Nuke ’em for Peace! UK Lord Suggests Neutron Bomb On Afghan-Pakistan Border

British ex-Defense Minister, Lord Gilbert, has threatened militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan with a neutron bomb. The UK could create “cordons sanitaire along various borders where people are causing trouble”, he said.


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One Response to “Nuke ’em for Peace! UK Lord Suggests Neutron Bomb On Afghan-Pakistan Border”

  1. Carl Jones Says:

    Of course, his mind is not all there. He contradicts himself…nobody there but goat handlers and then he says it will stop “them” going there. Clearly, someone it going to be there. He`s a war criminal…like General Kimmits asking all women and children to leave Fallujah…why? Because he intended to kill all the men and boys why were left. Tony Blair was visiting Iraq and a soldier told him “they are killing us”…Blair retorted, “yes, but we are killing more of them”. Another war crime that the Met brown envelope collecting police are sitting on.

    BTW, Al Jazeera were about to report on a massive explosion in Fallujah, but went to a break, when they came back, there was no mention on it. Others did report that some sort of neutron bomb was used in Fallujah. I suspect this was an “exotic micro nuke”, much smaller than the Davy Crockett artillery shell that went into US army service in late 60`s. The warhead was about the size of a shoebox. This is the problem, people have in ingrained that detonated nukes are big explosions followed a huge mushroom clouds, when the reality is a fag pkt sized nuke/sub-critical weapon that can be almost clean. The NWO has used then extensively since Oklahoma and the US East African Embassy bombings.

    The caualness of Lord Gilberts comments reveals the casual use of such weapons…I mean, he should know and I bet a lot of NWO wheels will be concerned about his mental state.

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