Documentary Film: ‘The Beautiful Truth’ – Curing Cancer Naturally

We are being killed by a million cuts, slowly but surely. But there is hope

“The United States, and on a smaller scale Europe, is being propelled towards total disaster through the deliberate poisoning of our most essential basic need – our food. Within the last hundred years food manufacturers, through their clever and aggressive marketing, have completely changed the way we look at food. In fact, they’ve been so successful in their campaign that people actually believe they’re getting a healthy nutritious meal when they devour a McDonald’s or Burger King hamburger. They don’t realize that what they’re actually eating is almost completely deficient of any nutrients and full of harmful ingredients…”

Watch this excellent documentary film entitled ‘The Beautiful Truth’, about the Gerson Therapy, and the art of curing cancer naturally.


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One Response to “Documentary Film: ‘The Beautiful Truth’ – Curing Cancer Naturally”

  1. Peter Todd Says:

    So, once again, what part of “rapid depopulation” (UN Center for Population Control) do people not understand? Is it “rapid” or “depopulation”. I can explain the words if you want.

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