Watch this stunning documentary – as this film crew gets exclusive access to the most isolated country in Africa, which has been victorious in recent wars against not one but two superpowers. Visits to the key historical sites of a nation with a 1,200 km Red Sea coastline across from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and talking to stakeholders about massive infrastructural investment in a nation, currently the subject of UN Sanctions. Eritrea has defied Western neoliberal economic, political and cultural agendas and our cameras record the self-sufficiency experiment that has made Eritrea one of the fastest — if not the fastest — growing economy on the planet.

Presenter Afshin Rattansi examines the complex issues that are at stake for Eritrea in its battle against U.S. hegemony — from its diverse religious heritage, the rebuilding of its health, education and urban/rural infrastructure to its cautious implementation of foreign investment strategy.



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  1. Randa Says:

    What a beautiful country. Such sweetness even exudes from its leader. This is my first thought.

    My second thought is why America (and Russia) are being so mean to Eritrea and I look at its close proximity to the Gulf of Aden. Here is an interview I heard last year about “Operation Stargate” which is at the Gulf of Aden in Yemen. For some reason I found this guy Aaron McCollum quite credible (fast forward to 12 mins):

  2. Randa Says:

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