Gaza witness: No one’s safe, civilians terrified of war threat says Harry Fear

Israel says all male members of Hamas are now targets. Warplanes are dropping leaflets over Gaza, warning Palestinians to keep away from militant positions.

RT spoke to a film-maker and activist Harry Fear in the embattled enclave, who says civilians are bearing the brunt of the Israeli onslaught.


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2 Responses to “Gaza witness: No one’s safe, civilians terrified of war threat says Harry Fear”

  1. essential-intelligence Says:

    Just seen this clown’s twiter messages,seems like he’s the hot shot d’jour in Al-CIA-Zeera channel, in addition to being inflated by Kremlin sockpuppets like Bill Dodd . He keeps referring to wanted terrorists as “resistance fighters”, blatantly lies about tactics and “international law” and ignores the Gazan terror bombings on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, not to mention southern Israel, which has already resulted in the murder of 4 Israelis, including a baby girl.

    Bottom line: Harry’s got “MI6 troll” written all over his forehead, so he should certainly fear the consequences. Let’s hope he gets caught up in stray fire sooner or later. If he thinks those surgical air strikes were intimidating, wait till Hamas forces the IDF to invade Gaza on the ground once one of their rockets penetrates the Iron Dome shield and kills more than a few people in a sensitive location.
    Then we’ll see little Harry learning a lesson in ‘asymmetric warfare’.

  2. Author Annette J Dunlea Irish Writer Says:

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