A Film from Harry Fear in Palestine: ‘Martyred in Gaza’

“Most of the shelling targeted young people, women and the elderly and the Israeli enemy is erratically targeting civilians.”

Over Armistice weekend Israeli forces killed 6 Palestinians and injured around 40 in three sets of attacks on the Gaza Strip.

In the Jabalia area, 20-year-old Mohammed Obeid was killed.

In the Shejiea area, Israel killed a 15-year-old, 16-year-old and two 20-year-olds; in the attack it also injured dozens of women and children who were attending a funeral parade.

In the Al-Karama area, Israel killed a 20-year-old Islamic Jihad resistance fighter.

“They keep on killing , injuring and destroying our Palestinian people. It is our right and our duty as Palestinians to fight for our rights and to defend ourselves.”



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3 Responses to “A Film from Harry Fear in Palestine: ‘Martyred in Gaza’”

  1. essential-intelligence Says:

    I’m probably talking to a brick wall here, but why would a British “activist” propagandize for the criminal regime in Gaza unless he was MI6 disinfo stooge ?

    Anyway, it’s seems like Israel has finally launched a frontal attack on Hamas starting with the spectacular liquidation of its ‘military’ commander Jabari. Better late then never :

  2. essential-intelligence Says:

    Actually collateral damage has been relatively minor this time around because the tactics used are different then those of ‘Cast Led’ . It should be noted that the Gazan regime is blatantly violating the Geneva convention by deliberately placing military facilities near kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc. (which makes them legitimate military targets and places the responsibility for collateral damage exclusively on the regime’s shoulders) and also by deliberately bombing the children in Be’er-Sheba, Ashkelon, and the rest of southern Israel. That should be enough to send them to the ICC at the Hague, but that place is not meant for CIA-MI6 assets, as we all know.

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