Did Paxman and BBC bottle it with pedophile report for Newnight tonight?

21st Century Wire says: The public were expecting a major political figure to be outed on Newsnight tonight, certainly there was enough hype beforehand with BBC joint investigator from the BIJ Iain Overton, and C4’s Michael Crick both Tweeting “if all goes well…” ballad, but sadly, nothing happened. Why?

Piers Morgan Tweeted that Paxman should “grow a pair”, but we are not surprised if the BBC bottled this one, not least of all because the Beeb is currently at the mercy of Downing Street who will keep its premier propaganda outlet on a short leash from now on. Anyway, that’s a bit rich coming from a career coat hanger like Piers.

There are some early reports of a Super Injunction being slapped on Newsnight’s desk at the 11th hour to protect a certain elite’s name from being soiled, but we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow…

Some big names have been thrown around in the run-up to tonight’s broadcast – Lord McAlpine’s name was certainly trending on Twitter, as were others. But the reality is that this pedophile scandal and cover-up isn’t just about one or two high-profile names – it’s really about dozens of high-profile names, including royals, along with hundreds of other celebrities, financiers, civil servants, police and judiciary. The horrible reality that the establishment do not want the public to see: Savile is the tip of a massive iceberg.

HERE’S THE KICKER: One has to really begin to question the system: Government, Police and the BBC – who have already spent millions and deployed (we are told) massive resources to get to the bottom of the paedophile rings, only to come up with one arrest… the Cambodian child harvester known affectionately as… Gary Glitter.

Interestingly, McAlpine’s name has already been mentioned and linked to other previous investigations including some digging by MI5’s Andrea Davison, which you can read for yourself…

Andrea Davison, Savile, SERCO and Child Abuse, Covert Arms Shipments and Government Fraud

Details have immerged  from Court Documents and colleagues about  ex spy  Andrea Davison,   who fled the UK in July 2012 after years of persecution by the British Authorities.

Continuing the persecution  DC Robinson of the   Derby Police recently told Andrea Davison’s stalker, internet troll Gordon Bowden,  where she was.   The Derby Police   told him  she living in  Argentina and was not, as widely speculated,  in the Ecuador Embassy  with Julian Assange.

Internet troll of note and police informer Gordon Bowen of Derby

Andrea  was well known in Parliament and in the Media as a superlative investigator into covert arms deals, financial corruption and paedophilia in the Police and the Government.  She rose to notoriety   during the 90’s when she was at the forefront of exposing the Conservative Government’s  secret and illegal arms deals to Iraq.  Working with the strange and enigmatic Spy Frank Machon  she was given  thousands of documents to prove the covert supply line and sent on a mission to expose to the Labour party that the Conservative Government was selling arms to Iraq and Iran.

Spy, or ex-Spy? Agent Andrea Davison pictured on camping trip.

During the first Gulf war Andrea had been  dropped behind enemy lines on other  secret missions. The  flights went  from RAF  Valley air base in Anglesey North Wales which is close to her home and  now has a famous Airman stationed Prince William. She and  her  group used SAS bases in Iraq without their knowledge and went deep into Iraq to take out traitors working for the Iraqis and to meet up  with their own agents.  During these missions her Thyroid was damaged by coming into contact with the Chemical and  Biological weapons deployed  on the Iraqi front lines.  Damage to the Thyroid effects every cell in the Body  and is a creeping  disease which, without medication,  slowly debilitates and then kills.

Around this period Andrea also found time to  work tirelessly  to expose pedophiles in the the Police  and in  the Government such as Peter Morrison…

Read more at: Justice Denied


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23 Responses to “Did Paxman and BBC bottle it with pedophile report for Newnight tonight?”

  1. fred Says:

    What a load of rubbish. At no point did anyone say they were going to name this person.

  2. Another Dead Conviction? Thatcher’s Top Aide Named Again in Downing Street Paedophile Ring « 21st Century Wire Says:

    […] RELATED: Did the BBC and Paxman Bottle it Again with latest paedophile Newnight report? […]

  3. Carl Jones Says:

    This is like the North Atlantic full of Amerikan and Russian subs. Both sides know they are there, but making contact exposes others. As soon as this government wheel is exposed, just about everyone who was ever linked to him will have to be questioned.

    I said this before on here…the judge never believed Ian Huntley`s account of what took place in his house with the two Soham girls. Why did Huntley take on two girls?? How common is it to take on two girls??

    Soham took place just before the illegal invasion of Iraq…the burnt bodies of both girls were found just outside the high security fence at RAF/USAF Lakenheath. The fence had just been upgraded. How did Huntley…if he did it, or was working alone, how did he move the bodies and set fire to them when the fence has high end CCTV????

    Finding the bodies, why didn`t the police logically take their inquiry onto the base?? US military forces have a high incidence of rape and sexual abuse??

    At around the same time, the Fed`s sent the UK police a seXFiles dossier with 5000 names. The UK press said the list contained the names of MP`s, Ministers, police and judges!! The Fed`s offered to pass on second seXFiles dossier and this was announced as a bit of a joke. It appears that Amerika blackmailed the UK establishment to support the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    Its amazing that MI5 and MI6 can remain totally detached from the MP`s expenses, phone hacking…were the press working for MI5/6, elite paedopfile rings like Dumblane and the designed financial collapse. How do so many elite paedopfiles work in the HoC, HoL, No10 and Whitehall? And what role does the elite education system play in grooming our mentally sick elite?? Because we have the pervs and then the rest who turns the other way. So they are all morally compromised.

    And as I`ve said before. I`ve seen a web page, several times that has now been cleaned away by NWO house keeping dpt and this page suggested that Tony Blair was cautioned by the police in connection with young boys. Is this true???.

  4. James Says:

    Hey Fred, they did roughly the same on CH4 last night also. It must be catching or there is some mass delusion going on, or maybe it’s just a conspiracy theory

    • fred Says:

      so what’s your point? nobody named this guy. newsnight uniquely got a beating, even though they went first, because some guy who didn’t even work for them directly said something that people thought meant they were going to. that’s all.

      • James Says:

        My point is, they did say they were going to spill some blood, then didn’t. It wasn’t a figment of anyones emagination. Playing with words to make people beleive one thing, when they actually mean another, is a well trodden road, that allows the slippery and moraly deficient to say and do what they want, allowing them to hide behind words and get away with it, (in their eyes), when they are pulled up.

      • fred Says:

        Hey James – “they did say they were going to spill some blood, then didn’t.” When did the BBC say they were going to name him? It never happened.

      • James Says:

        I think you will find that i didn’t mention what the BBC said, i commented on CH4. Have you any idea what these people are up to??? This paedophile stuff, is but the tip of the iceberg, although a very nasty one. if you want to talk about BBC actions, they are not just paedophile protectors/acotors, they are also invloved in mass genocide/population reduction, are an arm of the worlds most insidious terrorist organisation ever, with the biggets group of biggoted brainwashed individuals in one place. Now I’ve said something about the BBC. Why would you stick up for such an organisation????

      • fred Says:

        “My point is, they did say they were going to spill some blood, then didn’t. It wasn’t a figment of anyones emagination.”

        My point is that they (BBC or Channel 4) didn’t say anything of the kind, so bashing either of them for not doing what they never said they were going to do is to fall into the trap of the Daily Mail of turning everything into an attack on the BBC, no matter what the evidence. Although it sounds like you don’t much like the BBC anyway.

      • James Says:

        Like i said before, it’s just a play on words. They got someone else to say/imply it did they, now there’s a suprise. Read agenda 21, also “where did the towers go” by Dr judy Wood, also “Terror on the tube” by Nick Kollerstrom, watch “7/7 ripple effect” by Maud Dib, research Gladio, talk to Carl Jones on this site or get a load of Ian Crane and i have about fifty more books, documentries and documents you may be interested in, from both sides of the argument, besides what i have documented and written myself over the last four years on the poor BBC. I followed the usual complaint procedure with them for years and got nowhere, until it finally dawned. I then sent them text’s by the dozen, e-mailed them, even wrote a book and sent it to them. Nothing seems to work, they just take the Michael, while attacking/hiding behind third parties, that’s how they roll, as you have just proved yourself. The BBC are full to the brim of brown nosed, selfish, greedy, arn’t I lovely, i’m alright Jack, head up their own jacksy do as they are told cowards and i have said this to them on countless occasions, even asked them to take me to court. Yes you have a point I don’t like the BBC, i have no time for them, they are up to their necks in a lot more than paedohpilia and it’s not just them either, the rest of the main stream are at it also. You are being played, or are a player.

      • fred Says:

        I get the very strong impression the BBC were actually pretty pissed off with what Overton said, since it turned their paedo story into a ‘will they back off from naming him’ story.

      • James Says:

        Sorry you have lost me there, all i know is, there is no level the BBC will not sink to. Like i said before, it’s not just them, CH4 again tonight tried to give the impression that it’s an old problem from the seventies and eighties. The main stream media are having to be dragged kicking and screaming towards the truth and there has to be a reason. Rocket science it is not.

        Once this lot have been dealt with, maybe we can move onto the ones covering up for 7/7. There will be hardly anyone left in government. The police and judiciary should suffer major bouts of culling also.

        It goes right to the top, the very top. Basically this stuff is so bad the only real way that anyone could have got into positions of power, is if they were involved in some form of corruption, in one way or another.

        Turning a blind eye and not saying or doing anything because you are looking after your pay packet, is involvement. Giving whistle blowers a hard time is institutionalised and involvement. Putting people in prison for telling the truth, is involvement. Giving your mates with funny handshakes positions of influence to keep the status quo going. is involvement, there are many forms. Our country is as rotten as it comes. The violence we use is extreme and mainly dished out to others, in other countries. But we are not adverse to murdering our own if it comes to it, (Dr Kelly) so we can go on a murder countless more.

        I’ll stop now, but this stuff is insane.

      • fred Says:

        Well you’re entitled to your opinion, but you shouldn’t confuse it with what you know. The allegation here is that the BBC intended to name this paedo then backed down. And there isn’t a scrap of evidence to support it. You say you know the BBC will sink to any level – truth is you don’t know anything, you believe it. It’s legitimate, but it’s not the same thing.

      • James Says:

        You are good, and thanks for the laugh, but beleive me i am not confused. Go to YouTube and watch “how to destroy a 9 11 truther.” player me thinks.

      • fred Says:

        I’m put in mind of tha GK Chesterton quote. “When a man stops believing in God he doesn’t believe in nothing, he believes in anything.”

      • James Says:

        If that’s directed at me, it just shows how way of the mark you are. and you should consider that you may be wrong on this also. You’ve shot yourself in the foot a few times here, but you are tending to ignore it and you’ve explained you’re own shooting better than i could.

        They couldn’t do what they are doing without brainwashed entities, (the sheeple/useless eaters, etc, their words not mine) and the colusion of the likes of the BBC, as David Rockerfeller admitted himself.

        You may be a lot more educated than i am, but i question your intelegence and integrity. I’m done, once you question my beliefs without having a clue of what you are talking about, the laughing stops, so please don’t watse my time anymore, as you have a long way to go and need to spend the time on yourself.


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