London Black Cab Driver Losses It Over Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza

Even London’s Black Cabbies are at the end of their rope, Israel is, as they say, “BANG OUT OF ORDER”…

Palestinians would beg for South African Apartheid instead having to endure of Israel’s violent military collective punishment of its people. Disgusting.

Where is the UN? The UN is a joke. The War on Terror is a joke.

The shame of our puppets. Obama and Cameron are supporting an Israeli regime who sits outside of civilized norms, and far outside of so-called international law…

It’s nothing more than a racist, Israeli Terrorist State. Watch:



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7 Responses to “London Black Cab Driver Losses It Over Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza”

  1. Says:

    Israelis did 9/11:

  2. sickening Says:

    Exactly right (minus the profanity), the Zionist Jews are murderers!
    And the West backs them up because the Zionists have taken over the world finances and the governments.

  3. whatever mcfuckyou Says:

    Why’d them Gazans fire dem rockets in the first place? You don’t kick the biggest kid in school in the bollocks and then get surprised when they kick the shit outta you. Why don’t all them rich arab states give a fuck load of money to the palestinians to build a wonderful infrastructure and stuff. Shut up Mr. Taxi man.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      Israel controls the electricity, water, the trade, movement, the money, the lives of Palestinians… all of it. And look how they’re living.

      The arrangement suits Israelis, that’s why it’s gotten steadily worse over the years.

      People are starting to see what’s what, the old media deception is wearing thin…

    • freepeople Says:

      You had better think and research as to “WHY” they are firing rockets into Israel. The oppressed have no options. Do you fight or just die quietly?!

  4. John Abbott Says:

    I could not listen to this man given his vile and disgusting language shows some kind of disregard for our feelings to have to listen to this kind of barrage which may or may not have some credibility.

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      I’m sure if you lived in Gaza right now, carrying out the dead bodies of family members – you’d be swearing a lot more than this London chappie… think about it.

      Put things in perspective.

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