Bilderberg Group Captures Bank of England – Why Britain Keep Drinking the Globalist Kool-Aid

By Eamonn Fingleton
Forbes whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Although the aphorism is overused, it accurately describes the dog’s dinner that British leaders have made of their society in the last half century.

A good example of what I mean is the news overnight that the British government has appointed Mark Carney the next governor of the Bank of England.

For anyone concerned for the British national interest, Carney has three strikes against him:

1. Canada.

2. Goldman Sachs.

3. The Bilderberg Group.

Let’s first consider his nationality: he carries a Canadian passport. Not a hanging offense, you might think, and the Canadian people, of course, fully deserve their reputation as more than averagely decent world citizens.

The Canadian approach to financial regulation moreover has, as I have pointed out in a previous note, been a huge success. But here’s the thing: a clear majority of Britons want out of the European Union, and fundamental, quite tough and courageous decisions will have to be made in the next few years. than ever, it is important that the loyalties of the governor of the central bank should not only be aligned with those of the British people but be absolutely unambiguously seen to be so. In the circumstances, a British passport would appear to be a minimal job requirement (and it always was in the bank’s previous history of more than three centuries).

Then there is Carney’s Goldman Sachs connection: he served the firm for 13 years in New York, London, Tokyo, and Toronto. Yes, things could be worse: he might have been a don in the Sicilian Mafia or a bagman for the Colombian drug cartel. But for anyone who knows how the world really works, a career of rising “success” in an outfit like the latter-day Goldman Sachs does not smell good. For nearly three decades now, Goldman Sachs has brazenly thumbed its nose at its previous reputation for probity: in plain language its ethos lately has been that anything goes, provided only you stay out of jail. Readers of the American and British press are aware of some of the problems. In the John Paulson affair, for instance, Goldman is on record as having defrauded its customers. Goldman Sachs’s flexible approach to ethics has also been central to the disasters that have befallen the citizens of Greece. To be fair, Carney has not been implicated in either the Paulson or Greek scandals. But, if Wikipedia is to be believed, he was on the scene in an earlier flap when in the late 1990s Goldman played a two-faced role in advising investors in Russian bonds. That said, what concerns me more than anything is Carney’s spell in Goldman Sachs’s Japanese branch. After 27 years of studying the Japanese financial system from a vantage point in Tokyo, I claim some expertise. Japan’s kyoiku mamas ­ education mothers ­ have long counseled their sons that gentleman do not take jobs in the Tokyo securities industry. Thus firms like Nomura, Daiwa, and Sumitomo’s Nikko subsidiary have long had to scrape the bottom of the educational barrel in hiring. What is less well known is that foreign securities firms in Tokyo rank even further below the salt than their Japanese counterparts. They do the work that even the Japanese securities firms consider beneath them. Ethical Western investment bankers posted to Tokyo are immediately appalled by what they are expected to do. Perhaps Carney was too ­ but there is no record of this.

Then there is Carney’s Bilderberg connection. Founded in the Netherlands in the 1950s, the Bilderberg Group is ostensibly merely a top careerist’s mutual aid society –nothing more than the Freemasons on steroids. Carney is officially acknowledged to have attended the most recent Bilderberg meeting, which is interesting as the British finance minister George Osborne, who appointed him to the Bank of England job, is an avid Bilderberger.

For the British national interest, there is more here than mere mutual back-scratching. The Bilderberg group was founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a German-born erstwhile Nazi noted throughout his life for his “everything is relative” approach to ethics. The group’s main aim in its early years seems to have been to rehabilitate Germany and to this day the group is viewed in Europe as a tool by which a crypto-mercantilist “Germany Inc” promotes the careers of those it smiles on. Basically you are received into the Bilderberg group if the powers that be in Berlin, Munich, and Stuttgart consider your views helpful to the German national interest. The trouble is that Germany’s advantage very often proves to be someone else’s disadvantage.

George Osborne seems to be no more a Peter-principled naif. The question the British nation should consider is this: is Carney, with his Harvard education and his spell at the sharp end of the Japanese financial services industry, a similar babe in the woods?


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14 Responses to “Bilderberg Group Captures Bank of England – Why Britain Keep Drinking the Globalist Kool-Aid”

  1. Carl Jones Says:

    The Rothschilds run this world. Lord Jacob Rothschild is the man. Funny that all the other senior Roths get named in the MSM and conspiracy internetland, but not Jacob. His son was at Eaton and Oxford with George Osborne and now Osborne appoints Carney. The question is, what does Carney know that King or his expected shoe in Paul Tucker does not know?

    You see, while King is a numpty, he was now in charge when the designed financial collapse was being instigated…King came in after the damage had been done. In fact, King has slipped lots of anti NWO lines into his speeches. Yet he has been forced to follow the NWO script…which has made things worse. Maybe Tucker would of told Jacob to get lost…maybe this is why they have rolled in Carney.

    The line from Osborne is that Carney is the best there is…so Osborne must have had a chat to Carney and knows what Carney will do. Now, if Osborne knows this, then why not just employ a Brit and tell them what to do??

    The fact is, they are not going to fix the economy. If we cast our minds back to the 1930`s, the US, UK and much of Europe was in the Great Depression, but US and UK corporations were pumping huge sums of money into the German war machine. You could say this was going on right now, but on a global scale.

    The present GREATER DEPRESSION is far deeper than the 1930`s effort and its global. Remember when THEY were telling us the BRIC nations were DETACHED from the old world economies? Well, they lied. China is slipping and India`s growth has almost collapsed. So what was used to drag the US and UK out of the Great Depression? World War 2!!! And this is what is coming, another Worl War.

    The Roths have always financed wars in order to further and solidify their power and wealth. This is best done by forcing asset prices down. The fact that Goldman Sachs is known and exposed, means that it there for sheeple consumption.

    I am not sure who is on which side, but the power struggle in Amerika reminds me of the failed attempts to get rid of Hitler….is Obama the new Hitler?

  2. Cape Breton News and Views_World Headlines « An Online Home For Cape Breton Islanders Says:

    […] Bilderberg Group Captures Bank Of England […]

  3. MLepard Says:

    There’s two kinds of economics.

    The one taught in a social engineering institution…and real economics.

    Carney has been positioned to do what must be done.

    The real economy only works if all within it are ignorant as to what is going on or how it works.

    Bretton Woods which was transformed into the new economy in 1971

    Began collapsing to oblivion in 2001 and was replaced with the war on deflation which was lost in 2008 and was replaced with the second half recovery lie.

    In order to generate the required volume to sell into…a massive blow off top is required…You need to of course keep everyone speculating.

    Carney can just place bets on all the things happening below in the economy.

    As in short the bottom of the global hierarchy to sustain the top.

    It’s why China’s markets are constantly inflating and collapsing.

    The top is milking them.

    All that the global system does is suck power from the bottom to the top wholesale…mark it up and sell it back to the bottom retail.

    when the demand by the top becomes greater than the bottom can support.

    the bottom does not get a return and collapses…

    That’s what happened in Greece…anyone that knows what is going on in real time is well aware of where to spend money to cause all the money you spend to be winning bets that pay off with a yield.

    Just turn people into skeletons faster and profit…of course during the inflationary phase…you want to turn them into skeletons slower to obtain a yield.

    But there is a maximum potential ability for the inflationary phase to be sustained.

    reinvesting inflation into more inflation eventually demands infinite supply.

    the the positive turns into negative.

    then you have to place bets that the negative is going to win.

    In teh way up it’s not too much and not too little but always greater than previously.

    on the way down it’s not too much and not too little but always less than previously.

    currently the global system has not yet actually began going over the cliff.

    To the negative side of the bright side of life.

    and you use that to support the cause of the negative.

    The demand of the top from the bottom.

    Which is what is required to sustain a controlled collapse of the global system for as long as possible.

    The globalists are all of you for centuries now…Nationalism is just a way to control a duped population so they can be led by the owners of the world

    You all will fight to the death to protect that which you charish the most.

    Your economic zone.

    Your mating and feeding grounds.

    The system you all depend upon to sustain your continued existence.

  4. ramadeva Says:

    But BoE was,reportedly, under the Rothschilds, from the Battle of Waterloo!!!
    I think the Bilderberg is slowly taking over,from the Rothschilds.LBMA in 2004 is another example……

  5. slovenskapravda Says:

    Globalist? Bildelberg? You stupid degenerated american idiot !!!

  6. OhioRiver Says:

    So, the world continues with the BoE keeping itself in the dark about who really rules England. Just need to read this book out about Americans who take a stand against federal tyranny & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. I recommend it.

    Let England now understand why America fought the American Revolution to rid itself of domination of secret societies. Great article. Thanks!

  7. Anglo Saxon Says:

    Those who otherwise write intelligently, yet spoil their piece by inserting moronic, boring, and ultimately nonsensical connections to Adolf Hitler and the ‘Nazis’, are really wasting our time.

    What is going on today in Washington DC, Manhattan, and the City of London has NOTHING to do with the Third Reich, but quite a lot to do with Bolshevism and the Soviet System, which we must remind ourselves, the Third Reich almost destroyed single-handedly. This world would now be a far, far better place today had they succeeded.

    The New World Order is not Fascism (although it certainly does contain many classically ‘fascist’ elements). Rather the NWO is a globalized form of Communism. And communism was modelled on the Jewish Shetel system, authored into existence by the son of a Rabbi, and quietly sponsored by the Rothschild largesse.

    Every Communist country had a central bank because only the State is permitted to own assets under a Communist System. Meanwhile, the movement known as “Agenda 21” is simply the means or methodology by which assets in North America can be quietly and gently transferred into State hands under the pretext of environment concerns, and under the banner of centralized Big Brother … namely the so-called United Nations.

    The philosophical underpinning that justifies the New World Order in the eyes of those who are directing its establishment, is the Talmud.

  8. Anglo Saxon Says:

    Vis-a-vis the Bilderberg Group … It may seem logical to point the finger at modern-day Germany. But readers should be careful to avoid making simplistic deductions while watching those clowns (such as Merkel) who posture and preen in Berlin and Frankfurt.

    Remember … Germany is still (even today) an occupied nation! A huge American Military presence has remained parked on German soil (and not so far from downtown Frankfurt am Main) ever since the Wehrmacht’s chief of staff surrendered to the Allies in May of 1945.

    Furthermore, Germany’s Constitution (known originally as the Basic Law) was authored by the Allies … quite possibly by writers who grew up in Lower Manhattan tenements.

  9. carl Says:

    You white boys it is time to wake up ! For their are two manner of people in your genes . Who rules England and at present the world ? It is the cursed seedline , which is Esau , Edom (reds) , for he was the brother of Israel . For Carney to reach such heights he is one of them and being one of them he must be perverted in some way ….. as the fraternity brothers are , such as the Bush boys are .Sex sex , sex , sex why its sex with all the boys , little boys and little girls .

  10. jollyroger Says:

    It is the Rothschilds who run the BOE,every other bank in Europe and America( Feral Reserve). It is the Rothschilds who have funded all of the wealthiest people, corporations and bankers, they thus, control them all.
    The Bilderbergs are a separate group made up of bankers, royalty, wealthy business CEO’s and the like. The agenda however is the same : global domination through one world government. The EU is just one piece of that scheme.
    In a way, the Rothschilds do control the Bilderbergs, probably indirect but most likely to a great extent.
    No one except those involved know for sure…and we for sure don’t know, except form those who have displayed the courage and fortitude in attempting to expose both of these satanic cabals for what they are.
    In the end England may very well be destroyed as will America unless the vast populace awakens to the facts. Not likely as the majority of Americans are being lied to and deceived by the same bunch behind the Rothschilds, who own 98 % of the media in America including Hollywood. They are of course the Talmudic zionists hiding behind the cloak of Judaism. The Rothschilds are Talmudic zionists as are the bankers, CEO’s and entertainment industry leaders.
    The Talmudic zionists claim they are god’s chosen people destined to rule the world with an iron rod and the goyim (the rest of us) are less than sheep and goats.
    As long as the Rothschilds are allowed to remain in such power and control, and yes they do control the British government, they will continue to subvert your freedom and liberty. That is as long as any Rothschild is allowed to remain alive.

  11. carl Says:

    Ah , the jewish fables . If your mother is jewish then her children are jewish . Why do they say this ? because Christ was of the seed of a woman and the Only man to be so ! I will tell you all , just because your mother is Jewish YOU would not be a Jew ! Further more , calling yourself one , you would/will be in grave danger of hell and damnation ! The Rothschilds are of Edom and they are the cursed seedline AND all that love power and lust for wealth are ALSO of the spirit of Esau . Changing to a little bit of my home in the good ole state of Maine . Angus King , a former governor and now will be in the Senate , a man i did like and voted for him . Alas , now we find out that he said that his wife was Jewish and he promoted the Jewish customs in the Blaine House ! Good grief , now the whole senate is jewish ? The Masons are jews ? The Pope is Jewish ? Jesuits are Jews ? The British Royals are Jews ? How could this be , for they ALL worship Lucifer ????? Mary , the mother of Christ was over shaddowed by the Holy Ghost and He is the GOD and Father of Christ and he is the Father of glory . Sorry Gov , your children will not be Jewish .

  12. Anonymous Says:

    […] […]

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