ALL TRICK, NO TREAT: Happy Halloween From Your Ruling Elite…

This bunch see themselves as the rightful rulers of the planet, and your masters of reality.

Now that’s scary.

Bush pumpkin line discontinued this year – for not being scary enough.

But now the masks are off it seems, and criminal behaviour has become an open sport – where the perpetrators are not even concealing their acts and selfish motives. This is the golden age of state-sanctioned crime. All trick, no treat.

Don’t be shy, tell us which is face is most frightening, in the comment section below…


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17 Responses to “ALL TRICK, NO TREAT: Happy Halloween From Your Ruling Elite…”

  1. Joanne Murison Says:

    now that is really frightening

  2. Jezawix Violet Says:

    I’d say Tony Blairs MOOBS!!! 🙂 *shudder….

  3. 21st Century Wire Says:

    Nick Clegg, camping it up in Renaissance gear… possibly on his way to Torture Garden?

  4. Carl Jones Says:

    Which is the most frightening? None of the above. Sorry, I know the question relates to the pictures, but they are just the NWO`s foot soldiers, they die off and get replaced. I am frightened by the people who never get mentioned in the MSM and the ones who aren`t listed in the Sunday Times rich list or the Forbes rankings.

    Most of the above are just order takers. And I`m sorry if that`s comes over as negative.

  5. nick lewis Says:

    I don’t scare easily but you can see the devil in em all.

  6. Greg Fernandez Jr. Says:

    Bush still has the scariest face

  7. Greg Fernandez Jr. Says:

    I still say Bush is the scariest, and as u look at the older bushes it just gets scarier and scarier. I’m shocked they discontinued the bush pumpkin.

  8. Ray Says:

    None of them are scary, just look at them, they couldn’t frighten the skin off a rice pudding. What’s scary, is why they are not all behind bars, that’s what scares me.

  9. Chris Says:

    Love love the Pope shot. Quite fetching!

  10. ALL TRICK, NO TREAT: Happy Halloween From Your Ruling Elite… | Says:

    […] Read the rest @ 21st Century Wire […]

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