The Trouble with BBC ‘Children in Need’ Ambassador Max Clifford and Tory MP Alan Clark

Nicholas Myra

21st Century Wire
Nov 13, 2012

You’d better believe that Max Clifford has a lot of skeletons in his filing cabinet.

If you have enough money, you too can have your skeletons filed away in these rather seedy archives.

In the leaked video that has since gone viral, allegedly filmed before last year, the camera man managed to loosen up Clifford enough to spill a large can of beans. In the video, the legendary PR Guru to the stars and elites let slip that he had successfully hid away the sins of one Tory MP, and ‘diarist’, Alan Clark.

Tory MP Alan Clark

Alan Clark’s noted adulterous affair with Valerie Harkess, the wife of a South African judge, and her two daughters Josephine and Alison, for their tale of the seduction of all three by Clark (to whom he referred collectively as “the coven”) made the Harkesses ‘a lot of money’ according to Clifford.  The affair became public knowledge in 1992 after Clark left the House of Commons, and later took its place between the covers of a few best selling seedy novels. Both sides had profited from the affair, but according the Clifford in the video below, it seemed that MP Alan Clark had to bury a rather inconvenient detail which would have landed him in a criminal court.

Here are two excerpts from the video which was released by super blog site Guido Fawkes:

“He enjoyed it that whole thing, Alan Clark loved the whole thing…  they(the Harkesses) made a lot of money out of it, he used them, so they wanted to make money out of it, and had a … so they did, he(Alan Clark) enjoyed it and sold a lot of books.”

“The only slightly serious side of it was that he(Alan Clark) actually interfered with those girls from the age of 14…”

He seems to be referring to the crime of paedophilia there…

If this was indeed the case, then Clark would have also profited from it. Fancy that.

Watch the video here:

The next line is the real killer though, and one which we should all stop, pause, and consider properly – particularly during the current paedophile upheaval which the BBC and the current government are so anxious to draw a line under. Following the fake duel between the BBC’s Newsnight and much maligned Lord McAlpine, the establishment was hoping that no more high-ranking figures or MP’s would be fingered for paedophilia or child abuse.

This much is certain – the elite power brokers want their public nightmare to end with Savile. 

Casually referring to the volumes of dirt he has tucked away for a rainy day, Max Clifford ignominiously boasts here:

“I’ve got all the evidence, I’m the one who’s hidden it from the world, I know where everything is…”

If this video is genuine and what it appears to be, then Clifford could eventually become a key figure at the centre of this issue.

The Independenthad published a story on this incident entitled, Publicist Max Clifford Denies Covering Up Conservative MP Alan Clark’s Underage Sex Scandal, but then quickly removed it from their website. This is not surprising because Max still wields incredible power on Fleet Street. The full text of their article can be found here, explaining:

“The former government minister Alan Clark had sex with children, according to the publicity agent Max Clifford. In a secretly filmed, three-minute interview posted on the internet last night, the publicist said that the Tory MP and diarist had “interfered” with two 14-year-old girls. But he added, during a discussion of his success in suppressing scandals, that the story had never come out.

Last night Mr Clifford, who was unaware his comments were being recorded, strenuously denied that he had told the girls’ family to stay quiet about the allegations.”

Max: Keeps ugly secrets safe.

Max Clifford keeps things tidy for the elite, and the dirt he collects keeps him safe from reprisals. It’s a high stakes game, and he is undoubtedly one of the best ever to play it. He knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak. Sure, it would be career suicide for his PR business, but if he chose to, he could certainly help towards gaining justice for many sexually abused children. In the end, that’s up to Max Clifford, but because of the nature of his work and the confidentiality which is the currency of his profession – any disclosure on crimes in high places is unlikely to happen.

One might ask here, where does Clifford stand morally, or legally for that matter, if he is holding back information about known paedophiles, particularly those in government? Does he have the same sort of protection from disclosure as say, a doctor, or Catholic priest? He has not committing any offense as such, but it’s worth asking here, does he have a duty to report a child abuse case? Critics might charge here, and rightly so, that Clifford is somehow putting his own wealth above the safety of children. If it’s a paedophile in government, then it could be viewed as a national security issue because that public official could be blackmailed by a foreign interest.

It would be interesting to know if Sir Jimmy Savile was a past client of Clifford’s, or of another firm.

An intriguing question now is: how many more MPs, celebrities and various oligarchs (these are the only people who can afford to retain the services of a high flyer like Max Clifford) have had their sins washed away by Clifford, or other PR firms like his?

Since the Savile scandal broke, guess who have been getting flooded with phone calls from ‘frightened’ celebrities who are afraid of being implicated, for unknown offenses and associations with Savile, including – paedophilia. A recent article describes the phenomenon:

Dozens of big name stars from the 1960s and 70s have contacted Max Clifford “frightened to death” they will become implicated in the widening Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal, the PR guru has claimed.

He said the stars, some of whom are still big names today, were worried because at their peak they had lived a hedonistic lifestyle where young girls threw themselves at them but they “never asked for anybody’s birth certificate”.

Most celebrities and TV people will use the ‘rock n roll’ get out clause, claiming that children were “throwing themselves at me”, and this tends to work in Britain where morals are now subject to the laws of relativity. But after Savile, the rock star excuse doesn’t hold as much credence. They are all genuinely scared, feeling guilty, because they know they got away with it back them because the system covered for them, but that system is crumbling – that’s why they’re calling Max – to preserve their media value. More girth for Max Clifford’s expanding filing cabinet? More girth in fees too.

This couldn’t come at a worse time, as Max Clifford has recently been appointed as the PR Ambassador to the BBC charityChildren In Need. Is a man who makes his living running cover for the rich and powerful the right man to steer a children’s charity?

You cannot ignore the spooky echoes of old Esther Rantzen and pal Jimmy Savile and their Child Line panto.

Without a doubt, there is a lot to speculate on – is this yet another example where the activities of paedophiles in high places strangely link with these “children’s charities” in Britain?

This comment below is from the forum at Mumsnet:

Above text states:

“Paul Roffey (child protection expert) said that pop stars used their position to manipulate young women to carry out acts which were as illegal then as they are now. Clifford also says he has also been contacted by women claiming ‘all kinds of things’, some of whom want to make money out of the abuse scandal. He actually says that he doubts that 50% of what they have told him is true! And Yet he believes his famous friends who come to him because they are worried about associations with JS and child abuse. He defends clients such as OJ Simpson, Mohamed Al Fayed, David Copperfield, Kerry Katona, Simon Cowell, Shilpa Shetty, the five men who were suspected of killing Stephen Lawrence, Gillian McKeith and Shrien Dewani, the man accused of orchestrating the murder of his wife, Anni in S Africa. I rest my case. MC is, in fact, the perfect, living embodiment of contemporary hypocrisy. God Help us!!”

You can try and spin it all you want, but an older folks having sex with a child is morally, and legally wrong.

Let’s be honest with ourselves on this issue paedophillia seems to be acceptable with certain privileged people in power.

Therein lies the BIG problem we are facing as a society.


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25 Responses to “The Trouble with BBC ‘Children in Need’ Ambassador Max Clifford and Tory MP Alan Clark”

  1. The Trouble with BBC ‘Children in Need’ Ambassador Max Clifford and Tory MP Alan Clark « Anti Oligarch Says:

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  2. Grand Royale Paedophile Network Exposed – United Nations of Film Says:

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  4. Dave Says:

    A screen grab image of the original Independent article can be downloaded here:

  5. Kevin West Says:

    Another great article, Patrick. Keep ’em coming!!

  6. James W Says:

    If what Max Clifford seems to be implying is correct, then he should be in prison for keeping child abuse information to himself. Maybe he’s the key, he know’s where all the bodies are burried, cough up the lot, or take their rap for them.

  7. northsider Says:

    Whatever did become of all those “famous faces” the media assured us the police had indicated would soon be arrested? That was about five weeks ago now, but apart from Gary Glitter and Starr it’s as you were. And I’ve posted this here before but Icke seems to be going along with the ridiculous Guardianista line that the McAlpine business is all a Murdoch plot to get the good old BBC. This contrived BBC v Murdoch antagonism is complete drivel – on all the big issues Murdoch and the Beeb are as one – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, 9/11, 7/7, GM foods – you name it. Portraying the BBC as martyrs in all of this is the very worst trap one can fall into. In fact the BBC is a much effective disinfo outlet than any of the Murdoch media precisely because so many people trust it. I admire Icke but his position on this is causing me to seriously question his judgement.

  8. Daisy Freeman Says:

    I think you need to be a little more patient!! This is big stuff!

  9. James W Says:

    No one is right 100% of the time, but it would baffle me if David Icke was sticking up for the BBC. However, don’t forget, it was Newsnight that tried to expose Saville, they also had a little go at exposing the Scottish agenda a few years back, maybe they are now paying price. They are possibly getting rid of the last remaining stumbling blocks, while multi tasking and doubling up as scape goats.

    I have no time at all for the BBC, but look what’s happening to Newsnight now, they are being investigated by the very people, “BBC Scotland” that are behind most of the problems, and have been now, for years. It’s all Bollocks.

    Two and a half Scottish Prime Ministers have been at No10 for the last two decades and that includes Cameron, don’t be fooled by his pontifications, as he’s as enthusiastic about the English, as was the Black Death, just like the kilted, Prince Phillip.

    Look at the difference in how the Scots are treated, compared to the English, it’s not accidental and it’s all been enabled by our media.

    Just take the “poles apart” situations of our students, elderly and sick and we are paying for it all. Devolution my ass, it’s an Aprtheid Scociety, however you want to dress it up and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Basically Three back to back, Scottish Prime Ministers in the last Twenty years have done this to us and they make up only 8% of the population. Work it out England, it’s being done deliberately and this paedophilia is only a very small part of a very ugly picture

  10. northsider Says:

    James W – Newsnight’s apparent plan to partially expose Savile’s crimes was hatched only after he died. In my opinion this makes the BBC more culpable not less – if they had enough info on him to prepare such a programme less than two months after he died why did they employ him as a flagship children’s presenter for so long? I first learned there were rumours about him when I read an interview Lynn Barber did with him in the late 1990s – I’m sure many ordinary people in Britain knew of such rumours much earlier. Indeed in his own 1974 autobiography he more or less openly admitted that he engaged in unusual sexual behaviour (to put it very politely). In a funny way I think this latest Newsnight “scandal” has worked to the advantage of the Beeb, as it has provided a pretext for shutting down all investigation of establishment paedophile rings and has also buried the Savile story – one has to suspect it is a sophisticated psy-op whereby Newsnight deliberately embroiled themselves in a scandal over “shoddy journalism” in order to suppress a much more serious scandal involving paedophile rings. You may have a point about undue Scottish domination of English politics but I’d be wary of blaming all of this on any nationality (I know that’s not what you were doing). The New World Order transcends all nations and indeed despises them all.

    • James W Says:

      Absolutely, there is no doubt that a lot of this has all been set up as a distraction, couldn’t agree with you more, (maybe i wasn’t clear), they are as devious and as morally devoid as it comes. They have also known, been involved and used their privalaged positions to apply and get away with this behaviour for decades.

      Certainly I am not blaming the Scots themselves for what’s going on, just certain elements, Most Scots know better than I what’s occurring, maybe we can get some of them to stand up and start doing the right thing, rather than just going along with the garbage that’s being projected. Most will know what i am talking about.

      However, we shouldn’t be afraid to say it as it is either, or ignore the connections and common denominators involved in perpetratng the deeds, just because it may appear to be nationalisticly motivated. That’s part of how they have managed to get to this stage in the first place

      They are getting used, just like everyone else and when the job is done, will be thrown away like a used tissue, just like everyone else.

    • northsider Says:

      Amen to all of that.

      • James W Says:

        Yes, thanks for that, but i thought i had got it the first time, never mind. Have you considered that they are not all, or were not all, (because i did mention another incident) singing from exactly the same song sheet, there was/is a power struggle going on. Just a thought.

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  12. Patrick Gill Says:

    Interesting – the Max Clifford video seems to be over ten years old (probably 2001?), as the Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran series he is talking about may well be “Believe Nothing”, which starred Rik Mayall and ran on ITV for just half a dozen episodes in 2002. The synopsis is intriguing (I don’t recall this show at all!): “Adonis Cnut (Rik Mayall) is the cleverest man in Britain. He is paid vast amounts of money for his views, consulted by the government and is irresistible to women. However, he is bored. To find adventure he decides to join the shadowy organisation of The Council for International Progress which controls everything going on in the world” – have a look:

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  15. Mal Says:

    It is a Crime For Clifford to withhold evidence of a Crime. It’s called MISPRISION and it carries a sentence of 5 – 10 years.

  16. SCALLYWAG MAGAZINE ARTICLE ON PAEDO RINGS « freeasthysweetmountainair Says:

    […] RELATED: Max Clifford on Alan Clark: ‘I have all the evidence’, know where all bodies are buried […]

  17. cigpapers Says:

    Quote taken from “The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business” 1999 by Lord McAlpine. On dealing with the media: “Another useful ploy is the false accusation. First, create a situation where you are wrongly accused. Then, at a convenient moment, arrange for the false accusation to be shown to be false beyond all doubt. Those who have made accusations against both the company and its management become discredited. Further accusations will then be treated with great suspicion. p176.

  18. Max Clifford Website Down, Following Arrest By UK Police Pedophile Unit « 21st Century Wire Says:

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    […]… […]

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