CCTV: The World That Could Be…

This is the world we live in, let us not forget who we are…



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6 Responses to “CCTV: The World That Could Be…”

  1. Mark Says:

    It’s all very twee, and yes, it made me smile because it shows human nature at it’s best. But, and there’s always a but isn’t there?This video is selling the idea of an over the top security state, it is telling us “Look at these lovely people having fun, security cameras are wonderful things aren’t they?” Well, frankly, no, they are not. I don’t need security cameras to tell me how wonderful most people actually are.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      I dont think the video is “selling” anything – it’s simply making a statement. This video is powerful because it rotates our perspective and pulls us out of the dialectic, a skill which we need to all become more versed at…!

      • northsider Says:

        I’m afraid I agree with Mark – I think this video IS seliling CCTV as something benign and actually quite fun really. Even the cheery music has the effect of making CCTV seem not at all sinister -when the real purpose of such surveillance is not to protect us from the bad guys but to protect the bad guys from us.

      • julie Says:

        I had a look into and have to say, it looks suspect. They are promoting “Hope through Healing Hands” – the Chairman is an ex senator, Bill First M.D. who is a partner of Cressey & Company a private investment firm focused on the healthcare industry. Check out “Bill First calls for Manhatten project for the 21st century 3rd August 2005″ it outlines the global threat of infectious diseases and bioterroism”. He is also involved with U.S. Global Leadership coalition (USGLC).

    • julie Says:

      I agree with Mark. One reason I moved to Spain was to get away from all the “Big Brother”cameras in the U.K. I was looking at the replies about this video on another site which said check out the “Love Everybody” Logo, at the end of the vid. Could it be the illuminati pheonix – if it was a dove, then why is it black? The video is supposed to be an ad for coca cola?

  2. nixonscraypes Says:

    Both voices are correct,both are part of the picture,different aspects of the same thing.I liked the film and was cynical about it at the same time, no dialectic,no motive,no need for a synthesis.

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