Hamas chief held peace deal draft Before He Was Murdered

An Israeli peace activist says the Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari, assassinated at the start of Israel’s offensive, was murdered amid talks on a long-term truce with Israel.


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8 Responses to “Hamas chief held peace deal draft Before He Was Murdered”

  1. essential-intelligence Says:

    It’s impossible to “murder” terrorist war criminals like Jabari even if Soros funded disinfo trolls claim otherwise in the Kremlin’s cognitive infiltration propaganda channel .

    • northsider Says:

      And of course there are no massively funded zionist/neocon/Blairite disinfo trolls on the net – and there is no such thing as an Israeli war criminal or an Israeli terrorist – perish the thought!

      • essential-intelligence Says:

        Suppose there is such a thing. So? what of it ? It doesn’t change the fact that this Soros funded NGO shill is LYING on purpose and that he’s doing it on Putin’s private satellite channel on behalf of the Kremlin’s political interests.

  2. sirajdavis Says:

    Reblogged this on A Collective Consciousness and TJP Production.

  3. northsider Says:

    If I have to choose between the Kremlin’s political interests being promoted on RT and the New World Order’s being promoted on the BBC (who have banned Robert Fisk for nearly 20 years) I’ll choose RT everytime. Yes there’s an agenda there but it doesn’t pretend that it’s not an agenda and it doesn’t promote wars in Syria and Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, former Yugoslavia, etc., and pretend they’re all “humanitarian interventions”. The BBC/Guardian/Murdoch axis made a huge song and dance about Ahmadinejad’s re-election in Iran and Putin’s re-election in Russia, claiming they were both rigged, but produced no hard evidence to substantiate either claim. Yet they ignored massive evidence of vote rigging in the recent U.S. Presidential election and in the 2009 second Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum. And by the way if Hamas really is a terrorist organisation, then blame the Israelis – no one denies that they promoted and funded Hamas for years.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      I’ll choose whoever is delivering the best reports for that subject – and in Gaza right now -it’s RT.

      BBC are too obviously Pro-Israeli, to a shameless degree.

      BBC are losing credibility – they should look at world events as a chance to break from propaganda lines and do some real work. But they won’t. Too locked in with Whitehall.

      • essential-intelligence Says:

        BBC ? Pro-Israeli ?? To a shameless degree ???
        LOL. LMAO. You must be smoking something I’d love to smoke just for the heck of it. BBC used to be the most extremist Israelophobic propaganda channel until RT beat them in that game.

        Almost everything RT “reports” from here consists of interviews with Soros funded globalist NGO shills. The exact nature of the symbiosis between the Kremlin and Soros evaded me for a long time until I came to realize it was the fault of the Medvedev faction – the source of globalist infiltration to Moscow.
        Actually the racist Bolshevik (and avid Putinist) Wane Madsen came to a similar conclusion a while ago.

        Thing is , RT’s cartoonish Israelophobic hysteria will only stand until the Kremlin’s Gazprom seals the deal on developing the Israeli offshore gas fields, and when the day arrives it will take only one phone call from Putin to get RT off Israel’s back.

    • essential-intelligence Says:

      The Kremlin’s agenda (as reflected in RT’s propaganda) is a dialectic part and parcel of the new world order. It’s a fatal mistake to believe otherwise.

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