Are Secretive Cabals Keeping Us in the Dark Over UK Child Abuse?

Peter Sterry
21st Century Wire
Senior Editor

An ugly truth: our system of law enforcement and justice is broken. Quite simply, it bullies the victims, and protects men in positions of power.

Old wounds are being reopened again…

Another previously buried report of organised paedophilia in North Wales has turned up – fears that revelations could lead to the authorities being sued – again. It’s the same pattern of key evidence and key witnesses NOT being included in these Inquiries and Hearings.

It prompts the question: what else hasn’t been included as evidence? Was evidence destroyed? More key incriminating evidence in the North Wales scandal has been reported as ‘lost’ by the police. This appears to be generally acceptable for the government, seeing that no counter investigation was launched to find out who has been ‘losing’ all this important evidence.

It’s also known that former Deputy Director of the Bryn Alyn boys home, Des Frost, was NOT called as a witness, despite being one of the men who had originally reported abuse at the home to the police.

What should be clear by now, is that the Waterhouse Inquiry was anything but thorough, and now Lords Peers are calling for further Waterhouse reviews to stop.

Question: What did then Welsh Secretary, William Hague, know and when did he know it?

The establishment’s story line today were expected to support is this: five separate documented cover-ups in 27 years, and 0ver 2000 witness statements… are all the work of media vandals and deluded conspirators.

It seems like those in positions of power and influence, as well as wealthy elites in public life are pushing back, because they don’t want certain dirty deeds to be exposed to the public at large. If they are exposed, it will most surely alter the power structure in Britain for some time to come. These revelations simply cannot come to light, period.

Watch this latest report about ‘lost’ evidence…

Here is Sian Griffith’s interview she speaks, among other things, about Thomas Kenyon, son of Lord Kenyon, and others, along with more ‘missing evidence’, more proof (how much does the government need?) that from the onset, the police and judiciary have intervened to suppress evidence which is in the public interest:

The elite claim that all these witnesses are lying, and making up their abuse. To what benefit? But if the elite are covering up their sordid crimes, one can easily see why they would want to do this, Qui Bono?

You decide…

Police ‘Lost’ Thick Dossier But Seized by MI5 on Suspected Paedophile Sir Cyril Smith

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5 Responses to “Are Secretive Cabals Keeping Us in the Dark Over UK Child Abuse?”

  1. Are Secretive Cabals Keeping Us in the Dark Over UK Child Abuse? | Sovereign Independent UK Says:

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  2. Anthony Taylor Says:

    In spite of the evident appeal of paedophilia, to many high-ranking members of our ruling classes, it is pretty clear that such abuse does not constitute an end in itself. That non-paedophiles are complicit in promoting such acts and in the protection of the guilty indicates that the practice is invaluable in the pursuance of a far more encompassing ambition; the degradation and dehumanisation of humanity as a whole. The traditional cohesion of families, communities, and even the human race itself is largely dependant upon our instinctive respect for the welfare of the young which, if pursued beyond the racial limitations of our evolutionary histories might well have rewarded us with the balanced sanity of a world so many of us can now only dream of: It would seem that hierarchy now towers over harmony, and the only road-forward being offered is our total surrender to those who are largely responsible for the disastrous situation that they now claim our very planet is victim to. Clearly any serious attempt of our would-be successors to swiftly carrying through the scheduled, massive genocide they have in mind, is likely to be seriously hampered by old fashioned considerations referred to by such words as empathy, sympathy, self-sacrifice and so on, that are encapsulated in our ideal attitudes towards our own children. so naturally smothering them at an early age is a good place to start. activities like paedophilia and the parental consent to toxic injections can more quickly bring us all to the desired every-man for-himself mind-set that will smooth the path to the planned Utopia our Lunatic Elites believe they truly deserve. (They may well be correct in that assessment at least)

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