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21st Century Wire

How does it make you feel when you see people fight like animals – over something like a new iPhone5 or Samsung Galaxy mobile phone?

You can tell the health of the tree by the quality of its fruits. America, as is evidenced by this week’s annual materialistic ritual known as ‘Black Friday’, has produced this particularly rotten fruit, consistently. It’s getting way too predictable for our liking.

The name “Black” joined with Friday, in itself, is worth looking at – in all its Satanic symbolism.

Why do they try to market this event as some sort of national holiday and call it “Black”?

It’s important to point out first, that in America, shopping is not just a basic human need, it’s a national sport – where people root for brands like football team. And as you will see, it’s a very competitive sport. On Black Friday, it moves up the ladder to become gladitorial.

It all started with the Cabbage Patch Doll uprisings back in the 1980’s. It seemed like a fluke at the time. But the trend has raged on, and on. An epic battle for a  load of cheap plastic made in China and Vietnam, mostly by women and children on a dollar a day.

Quite simply, it’s a victory for worldly goods, over humanity, as people worship brands like gods for sale. The devil’s handiwork, no less.

In reality, Black Friday is nothing more than a collective con – a nonevent, made to appear as an event.

American wage slaves who have witnessed such riots like in the videos below, should know by now that America’s once coveted status as the progressive world’s cultural leader – has come and gone. More and more it’s looking like ‘American exceptionalism’ could be the stuff of 20th century history already.

Those who have taken part in the Black Friday ritual should also know that their rulers are indeed laughing at them right now – as they watch their social engineering master plan come to fruition – segments of the population all but reduced to a shallow pulp of mindless consumerism, currently in the process of eating itself.

The remaining, mentally challenged chattering classes, will also watch these ugly scenes and then sit and argue whether Black Friday riots are the result of an Obama or Romney victory, as if. This level of sub-intelligence is what killed American democracy – another victory for the elite.

On a foreign policy note, if you are an Arab watching these scenes below, you might want to ask yourself, if this is what Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton were talking about when they waxed lyrical during your Arab Spring (that wasn’t) about the virtues of exporting  “American values of freedom and democracy”?

Imagine when the dollar collapses – how ugly would that look. Empty supermarket shelves. How would Americans treat each other then?

It’s become a pathetic tradition, in what is way past the point of national embarrassment, but it’s not – instead, they promote it…

Watch as it gets even uglier… 



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  3. Morgan Says:

    I just feel contempt for these ‘sheeple’. I never did a ‘black Friday’ in my 50 odd year life, and I don’t celebrate that commercialised piece of garbage known as christmas. It’s a corruption of a cool Pagan holiday called ‘Yule’. I don’t play the stupid mortal flotsam games most are programmed to play. I have very few problems because of it. If everyone is doing one thing, do the opposite.

  4. Bonnie Says:

    “As Charles Fort, concluded, :”We are owned.”….by some other Race.

    They set this up, and must be laughing and laughing.

  5. Jay Says:

    American culture has broken down here. Don’t blame the Chinese, they would have been nothing if American politicians worked for the interests of the American people.


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  7. Elon, Lord of. Says:

    I click these fingers and they all go away.

  8. guest Says:

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