Another Dead Conviction? Thatcher’s Top Aide Named Again in Downing Street Paedophile Ring

The politician implicated in an alleged child sex ring at 10 Downing Street was Sir Peter Morrison, one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest advisers, IBTimes UK can reveal.

Of course, no one claims to know anything about Sir Jimmy Savile and his under-aged victims. How convenient.

Morrison was the mystery “senior aide” MP Tom Watson alluded to at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs). Watson’s allegation of a paedophile ring close to Downing Street stunned the House of Commons.

Morrison was a Conservative politician who acted as Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary while she was prime minister. He also masterminded her failed bid to hold on to the leadership in 1990.

Morrison left office in 1992 and died in 1995.

The sexual tastes of the prime minister’s trusted adviser were an open secret in some quarters but were concealed by a police cover-up and threats of libel by Morrison himself, according to a former editor of the Sunday Mirror, Peter Connew.

Simon Heffer wrote in the Daily Telegraph in 2009: “At least one member of Mrs Thatcher’s first cabinet was homosexual. Her last parliamentary private secretary, Sir Peter Morrison, was a constant trial to the whips, who were afraid that his late-night cruises around and skirmishes in Sussex Gardens would come to the attention of the press.”

Connew told IBTimes UK that he saw first-hand how efforts to name and shame Morrison were hampered.

Morrison, the MP for Chester, was arrested more than once for pestering young boys in public toilets for sex, said Connew. When police officers tried to charge him, the cover-up began.

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15 Responses to “Another Dead Conviction? Thatcher’s Top Aide Named Again in Downing Street Paedophile Ring”

  1. ADC Says:

    See Tom Watson’s blog: it is NOT Morrison

    The Independent reported that it had been told (presumably by Watson himself) that it wasnt Ted Heath either.

    The only other name in the frame is a former Tory treasurer. There has been no denial from Watson that it’s him. Make of that what you will.

    Of course, the fact that Watson wasn’t referring to Morrison doesn’t mean the other information about him is false.

  2. Daisy Says:

    I wish MPs would have the cojones to come out straight away with names, who are they protecting?! Why have they protected these paedophiles *knowingly* for so many years?! It only serves to discredit the whole government and, will ultimately backfire on the whole ‘Boys Club’ because real journalists, instead of focusing their efforts on one targeted individual, are now investigating a network of MPs engaged in sick abusive acts or those ‘facilitating’ and involved in its systematic cover-up. Come out with names now!

  3. sven Says:

    All this is part of the plan, as i see it, the Iranian channels have been taken of euro satellites, with the Satellites blaming the european authorities, and the european authorities saying the Sat owners were to blame, someone is lying. The Sa-Vile thing is about control, making sure that those in the public domain,that might complain about a war with Iran stay silent and complicit. Parliament and the Media are riddled with Sa- Vile types, 300 hundred and counting victims and not only did the BBC cover it up the rest of the media did with help from the police. All this brought out now and so far only dead ones with the media complicit in the promotion that all this was yester-year. BOLLIXS (latin-legal)

  4. British Thatcher aide accused of child abuse | Dear Kitty. Some blog Says:

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  5. withheld Says:

    Freund K, Watson Dept of Sexology, Institute of Psychiatry, Toronto,Ont
    Using phallometric tests to calculate the proportion of pedophiles among various groups of sex offenders & taking into consideration reported mean numbers of victims per offender group, the ratio of homosexual to heterosexual pedophiles was calculated to be 11:1. This suggests the proportion of pedophiles among homosexual persons is 11 times greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually.

  6. (2012) Conservative M.P. Sir Peter Morrison -Paedophile Named in the Downing Street Paedophile Sex Ring | ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE Says:

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  7. mymouths2big Says:

    This suggests the proportion of pedophiles among homosexual persons is 11 times greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually.
    Well, after the accusations of homophobia errupt the question that we should be asking, is whether promoting gay adoptions is putting children at risk?
    Or, should we ignore this warning, rather than hurt the sensibilities of the gay community?
    It’s a hard choice in the even harder world of reality checks.

  8. Vera Scanlon Says:

    They Dont come clean because like the Saville affair it will escalating into a major fiasco . Causing major controversy in all areas of parliament.. Its like the fiddling of their expenses… We always knew it was going on But PROVING it was another thing..Now whistle-blowers will loose their jobs if they blow the whistle on their behaviour. These latest attacks on WORKERS RIGHTS are another way of silencing the folk in the know

  9. unlimitednow Says:

    They have been trying to silence those who investigated the Tory paedophile ring

  10. northsider Says:

    Paedophilia is how the New World Order retains control of politics: it’s a very simple process – the banksters use their minions to promote politicians who have guilty secrets. These guys may or may not be paedoes themselves but at the very least they are complicit in covering up the paedo crimes of others. The media then take great care to suppress all info about paedoes in the establishment but simultaneously whip up mob hysteria about individual cases of paedophilia among the general population – which serves to warn the guilty pols of the wrath that awaits them if they are ever exposed. This fear makes the pols totally obedient to the bankers on just about every issue. For instance there’s a very credible rumour that many Nulabor MPs were blackmailed into supporting the Iraq War by threats to expose their viewing of child porn. By the way, the very last episode of Yes Minister contains a very interesting scene where Hacker is urged by two party grandees to run for PM because the spooks have info that both the other candidates have dark secrets – the grandees hint fairly strongly to Hacker that in the case of one of them the secret is paedophilia. When I bought a combined DVD of both Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister this very significant episode was not on either disc.

  11. AP Theory Says:

    I’ve started a blog exploring hidden messages, clues, references in coogans work, quite interesting.

    I deff agree that these rings are used by the elite to control and manipulate people in power

  12. buster Says:

    I watched that episode and the allegation against one candidate was fraud and the other was that he was using the “horizontal jogging” with a shady lady from Argentina who was possibly a security risk. Paedohilia never came into it.

  13. Rumplestiltskin Says:

    As already said elsewhere – ‘yet another interred name who can’t answer for themselves who’s implicated in this sorry state of affairs’. Is there an argument for enlisting the good offices of a reputable medium to see what these ‘implicated dead names’ have to say for themselves?

  14. Christopher Carrie Says:

    I respond to ‘Rumplestiltskin’ basically you ask is there an argument for enlisting a medium to allow the dead-ped’s their say.
    Possibly in the case of Jimmy So-vile it may work given he pretty much told anyone listening that rumpy-pumpy with underage girls floated his boat, So-vile was an exception to the rule.
    The norm is a paedophile will pass through the gates of hell still protesting their innocence. I searched for and found my abuser Fr John Tolkien. Along with his celebrity and other accolades he was a predatory paedophile catholic priest. As an adult I set out to find and confront Fr Tolkien with the harm he’d caused to so many boys lives. I was good at what I did having served my apprenticeship in my uncles private investigation bureau. Following my button holing Fr Tolkien in an Oxfordshire village church he reluctantly agreed to carry on the conversation at his home. I covertly recorded the meeting during which he positively incriminated himself in past crimes of sexual abuse against boys. My having had the temerity to record the conversation saved me from possibly my own arrest plus standing trial on charges of attempted blackmail. Not knowing his words had been recorded Fr Tolkien unleashed his lawyers on me the following day, once they got wind of the recording they upped sticks and retreated to the long grass. Ultimately the West-Midlands police used the recording to arrest Fr Tolkien, then forward his case of abusing a number of boys to the Crown Prosecution Service. Following years of distraction by the Tolkien Estate’s law firm Manches LLP he was considered unfit to stand trial due on grounds of ill health. Regardless of his state of health he still managed to publicly deny ever sexually abusing any child for a number of years. During the time Fr Tolkien was under investigation paedophile catholic priests were popping up everywhere possibly a consequence of the publicity surrounding Tolkien’s case. Arrests and trials were in abundance; following conviction and imprisonment not one of them ever admitted their guilt.

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