Gatekeepers Attempt to Erase Pedophilia: BBC and Gov’t Operatives Still Hoping To Stop Hemorrhaging of Public Confidence

Nicholas Myra
21st Century Wire
Guest Columnist

A disturbing shift has occurred over the weekend in Britain.

A very noticeable pressure has been building against Britain’s elite establishment composed of politicians, highly paid media executives and celebrities, over the ugly issue of pedophilia and child abuse – a crime which has, for generations, been allowed to be carried out in secret.

Since Friday’s assessment of David Cameron’s most embarrassing TV challenge by seemingly harmless personality Philip Schofield, the whole national conversation is now being engineered by Downing Street and top media executives, to rotate away from Jimmy Savile and MP Tom Watson’s call for a rooting out of organized pedophilia in government – and over to protecting the allegedly fragile reputations of hereditary elites like Lord McAlpine, who according to major newspaper editors and TV pundits, have suddenly become victims of a ‘witch-hunt’ for paedophiles.

Lord McApline: “I never abused children’.

Following a rather obvious, internally staged damage control event, where the embattled BBC Director General George Entwistle went on BBC Breakfast Show and the Radio Four Live programs to fall on his sword for ‘bad journalism’ over last week’s Newsnight set-up – Entwistle resigns. Now the government are crying witch-hunt. It’s an attempt to apply a new spin to the old spin, where the public are now expected to feel sorry for Lord McAlpine and any other ‘proper person’ like him, for being accused of child abuse, or pedophilia.

This is the latest effort by Downing Street spin doctors and certain media executives and hired writers, to shut down any serious debate on paedophiles in power, and close the doors on any more fruitful external or internal investigations.

They really hope to end it here with Jimmy Savile and Sir Peter Morrison, and maybe throw in the clown Gary Glitter for good measure.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. Why? Because when it comes to its children, parents nationwide will not accept the standard government cover-up inquiry and perverting the course of justice. The nation will not let go of this issue, because it’s out there, and because 9 out of 10 plebs agree that pedophiles should be eradicated from all public institutions.

Up until this week, the major media gatekeepers were locked into a spiraling narrative which they could not escape because the implications towards the people involved threatened to entire power structure – because they are very afraid about what people will find out. In their dark world of cloak and dagger, the most coveted prize of all is dirt. It’s the most valuable form of currency behind the scenes. Newspaper editors, executives, TV producers, police, MI5, lawyers, MPs, Ministers and gangsters are constantly trafficking in information about each other in order to gain an advantage. In this black market of classified information, reports of pedophilia, child abuse – and also homosexuality, are as good as gold.

The key word here is classified.

Gatekeepers and Consensus Makers

David Aaronovitch published his column in the Times on  Thurs Nov 8, 2012, entitled, ‘Beware of a modern Salem over child abuse’. This was 24 hours before another intellectual giant, Prime Minister David Cameron went on national TV and cried ‘witch-hunt’ when ambushed by housewife pin-up Schofield. Predictably, Aaronvitch has led the charge calling for the sacking of Philip Schofield on LBC Radio. Aaronovitch also stating on air that some of the allegations against Jimmy Savile “may not be true”, quite a shocking sympathetic stance regarding the nation’s worse-ever child abuser. Pretty shocking.

Aaronovitch’s ‘witch-hunt’ is a rather hysterical claim. Yet, it’s hard to believe that the great and the good would be crying scared so much to scream “witch-hunt!”, but there you have it. If this scandal wasn’t so serious, I’d be laughing right about now.

On its surface, the new witch-hunt talking point sounds like a desperate establishment meme, from an elite criminal ring who are now in such a panic as to try and equate the very serious and documented problem of organized paedophilia operating through positions of power, in government, the media, the police – and the judiciary, with a sensational event which happened in colonial Massachusetts. No, we have stacks of forensic evidence, and police reports that prove that, unlike witches in Salem, paedophiles in British institutions do actually exist.

Rather ironically, the cause of that old Salem witch hunt was guilty men in power trying to cover-up and silence anyone who dared speak of their heinous crimes.

Paedophiles and sexual deviants in positions of power – is a reality, not a ‘conspiracy theory’, as the Times writer Aaronovitch hoped to define it, by denying it exists. Documents in the Belgium child rape and murder case pointed at the involvement of both Belgium AND Dutch politicians, judiciary and police – all taking part in the Mark Dutroux child abuse scandal, but writers like Aaronovitch will tell you that it’s just another ‘conspiracy theory’. The UK’s police and security services do have reams of evidence, but unfortunately for us the public, most of these crimes are sealed by government D Notices, while the rest are buried through internal institutional investigations.

It was also more than a little disturbing to watch how Aaronovitch is said to have spoken to “a Senior BBC journalist”, whom he claims, like Aaronovitch, was “deeply skeptical” about child abuse victim Steve Messham’s testimony. Notice how David Aaronovitch doesn’t name the journalist, but is clearly using his column to draft a conviction – for all we know, David Aaronovitch could just be making things up to spread false information – just like those pesky internet blogs he says he loathes. Anyhow, I think it’s pretty darn safe to say here that the last person I would call on would be a BBC journalist for a second opinion when it comes to child abuse cases (I cough here).

So here we have it, a senior Times columnist who appears to be using his column in a national daily newspaper to deliver his own verdict in the North Wales Child Home scandal by trying to convince the public that victim Messham’s testimony was “shaky”. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he has an ulterior motive, maybe ‘moonlighting’ as they say, but it’s really so hard to tell these days who’s who in the world of big money media.

Aaronovitch: Drafted in again to protect the establishment line.

I suppose that Aaronovitch might also be a little upset to know that fixer Sir Jimmy Savile was also acting as a go-between for Israel and Britain.

What was Jimmy up to in Israel? I can tell you this much – it’s no secret in Whitehall. That’s not a conspiracy theory by the way, and as upset as some folks might be about it, you can’t rewrite history.

Moreover, writer David Aaronovitch also made a highly questionable, and arguably insensitive, if not bizarrely inappropriate statement in the same article:

“The unattractive (because complicating) truth is that sometimes people do lie about being abused. Sometimes it’s for money, sometimes for attention, sometimes because that’s what they infer their listeners want to hear.  Or fantasy has become solidified as fact, the dream as daylight.”

Pretty shocking stuff. Aaronovitch’s statement about victims ‘fantasizing’ about their abusers, is designed to support his rather disingenuous ‘witch-hunt’ thesis, when it appears a paragraph before his own self-styled verdict on Steve Messham’s ‘shaky’ testimony, and this type of statement in the face of what is clearly a national institutional problem almost looks again like Aaronovitch has been put up to help steer public opinion completely away from a problem. His statement is Salem in reverse. Shame on you David.

Aaronovitch has a history of making some rather ridiculous statements, and then cleverly covering their own tracks.Whether defending the mythology of WMD’s in Iraq (after his pro-war campaigning for Gulf War II, he tries to cover his tracks in 2004 saying, “From the outset of the Iraq debate I was a WMD agnostic”), or defending Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, Aaronovitch has a pretty shameless record as an establishment gatekeeper, whilst touting some sort of Marxist pedigree. As a former Observer columnist, he is the classic example of a 20th century media-annointed, intelligentsia gatekeeper who typically writes a column per week, appears on the odd panel, looks to be busy by writing a few mediocre history books debunking ‘conspiracy theories’ – and somehow gets paid handsomely for it. His job it seems, is to put his own memes out there into the public conversation in order to get people thinking along received establishment wisdom. The irony here is, when it comes to opinion forming, when it’s all said and done, more people will have read our article here on this website than David Aaronovitch’s piece for the Times – thanks to Rupert Murdoch’s subscription firewall at the

Tories in Arms

Mellor: Here’s one guy who shouldn’t be calling anyone ‘weird’.

The great thing about a Tory is, they will come out to defend their own, even if it’s a bit off key. Another much celebrated (although slightly odd) Tory politician turned media intelligentsia figure, David Mellor, has also come out this weekend in support of pal Lord McAlpine to help discredit Steve Messham by labeling the abuse victim a “weirdo”. Here Mellor is joining the fight to protect the elite, but his motives are obvious. Tim Loughton, a Conservative MP has rightly pointed out that victims could now fear being “taken out to dry” by the media if they name any public figures as paedophiles – something I’m sure the Tory government would hate to have happen now.

The latest rewriting of history is underway with North Wales Child Homes latest ‘photo swap’– enter stage left, ‘Jimmy’ McAlpine, because it doesn’t take a Times reader to figure out that Steve Messham would have looked at images of McAlpine prior to yesterday, “Oops, we made a mistake”. He’s either been threatened or bribed, or both. Would this have been done if McAlpine was not guilty?

This latest establishment stunt is designed to stop the momentum of the revelations about elite involvement in Savile’s activities, and to discredit information on the internet about elites involvement paedophilia.

So Aaronovitch and Mellor’s gatekeeping on the issue of institutional pedophilia in Britain is just one example of how members of the media regularly conform, and in some cases, streamline, to Whitehall’s desired talking points on any major issue involving national security – and make no mistake here, paedophiles in government is a national security issue, just ask the Russians and the Israelis. The media, for the most part, also did this before and during, the war with Iraq. The same thing is happening with this paedophile scandal, and it should sicken the public. It’s a vile exhibition of symbiotic members of the establishment covering each others asses – figuratively, and literally.

Savile: A friend if the elite, protected by the police, the royals and media.

So Pope Entwistle has resigned (aka sacked). Big deal. A new Pope will replace him. No matter how many Director Generals they sack, no matter how many Tory heads cry “mistaken identity!”, the fact is that Sir Jimmy Savile was not working alone and the BBC are beyond guilty with their shameful cover-up. The BBC are officially a damaged brand.

Jeremy Paxman is said to be upset over Entwistle’s departure, and will probably resign next.

Could it be that the system is so corrupt it cannot be trusted to investigate itself?

I would sincerely hope that the public will be the judge of that one – and not highly paid media gatekeepers and secretive politicians.

Investigations – as well as debates on child abuse, need to be opened up, not closed down. Those who are trying to shut either of these down, are very probably covering for the guilty in power.

More and more revelations will be forthcoming. The gilded age of paedophiles could soon be over, because no matter how hard they  try, they cannot rewrite history now.


Writer Nicholas Myra is a former actor and television producer, now a community youth worker, and originally hailing from Tipperary, Ireland. Myra spends his winters in the UK and his summers touring Europe and North Africa by Harley Davidson.

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44 Responses to “Gatekeepers Attempt to Erase Pedophilia: BBC and Gov’t Operatives Still Hoping To Stop Hemorrhaging of Public Confidence”

  1. John Says:

    Yet another public school teacher was exposed this week, this time a well-known scientist called Gerd Sommerhoff at Sevenoaks School in Kent ( – how many more are there, and how many were / are members of the Paedophile Information Exchange or whatever its modern equivalent is?

  2. James W Says:

    Isn’t is amazing, through all this there has been no mention of Scotland. Newsnight (again) a few years back tried to do a story on the situation eminating out of Scotland and i think this may be the price.

    Newsnight are being hammered for trying to do the right thing and get a story out about Jimmy Saville, (lots of Scottish connections or is he Scottish???) not for shelving it, that was the higher-up’s, It’s a case of shooting the messanger.

    And who does the BBC put in-charge of investigating it-self, BBC Scotland, basically Panorama, who are now at their heart a Scottish assasination squad. The BBC is run behind the scenes with a Scottish agenda at it’s forefront.

    Our government is run by the Scots, Cameron is a closet Scot although he professes to be English. Just check out his background, and some of what he has said, you don’t have to dig down far. Blair is Scottish, Brown is Scottish, when was last time an Englishman was in charge of England?????

    It’s not hard to work out what is going on here, when you know what it is and who is doing it. Just look at the totally unfair treatment of our students, pensioners and sick. It’s not accidental!!!!!!!

    The corridors of power are stuffed with Scots and closet Scots, lording it over the English and yet they only represent eight percent of the total population of Britain. You could do worse than checking out Scottish masonry.

    This is all part of the bigger picture, that has in part, the destruction of Britain, England has already been destroyed, we are just in the final take over stages now, they are just hammering the nails in.

    Obviously it is a lot more involved than this little rant, but i hope you get the point.

  3. Sven Says:

    i get the point, i got the point years ago that the elite are not the elite they are crooks fraudsters murderers and genocidal maniacs, You can also use to describe the illuminati, the ziionists and freemasons (or as i refer to them moronic lodgers).

    Now we have the £450,000 a full years wage as a pay off when he is actually only entitled to 6 months. So it will keep him quiet and at the same time they will shift the focus away from paedos to how much he has been paid.

    I have said all along, this is not about exposing the perverts, it is about keeping them quiet. The fake (maybe)story about McAlpine to discredit any info about other names, maybe about one in particular, a minister without portfolio. funny how that got away from the media, eh.

    They are still aching to attack Iran, and this will help keep the fake news unchallenged by the mainstream media.

    • James W Says:

      They have it all sewn, “all covered” as they keep reassuring each other.if they can get away with this, which they most robably will, Iran, Russia and China are a go, and then it’s everyone!!!!

  4. Sven Says:

    Just thought i would add, on Sky News this morning just before the new chap arrived, Eamonn Holmes was talking to a who i presume (maybe wrongly, i didn’t catch it from the start) to work for Sky news who was actually DEFENDING the BBC and the amount paid, that is just an indication of how tight they are.

  5. UNOF Says:

    Has anyone made the connection between Savile (the Zionist), his friend Peter Sutcliffe who murder victim dies yards from Savile’s doorstep in Leeds, and World Zionism (again with a huge base in Leeds). further research: World Labour Zionist Movement, Poale Zion, Masorti Europe.

    Make no mistake, they control everything in Leeds and know every detail about anything under that control. Do you think Savile operated alone? Of course not. There’s also a line to connect you to Lord Kaufman and his mates in London.

  6. sarroub mourad Says:

    Reblogged this on msarroub.

  7. Pete Says:

    Good Article Nic.

  8. johnmwwarks Says:

    I don’t know what it is about the photo at the top of this article but my father used to say something pretty queer about McAlpine years ago. Whether or not he was or was not involved or whether of not there has been a cover up of sorts. Looking at the photo next to Thacher he does look like a raving poofter, like a lot of them in Government…

  9. 21st Century Wire Says:

    BBC, Cameron, Aaronovitch – all working like greasy gears in a sophisticated Psy-Op… to achieve a certain result. Myra is spot on about Aaronovitch, he’s about the most obvious operative out there in the media.

  10. jamieb Says:

    So on 8th November Aaronovitch states “Beware a modern Salem over child abuse”
    Yet a week before he writes “If we can’t have the DJ’s head, the DG’s will do”
    Seems some witch hunts for child abusers are less important than those for media bosses….

  11. Nick11766 (@Nick11766) Says:

    Pedophiles in US/UK gov’t, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  12. Luna Says:

    I have read that Steve Messham abuse was that Lord Mc Alpine put him in a coffin like box and threw earth on it to simulate that he was being buried alive! then buggered him-the poor terrified child was traumatized. To know learn that Lord Alpine-Sorry Lord MC Alpine who father owned Mc Alpines Construction business!? It wouldn’t take much of a threat from someone as powerful as Lord Mc Alpine to Steve Messham that he may again bury him alive! There is a lot of concrete available for use when your family own one of the largest construction companies in the UK (responsable for the building of Olympics btw!)
    Good news though-I was expecting another battle in the office waking all my colleagues up but this time they got it! The boys club! The masons! The child abuse in public schools-Everyone got it! Not many are believing whats in the newspapers anymore-people are actually beginning to believe the opposite

  13. Randa Says:

    Beeb-ers jumping ship?

  14. lynn cuthbert Says:

    We all need to keep the heat on full power…they cannot get away with this for much longer !! we all know what they are and it is time to get em out of our kids way. They are monsters and we have to out them one and all. I do predict a fight.

  15. Tanesha Says:

    One might look at Rudy Giuliani, Mario Cuomo, the Rockefellers, Rudy’s children’s homes, the John Jay Police Acadamy, and what happened at the “Van Tassel” in Tarrytown, NY.

  16. northsider Says:

    A good article. I admire a lot of what David Icke does but I’m very disappointed that he doesn’t seem to have drawn the most obvious conclusion from the McAlpine Newsnight “scandal”, which is that it has been deliberately generated by the Beeb itself in order to bury the much greater scandal of the whole mainstream media suppressing info about establishment paedophile rings. Very conveniently all the breastbeating the BBC has done over the last few days about “shoddy journalism” has obscured another huge scadal – their employment of a known paedophile as a children’s presenter. It’s a classic bait and switch psy-op and contrary to what Icke implies (does he still harbour some residual loyalty to his old employer?) the evidence points overwhelmingly to both Newsnight and Entwhistle being in on the scam themselves.They clearly willingly sacrificed themselves for the greater good of globalism – taking a hit for Team NWO. Counterintuitive though it may sound, the phony McAlpine scandal has saved the Beeb’s bacon for the time being. The Savile scandal was much worse for the Beeb because it indicated complicity in paedophilia, whereas the McAlpine story can be spun as a genuine error of a “great organisation” – check out the huge number of Beeb trolls on the Guardian forums over the last few days, insisting it’s all a dastardly Murdoch plot. As for Aaronovitch – I agree with those who say he is the ultimate New World Order pressitute – you can always know the real truth on any issue by simply reversing what he says. All msm journos are creeps to some extent – but he is the very creepiest. Hence his ubiquitous presence on media panels of all kinds, from arts to politics.

  17. David Says:

    James W is correct in his comments re ‘the Scottish angle.’ As a Scot myself I am thoroughly ashamed about the part in this vile mess played by Scots politicians, law industrial workers – like the police, and the so-called judiciary. Add to this list the rich and powerful – and bingo ! You rightly now begin to see the Scottish angle. We are a small country who have access to great power via Scottish rite freemasonry – and just look at the fearful condition we contribute to both the UK and the world.

    • James W Says:

      Thank goodness for that David, Good on ya. I was starting to think i was the only one who could see this picture. The BBC have put the very organisation that are behind most of the problems, in-charge of the investigation. It just smacks of a set up and possibly a chance of getting rid of any remaining obstacles in the Newsnight team, (if there are any left). It’s all smoke and mirrors with copious amounts of Bull-Shit!!!!!

  18. Mashj50 Says:

    OK I am getting tired of reading all this information it’s so bloody obvious what is going on the C***S in power are going to fight to the death to keep a lid on the truth. seeing they are so fond of ritual and they seem to think rituals are powerful I think it’s time the people started to get creative & come up with their own non violent but very powerful ritual of their own that displays their contempt & anger at what is going on , it’s very simple and it can be performed all over the UK, it requires an effigy on a pole the higher the better a crowd in an open space on a sunny day bringing nothing more than 1 blank CD at the appointed moment “High Noon ” the crowd will be asked to look through the hole in the centre of the CD and direct the tiny bit of light reflected from the sun onto the said effigy,the obvious symolism is the individual joins with the many amplifying their power, within a very short period of time with a thousand CD’s pointed at it representing many watts of power, it will burst into flames & be destroyed the symbolism of shining light onto this hidden in secrecy activity is the obvious one, everyone can disburse just as quickly as they gathered and the whole event can be filmed & put on youtube as a protest action as a bonus to inspire others, the time for mumbling amongst yourselves is over, it is now time to act & I can think of no better protest at this point in time very symbolic very simple and very powerful.I will be posting this idea on as many blogs as I can & I hope it takes root in the collective conciousness we are all hobbled by what to do and this will liberate us from that feeling a separation & inaction that so destroys us inside.

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  21. Kevin West Says:

    Great piece! Also, Philip (Pip) schofield was a longtime child celeb and darling of the BBC. So who better than he to showdown Cameron? Lol!

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  33. unlimitednow Says:


  34. EUSSR Says:

    Rothschild owned BBC are scum!!

  35. joe bentley Says:

    Sir Alfred (knighted in 1931) and his son, Jimmie, to move to the south-east, where it was considered there were better work opportunities. This offer was refused, for by now the McAlpine family were settled in north Wales and had become important members of the social, political, and sporting communities

    just reading the oxford dnb online.
    cant read anymore this mans family history is odd as he said hes never been to Wales.

  36. joe bentley Says:

    My Grandad was a Mason as he said it was a force for Good.
    half the changes in modern history involved Masons.
    But like everything there are good and bad people.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      Like any org, there are good people and not so nice people, and there are criminal agendas. The biggest problem with secret societies is when they use membership oaths to cover up serious crime and fraud. This is a big issue to consider.

  37. James W Says:

    I know the problem is world-wide, but you usually don’t have to look much further than the powerful Scottish Freemasonry and the “Mc’s” to uncover a major cabal pulling the strings of the New World Order brigade, like McAlpine, McDonalds, McAfee, McIntosh, etc, the list is impressive.

    Mind you, they are not all so obvious (Blair, Brown, Cameron) as the apparently so called proud Scottish decedent “Rupert Murdoch” so eloquently proved. It’s not a coincidence that we have had three back to back Scottish prime ministers for the last two decades running Britain, however some would like to dress it up.

    Oh yes, Cameron is Scottish also, despite his proclamations to be English, (it’s all double bluff). His appointments of the Scotsmen, The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP and that crook, Dr Liam Fox, to the two most crucial positions in government, (the defence of our country and the education our future) and that’s not even to mention the Chancellors and the plethora of Scottish underlings in powerful positions governing the English further down the line. The Scottish domination of our politics and their control of our media, especially the BBC, is enabling our destruction and they only make up 8% of the population. It hasn’t been achieved via honest means either, rather the total opposite and of the worst kind of subterfuge and deceptive evil. They are even re-writing history and broadcasting it, to promote and cover themselves further down the line. Criminals are running our country!!!!!!!

    Regarding Cameron, the clue is not only in his name and background, but also what he has done and is doing to England. All the while, they are getting the English to pay six times over for the privilege of being turned over, while at the same time paying to educate, house, heal, imprison, feed, transport, promote and countless other kindnesses we bestow on the Scottish, to our detriment and that’s just for starters. Scot Free isn’t an idle threat, work it out people, devolution is just an excuse to steal the cake and cover it in tartan, while they stuff their faces. Scottish fascism has been allowed to grow and flourish, while they crush and twist any form of English expression into a negative, it’s not accidental.

    It’s all part of the New World Orders plan for us to be dismantled and brought to heel and who better to do it than embittered Scotsmen/women and their like-minded “band wagon” cronies, who the Scots in power have kindly invited into the country, by the hundreds of thousands, to this end and then they slate us a racists if we say anything about the destruction of our living standards or anything else, when they are in actuality, the real racists themselves. They practice this racism on us every day via organisations like the BBC. You couldn’t make it up, as fiction has to be believable.

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  39. garypearson64earson Says:

    Like any of the other Mega scandals in Western Governments like the UK and America absolutely nothing will be done to the sexual abusers of our children. The bullshit outing of Lord McAlpine is enough proof for me to know how the establishment intend to deal with this outing of predatory sicko’s. The BBC were innocent and Jimmy fixed it, all by himself and a bit of help from Gary Glitter.No one else was involved; No one will believe the BBC/ Governments spin yet very few will actively pursue our constitutional representatives, our MP’s, MSP’s, or WMP’s EMP’s or even our lard ass Councillors (why) they are a bunch of self serving criminals who deserve the Guillotine along with their accomplices.

    America have been caught infiltrating governments throughout the world. Their sole aim, luring officials and elected members of parliaments into child sex rings so they can be used to the advantage of the ring leaders., Some of whom will not be interested in having sex with children rather than having evidence to use against a member of the ring if they do not do as they are told by the ring leader.

    Local councils in the UK spend a massive amount of their budget taking perfectly normal children away from good parents only to place them in a home where they will be abused at a fortune to the taxpayer.

    Ask your self how many times has a family member or a friend mentioned they are having problems with their child, worried that they will get into trouble. Can the authorities help? Maybe scare the child with a few days in a home etc, The idea always stops dead in its tracks with NO NO NO I couldn’t put my kid into one of them homes,They will be abused.
    So why do the general public act as if they are surprised when they here about the likes of Jimmy Savile and co. Councils and other government agencies spend a fortune of your taxpayers money so that the friends of politicians, politicians and civil servants or officers of councils can have their evil way with our children and use them for their own sexual gratification. Just ask Hollie Grieg’s mother .she is still fighting the system for justice for her little down syndrome daughter. I have included a link to an interview of the mother and her daughter who was abused.I warn the most hardened of viewers
    This will make you cry when you hear what they did to a little defenseless girl. Please pass on this link, the case is stronger than any other I have seen and is well documented by many good people.

    Time to take back our country and rid ourselves of this corrupt system of government where the Party and its entourage is more important than the people..

    , .

  40. ARTICLE: Gatekeepers Attempt to Erase Pedophilia: BBC and Gov’t Operatives | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the Says:

    […] 21st Century Wire […]

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