More Public Funds: Lord McAlpine Wants Police To Open Special ‘Twitter Investigation’

Lord McAlpine, the former Conservative Party treasurer wrongly named as a paedophile by people on Twitter, has made a formal complaint to Scotland Yard

By Steven Swinford

This morning the peer asked police to investigate potentially thousands of people who used the website to make “malicious communications” against him but have failed to apologise.

The police complaint could lead to mass prosecution, fines and criminal records for people who wrote about him online.

Scotland Yard said that officers will begin “scoping” whether any offence has taken place but said it is “too early” to say whether a criminal investigation will take place.

Lord McAlpine has promised to take on the “Twittering fraternity” and to force people to “start thinking about what they are saying” before posting messages.

Last week the BBC, which wrongly linked him to allegations of sex abuse on Newsnight, settled with the peer for £185,000.

‘McLibel’ Tweets: Tory Lord wants Scotland Yard to get involved.

He is also seeking up to £500,000 in damages from ITV after This Morning presenter Philip Schofield showed a list of alleged Tory paedophiles to David Cameron

Lord McAlpine’s lawyers have hired a team of experts to collate the offending Twitter messages, including those that have been deleted, as well as “re-tweets” in which one user republishes a message posted by someone else.

They have identified more than 1,000 people who sent their own tweets implying or directly saying he was a paedophile, and a further 9,0-00 who “retweeted” the claims of others.

Last week, Lord McAlpine said he was left “terrified” after becoming a figure of public hatred” because of people naming him as the subject of a BBC Newsnight report wrongly claiming a senior Tory was a paedophile…

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4 Responses to “More Public Funds: Lord McAlpine Wants Police To Open Special ‘Twitter Investigation’”

  1. Carl Jones Says:

    What I find strange is that there were multiple internet sources which listed alleged elite paedophiles..the sort that filled Schofields list. Why has McAlpine shown no interest in prosecuting these sources? Am I missing something, or is he scared this will present more problems?

    • northsider Says:

      Very good point. Also, I hate to keep banging on about Sir Peter Morrison but the media silence on this is absolutely extraordinary. A former Tory MP accuses a very senior member of a Tory government of being a paedophile and the whole media, from the Telegraph to the Guardian to the Beeb, just shrug their shoulders and say so what. In a normal society this story would have been plastered all over front pages for the last three weeks. One would have thought that the Guardianistas in particular would have been all over it like a rash. I thought they were supposed to relish any chance to embarrass Tories – especially Tories associated with Thatcher? Unlike the case of McAlpine, they can’t plead fear of libel, as Morrison is dead. Even more disturbing is the lack of media comment about Edwina Currie’s statement that everyone knew Morrison was a “paederast” and there was lot of “sniggering” about it. If that doesn’t given an insight into the twisted mentality of both the political class and the media I don’t know what does.

      • sven Says:

        northsider – This has never been about the routing out of paedos, it is about keeping those paedos silent, making sure that with the upcoming fake news stories to promote the war with Iran, nobody steps out of line. Look at the one sided way that the bbc is reporting on israel and the war crimes against Palestine, which in itself i see as provocation. I phoned my local inernet radio phone-in, there was a lady that had worked in the children’s sector, and she was aware that the VILE perversion that paedos commit was across ALL walks of life, she said it herself the police teachers doctors lawyers etc are all involved. Pedophilia is a control mechanism, just as Adultery was in the 17th-18th century and Homosexuality in the 19th-20th century and a mix anywhere inbetween. It is strewn across the media as well as parliament This was a perfect oppotunity to report on the Hollie Grieg case, was there a conspiracy of silence? yes. Is there a conspiracy of silence still? yes. The report by the slog on McA’s book where Quote “McAlpine’s advice on dealing with the media? Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such”, you would have thought would have been reported by ITV in defense to fend of the law suit, but no, not a dicky bird, and that goes for the rest of the mainstream media, complicit in their silence. So you see , when all is said and done this has done exactly what it was supposed to do, ensure the silence.

  2. northsider Says:

    Sven – amen to all of that – when I said I found the media silence regarding Peter Morrison extraordinary I was writing rhetorically. The silence isn’t really at all surprising – it’s all too typical. Your point about the Beeb endlessly promoting wars is very well made. One of the kneejerk reactions to all of this I find deeply depressing is the way some people lay all the blame for media corruption at Murdoch’s door – and more or less completely exonerate the saintly Beeb. In truth there isn’t a Rizla paper’s worth of difference between the Sun’s coverage of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Gaza and that of the Beeb. The only real difference is that many many more people believe the lies the Beeb tells. My impression is that even most Sun readers take most of its stories with a huge grain of salt. Therefore the Beeb’s power to deceive is much greater than that of the Murdoch media. When John Humphreys histrionically layered into Enthwistle over the Newsnight allegation, all the chatterati as one started very predictably gushing that Humphreys performance exemplified the Beeb’s “great capacity for self-criticism”. This was of course the whole point of Humphreys OTT attack – to convince the public that the Beeb is out there fearlessly exposing wrong doing – even in its own backyard. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Beeb’s relaxed attitude to paedohilia is hidden in plain sight – they broadcast a lavish and very eulogistic obituary/tribute programme about Malcolm McLaren when he died – if the producers didn’t know that this man more or less openly traded in child porn in the early 1970s they can’t have researched his career very well. Likewise Pete Townshend has cropped up repeatedly on various Beeb networks since his police caution for viewing child porn – he even presented an autobiographical programme on Radio 4 about his muscial development. And of course you’re absolutely right – paedophilia is the best blackmail tool in the business – even those in politics or the media who merely collude in covering it up are thereby irreparably compromised – hence perhaps the sudden conversion of many senior pols and journos of all persuasions to neocon warmongering, over the last 15 or so years. Many of these ideological shifts towards pro-war stances have been completely out of character for the folk concerned.

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