Strange and Connected Events This Week

Strange events are afoot…

Millionaire Iraqi-British family gets slaughtered in France.

The British head of Exxon-Mobile gets hit in Belgium this week. CNBC runs story of spire law firms 43 trillion dollars lawsuit against banks and politicians in the U.S. to return money to U.S. Treasury. The next day, the 2 and 6 year old children of Kevin Krim (who is the senior vice-president of CNBC digital) were repeatedly and savagely stabbed to death. Now CNBC has scrubbed the story about the lawsuit.

I’m not saying these things are connected but, it seems like some people feel like they can get away with anything right now…

What’s happening?


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3 Responses to “Strange and Connected Events This Week”

  1. Ray Says:

    This stuff is insane, to be honest i think the time to put all this to bed, was when Kennedy was assasinated. What we are living through now is the price. The longer it takes to put right, the higher the payment in lives.

  2. Carl Jones Says:

    Look, I don`t think are closely connected, but they are part, or should I say, a symtom of the total system.

    The NWO is morphing into the next stage of whereever its going.

    Remember the murder of Italian spy Nicola Calipari? Check it out. Calipari discovered that Iraqi war lords who were murdering coalition forces and that these Iraqi war lords were being funded and briefed by Western intelligence.

    Remember the military officer who was thrown from a high floor of a NATO building.

    Remember the murder of Dr David Kelly? The WMD dossier saga was much, much bigger than the MSM acknowledges. Its my belief that Sir Richard Dearlove was running BBC Radio 4 Today journalist Andrew Gilligan. Dr Kelly was not Gillgan`s source. in fact, the BBC maintained that Kelly was not their source until Kelly was found dead. Only then did the BBC change its story.

    So how are these linked?

    Let me tell you another story: David Shayler was an MI5 officer who passed on secrets to the press. He was hounded by the state and all this was in the run up to the illegal Iraq invasion. Now, I don`t know if Shayler was in on it, unlikely, but its my view that Shayler and his terrible treatment, was a warning shot to anyone who thought about breaking cover over Iraq.

    And another story with a fact that is overlooked by the MSM GCHQ code breaker Gareth Williams went to work for MI6 and was sent to the US….clearly, the Amerikans didn`t have anyone with enough brain power. For the US to seek outside help is remarkable and clearly, Williams saw something that he couldn`t be allowed to live with. GW was groomed. He had to call his landlady and husband to free his from his bed. His hands were outstretched and tied to the bedposts…so tight he could not move. In order to do this on ones own, requires loose knots, so you put one over one bedpost and tighten and then you do the other, but this can`t be done so its arm span tight, as he was found. Somebody must have tied those knots and left. Of course GW was embarrased, but he couldn`t say who was in the room when he was tied, especially if it was someone he knew and from GCHQ or MI6. The thing here, is “witness creation” and this is done in order to create his fetish and to deter his family from making too many waves. MI6 has offered the police zilch help in catching his killers.

    No matter what area you look at, things are straining at the seems and people either know too much, or are breaking cover and there is a huge global posturing going on.

    These are the fear and control mechanisms being used or have been used in the UK. Organised elite paedophilia, MP`s expenses…MI6 must have give The Telegraph the nod to publish. Phone hacking…ok, loads of celebs are making a noise and taking dirty payoffs and a few politicians are unhappy, but the fact is, most victims are laying low. Because whatever they were uoto, they don`t want it coming out…now that is control. Now we have Savile which covers the entire MSM/entertainment business….Jacko liked young boys, allegedly, but he also blamed the Jews on Wall Street for the designed financial collapse and as his rehearsal at the O2 went so well, the NWO decided to take Jacko out, because his concerts would have given him a huge platform to shout his mouth off. Afterall, Jacko was doing this for the money. Jacko`s last global stiring was The Earth Song and that had a huge impact.

    The NWO has a huge problem with celebs. On one hand the pacify the moronic masses and on the other, they can become loose cannons. Boyzone star Stephen Gately was a conspiracy theorist who wasn`t scared of sharing his opinions….was he accidented??

    • Ray Says:

      And that’s the short list. If they can get away with murdering the president of the United States, then the world is the oyster.

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