DOUBLE STANDARDS – Guest Patrick Henningsen speaks out about Press TV now banned in Europe

Press TV’s top current affairs show ‘Double Standards’, invites 21st Century Wire’s Patrick Henningsen on the program to discuss the hypocrisy and censorship by the European Commission and the UK’s Ofcom regulator for banning Press TV’s global news channel from European satellite and cable broadcasting. When it comes to broadcaster integrity, networks like the BBC and CNN should have their licenses revoked for reporting fake news and covering up internal investigations into criminal activity…


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4 Responses to “DOUBLE STANDARDS – Guest Patrick Henningsen speaks out about Press TV now banned in Europe”

  1. essential-intelligence Says:

    PressTV is a state sponsored propaganda channel owned and funded by the Nazi Ayatollah regime in Tehran, which has often peddled racist blood libels based on verified lies. They have all the integrity you’d expect from Goebells. Sorry, not our idea of “alternative media” . It would be best if both CNN\BBC and PressTV would be thrown to the trash bin of history which is the right place for them all. So , Kudos to Ofcom for a nice move. Lets hope Ted Turner and his vile kind will be next in line to fall.

  2. Randa Says:

    PressTV has integrity, as does the Great Nation of Iran and it was wonderful to see Patrick Henningsen speak. Here in central New Hampshire I am so grateful to a man like Henningsen who I find to be incredibly eloquent.

    The frankenstorm just missed us here, and although I don’t do television I swear not a word I’m hearing from mainstream media has a smidgen of truth about what happened and what is happening in NYC.

    The storm was a fricken human sacrifice, and guess who (unlike USA government) has offered aid?

    The Great Nation of Iran.

  3. Randa Says:

    So welcome, Patrick. So welcome.

    You and Afshin should have a show together on PressTV. Man that would be a beauty ~ his humor to temper your intense realism would be a fantastic Light to this world of darkness.

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