‘Trial by Twitter’ Talking Point Now in Full Swing…

Peer’s revenge over Twitter slurs: McAlpine will sue internet gossips 

  • Tory peer ‘terrified’ by BBC’s false implication that he abused children
  • Terms of the agreement will be announced in court in a few days’ time
  • And lawyers will sue ANYONE who named him on Twitter

Mail Online

Lord McAlpine is taking landmark legal action against internet gossips who falsely branded him a paedophile.

Lawyers for the Tory peer warned Twitter users ‘we know who you are’ and urged them to come forward voluntarily or face being pursued through the courts.

His action is intended to stop so-called ‘trial by Twitter’ and, if successful, could radically change the way the internet is policed and make those using social networks more directly accountable for defamatory comments.

Lord McAlpine, the former Tory party treasurer wrongly accused of being a child abuser following a botched Newsnight report, yesterday agreed a £185,000 compensation settlement with the BBC – funded by licence-payers.

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7 Responses to “‘Trial by Twitter’ Talking Point Now in Full Swing…”

  1. zordana Says:

    How do we know he was wrongly outed deliberately to clamp down on the Internet?

  2. northsider Says:

    Absolutely spot on Mr Henningsen – whenever you see the media hysterically breast-beating and hand-wringing about their own “low standards” you can tell a psyop is in progress. This is a rerun of the hacking scam; only this time it’s the Beeb rather than Murdoch taking a hit for Team Illuminati. The added bonus for the Beeb is that not only does it take attention away from their own paedophile rings and provide a handy pretext for more curbs on free speech – it also gives assorted Guardianistas and other media whores an excuse to sing the praises of the BBC and tell us all what a truly great organisation it is – apart from the odd lapse in editorial judgement. It’s an ingenious form of reverse whitewashing – like deliberately slightly tarnishing a car in order to highlight how resistant to damage the paintwork is. In the last few days how many presstitutes and pols have queued up to gush over the BBC and to praise its “admirable spirit of self-criticism”?

  3. James W Says:

    Here’s some more realistic spirit for the BBC

    If you have had any meaningful dealings with the BBC Trust at all, you would soon have been made aware that it is a total sham, just like the whole organisation itself. Anybody paying for a TV licence is being taken.

    The BBC News broadcasters are now trying to frighten people from blogging about them, under the guise (emphasising) of McAlpine taking tweeters to court. The BBC don’t mind slating every Tom, Dick and Harry themselves, bravely via sources, third parties and newspapers reviews, etc, (hey Phillip Schofeild he of ITV, they are all as bad as each other) but when the shoe is on the other foot, my goodness they don’t like it.

    Anyway for the record, the BBC are a very crucial and strategic arm of the nastiest genocidal terrorist organisation the world has ever known.

    They are also up to their necks in paedophilia, their employees have been participating in the acts, while the organisation itself has been protecting Paedophiles, so allowing their deeds to continue.

    They are also racist’s bigots, pushing a pro Scottish, anti-English agenda. They slate the English given the slightest opportunity to do so, while the total opposite is dished up for the Scottish. The subliminal degrading of the English is built into every word they broadcast, while you will never see these same tones, phrases and insinuations dished out to the Scots, Welsh etc, rather they exaggerate and over-emphasise any positives in that direstion..

    Corruption: They have systematically and across the board, failed in their duty to inform/protect the public against the banking industry, and the criminals running riot throughout our governing structures, one would almost be inclined to think that they were involved. How can an organisation that is supposed to employ the cream of the crop, be so utterly slanted and incompetent!!!!!!

    The BBC are now the worst thing that could ever have happened to our country, the depths they will sink to, to keep their agendas hidden and flying high, know no bounds, hey Lord Leveson????

    The (Bullying Cowards) BBC are now trying to frighten people by what they are putting out. If they want to take you to court (if there are any courts they can’t nobble) with a jury, just the information on the internet alone will blow them out of the water within ten minutes.

    The task of destroying them on their own ground is something to be looked forward to and relished. They are basically bullying cowards, with the best lawyers in the land, paid for by us, to be used against us, hey Mister Thompson, he of such boasts, but even that won’t help them.

    I have been saying this stuff to them for the last few years now and have even asked them to take me to court. To which they have replied over the air, that there’s nothing that they can do about me. Well if that’s true, then what is being said to and about them, must be true. Like said, Bullying Cowards, hey Mister Andrew Neil?????????

    A plea to the BBC: Take me to court for what i am saying about you, you Scumbags!!!!!!!!

  4. simian Says:

    There is an interesting parallel between this story and the ‘Insult Law’, involving President Jacob Zuma, playing itself out in South Africa at the moment. Involves same issues of free speech and criticism and ‘outing’ of politicians.

  5. bobchewie Says:

    Dont care who he is. Bullying is still bullying

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    […] McAlpine and his legal attack team were seen to some out swinging last week, with cries of ‘Trial by Twitter‘. But before we disect what did or didn’t happen on Twitter, it’s important to […]

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