Obama Wins Second Term, But America Remains More Divided Than Ever

21st Century Wire says…

The Washington Post called the election this morning at 5am GMT (our London Time), with the headline: ‘Obama wins second term, says ‘I’ll return to the White House more determined’.  Now that the entertainment is over – now that the world’s longest sporting event is finally over for FOX and CNN, Americans will have to go back to the day-to-day lives they managed to avoid during this latest Presidential election.

The reality bites once again, that in 2012, America remains more divided than ever in terms of wealth, in terms of values, in terms of Prozac, and in terms of tribal identity politics.

Romney seemed liked Wall Street’s ideal President, but he wasn’t ruthless enough it seems. You have to really want the power. Mitt put on a good show, but played too soft to actually win.

Obama proved that he was worthy of the banking elite’s endorsement four years ago. Remember when Obama left the campaign trail with his dancing partner John McCain in 2008, to help to spearhead the bankers’ takeover of the White House in 2008 (Bush Jr was fishing at the time), pushing through Democratic support for the first banker bailout? Obama had to do it because the Wall Street banking elite ‘made him’ in terms of his candidacy, and they could also break him too. Obama’s family connections with the Geithners didn’t hurt either, nor did Soros’ love of Obama. He proved that he could follow orders.

Obama’s campaign strap line this year was “FORWARD”, an interesting choice of word, blunt and brutal – one straight out of Mao Se Tung’s China, or Stalin’s Russia. Is this a hint of things to come?

America has never been so divided as it is today in 2012

While the US Federal government does its normal jig and cooks the unemployment figures, claiming to have “created new jobs” this quarter (McDonalds counts for most of these), Americans will once again realize that their lot has not improved over the last 8 years, and will continue to slide downhill, for the simple reason that the economy is shrinking – and not growing in the United States, depsite the empty speeches and fake stats being released by central planning in Washington. The money changers in Wall Street successfully usurped the government in Washington in 2008 and these two colluding parasitic camps, Wall Street and Washington, will continue to feed on the assets of America until they are no more, and then – and only then, might Americans wake up to realize that the current two party puppet stage show they feed from every 4 years might actually be a sham.

The Electoral Super Bowl

After watching last night’s election speeches, it became abundantly clear how mediocre both these candidates really were. One is a robot with a tie, and the other a robot with a jacket. Neither are statesmen, nor are they genuinely interested in increasing liberty for all Americans. It’s as if they found the two most ambitious guys in the Big Brother House, and forced them to fight each other to stave off eviction. We also realized again, that Obama doesn’t really possess enough true character (the President has that annoying habit of bowing to British and Saudi royalty) to share a stage with Ron Paul, luckily for him, he never had to. Again, painfully reminding the disenfranchised liberty lovers of how Paul’s own party had to resort to election fraud in both Iowa and New Hampshire(and elsewhere) in order to knock him out of the race early – or how the prostituted mainstream media redacted him from polls and coverage, or even how the Israeli Lobby in the US spent millions running anti-Paul ads in states like South Carolina, or how the establishment propped up two unelectables like Gingrich and Santorum to dilute support that would ultimately go towards Paul’s Campaign for Liberty. After watching Obama’s victory speech, we got the impression Barrack just dodged his last electoral bullet, and left wondering whether or not it was actually the Democrats, who ran the old Texas Congressman off the road last January.

Now that election is over, can Hillary Clinton please come out of hiding? Get those war drums properly beating again?

One thing is certain now – with the amount of scandals and skeletons piling up in the White House basement after four years of Democrat rule, it’s possible that Obama will not make it to the finish line in 2016 without escaping impeachment or some other legal crisis. It will be interesting to watch how this crime drama plays out.

Like with any modern democracy, for better or for worse, America will get the government it deserves.

So it’s more wars, more Guantanamo, more drones, less rights, more prisons, more foreclosures, more  stimulus, more homeless, more class warfare and more hollow rhetoric. Oh, and more golf.

Forward, march!



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8 Responses to “Obama Wins Second Term, But America Remains More Divided Than Ever”

  1. Obama Wins Second Term, But America Remains More Divided Than Ever | FIRINNEMEDIA.COM Says:


  2. Randa Says:

    Four more years of watching wonder boy taking it up the butt. Dayum.

    Four more years of Benghazi-nightmares. Four more years of the beautiful tribal people of Pakistan being blown to bits by an American president who will continue to murder and maim with impunity.

    Four more years of hell on Earth.


  3. 21st Century Wire Says:

    Four more years of talking from a teleprompter.

  4. essential-intelligence Says:

    Romney got the GOP nomination only thanks to the Ron Paul scam, exposed by us last year and confirmed shortly after the latest Bilderberg convention: http://essential-intelligence-network.blogspot.com/2012/06/ron-paul-bubble-bursts-all-over.html

    …So PaulBots can blame only themselves for the next 4 years.

  5. Al Broadman Says:

    How remarkably misleading on the facts about Obama.

    Look. I’m not happy with the progressives so called wonder boy of four years ago either simply because he was no where near progressive enough or aggressive enough with these republican terrorists who have taken over our house.

    Yes I said it……Republican terrorists. Everything that would have been good for the general welfare of the public they have blocked in the name of protecting the rich.

    You really need to stop drinking the tea party kook-aid and wake up and smell the inequality here in America.

    Disclosure – I am one of the 1% and I say as a class we suck! Well most of us do anyway.

    • Randa Says:

      What sucks is there is no difference between Republican and Democrat ~ both are equally terrorist. The first time I saw Obama’s face on a Newsweek magazine next to Hitlery when he first came out of the closet I thought, “oh my God. This man is a Satanist.” Everything he has said and done for the past 4 years has proven that initial thought. What absolutely amazes me is how you people still support him. He’s a great actor. I can forgive you for your initial orgasmic infatuation with wonder boy, but Good God, most Americans who are truly intelligent STILL reckon he is benevolent. Really?

      Wonder Boy is a reflection of most Americans ~ robotic morons who can’t read. Especially the 1%. I’ve had 2 of the 1%-ers in my face telling me to vote for wonder boy in the past week. All I can say is these people are truly illiterate. My response to one of these sociopathic morons was, “tell me what happened to Renee Obama.”

  6. Randa Says:

    America is NOT stupid:


  7. Dr Paul Craig Roberts : “…. voters don’t understand how politics really works. They get carried away with the political rhetoric and do not see the hypocrisy that is staring them in the face…. “ « Dogma and Geopolitics Says:

    […] “Obama’s campaign strap line this year was “FORWARD”, an interesting choice of word, blunt and brutal – one straight out of Mao Se Tung’s China, or Stalin’s Russia. Is this a hint of things to come?” – Patrick Henningsen, “Obama Wins Second Term, But America Remains More Divided Than Ever.” […]

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