Tory Pier Lord McAlpine break silence: ‘I did not sexually abuse anyone’

Former Conservative Party treasurer, breaks silence over internet rumours linking him to the North Wales child sex abuse case, describing them as “wholly false and seriously defamatory”

Gordon Rayner
The Telegraph

Lord (Alistair) McAlpine’s name circulated widely online after Steve Messham, a former resident of the Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham, told Newsnight he had been abused by a high-ranking Thatcher-era Tory.

After the Guardian newspaper named Lord McAlpine but reported that he had been a victim of mistaken identity, the peer released a strongly-worded statement addressing the “slurs”.

He said he had visited Wrexham “only once” and that was in the company of an agent from Conservative Central Office.
“I have never been to the children’s home in Wrexham, nor have I ever visited any children’s home, reform school or any other institution of a similar nature,” he said.

“I have never stayed in a hotel in or near Wrexham, I did not own a Rolls Royce, have never had a ‘Gold card’ or ‘Harrods card’ and never wear aftershave, all of which have been alleged.

“I did not sexually abuse Mr Messham or any other residents of the children’s home in Wrexham.”

He added: “I wish to make it clear that I do not suggest that Mr Messham is malicious in making the allegations of sexual abuse about me. He is referring to a terrible period of his life in the 1970’s or 1980’s and what happened to him will have affected him ever since.

“If he does think I am the man who abused him all those years ago I can only suggest that he is mistaken and that he has identified the wrong person.”

A local councillor who was also a victim of abuse at Bryn Estyn told The Guardian that he believed a different member of the McAlpine family may have been mistaken for Lord McAlpine.

Several sources have suggested that Mr Messham may have been referring to Jimmie McAlpine, who chaired the building firm Alfred McAlpine Ltd, and who lived in Chester, near Wrexham.

The Waterhouse inquiry into the abuse allegations recorded that, according to Mr Messham’s statement to the police, “X (the letter used to hide the identity of the McAlpine family member) had several different motor cars and would wait for him at the bottom of Bryn Estyn Lane.”

Jimmie McAlpine, who is now dead, had one of the largest private collections of cars in Britain.

Reporters covering the inquiry at the time concluded that Lord McAlpine could not be the person referred to as the abuser because Mr Messham said his abuser was dead, whereas Lord McAlpine is alive. And when a Times reporter put Lord McAlpine’s name to Messham in 1996, he said his abuser was in fact called ‘Tom’…

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11 Responses to “Tory Pier Lord McAlpine break silence: ‘I did not sexually abuse anyone’”

  1. Randa Says:

    I believe him, but to be true to his word it would be good if Lord McAlpine provided some names of the guilty. Otherwise he’s sounding a bit like a winjing pom.

  2. Randa Says:

    Sorry, I should say ~ having a winje.

  3. James W Says:

    You should be sorry, because the biggest whingers in the world are the Australians, they just like to project their inadequacies onto the English, in the main, “their ancestors.” This world is fucked up!!!!!!

    • Randa Says:

      True. (I’m a yank with an Australian passport.) I just think Lord McAlpine should be a bit more forthcoming about what (who) he knows. This is a widespread (worldwide) problem he is defending himself from being named as being a part of.

      Australians love you James, it was a yank who suggested the whinging pom problem. And trust me, we are experts at projecting our inadequacies.

      • James Says:

        I tend to beleive what Lord McAlpine is saying also, and maybe he will be a source of further information, but i bet they won’t be alive.

        Don’t worry, i know what’s going on with the Pom agenda, I’ve had quite a few enlightening moments with Australiains to that end. it’s just another devide and rule tactic and doulbes up as way of racially abusing the English, by people who don’t really understand what’s going on in the first place. Although it doesn’t make sense initialy, reality doesn’t have to, its the end result they are after.

        Like said, it’s all fucked up.

  4. Randa Says:

    Looks like there’s more than one list of the criminality taking place on Jersey:

  5. northsider Says:

    I’m surprised there isn’t more comment on alternative media regarding the McAlpine business – to me it has all the hallmarks of a brilliant psy-op. The Beeb have manufactured a storm over a false allegation and have thus helped to kill the establishment paedophile ring story (or so they and the rest of the media ardently hope). It isn’t credible that Newsnight wouldn’t have shown Measham a photograph of his alleged abuser and it isn’t credible that they wouldn’t have asked for a response from the accused. Nor is it credible that Entwhistle wouldn’t have known about the report due to go out on Newsnight. Is Entwhistle a willing fall guy – taking the hit for the team? The McAlpine “scandal” is a brilliant result for the Beeb and the rest of the MSM: not only have they ostensibly killed the establishment paedo ring story but they’ve also diverted attention from the BBC’s complicity in Savile’s crimes. Today in the Telegraph the line being peddled was: “Why do we need all these inquiries anyway – the whole establishment paedo ring story is clearly a fantasy”. How very convenient for all concerned – except the victims.

  6. James W Says:

    Absolutely, and it’s so obvious, which makes it even more depressing. Everyones playing their part as usual and the BBC are all over it, now theirs a suprise, my God it’s so see through.

    The Americans let the murder of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King slide, so have lost their country. This is at least the fourth chance (Banks, Secrect Services, Police, MP’s, Judiciary, The Press, The Bar, The Family and ultimately all of them together with the Plutocrats pulling the strings) we’ve been given to sort our country out.

    Miss this one and we may not be able to do anything about what is comming our way next and we may just deserve it, as will the greedy and week-kneed in America, for letting such brave men pay the ultimate price for nothing, not to mention 9/11.

    We are far from clean also, as we let Dianna’s/Dr Kellys murders go unpunished and have let our security services butcher our own citizens (7/7) in broad daylight, while leaving their fingerprints all over the crime scene and kindly setting up a flashing neon sign, with their forwarding address on it and a smiley face, pointing the way!!!!!

    I do realise the lack of reaction is down to brainwashing and lethargy, but an awful lot is just mindless intransigents, greed and cowardice. Maybe we do deserve to disappear up our own exhaust pipes. What sort of race just stands by and lets all this happen.

    And on that note, think from the heart and breath out.

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