into Downing Street Underway”

  1. Ray Says:

    Tom Watson is no different from the rest of them. During the Leveson Inquiry he was just a mouth peice for that real peice of work and bestest buddy, Gordon Brown. In this instance he is most probably just a control the oposition agent. Exactly the same as is happening with Lord Faulkner, its a tried and tested method. What they don’t say, is what gives them away, not all the noise they make. Ask him about 7/7 and see what you get, come to that, ask all of them about 7/7. They all swim around in the same cesspit, acting out a play, its a game to them, but deadly for us.

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