FILM: ‘Max Keiser Does Westminster’


Directed & Edited by Jeff Angel and featuring Max Keiser and George Galloway.

This film was funded, shot, edited & distributed (online) within 10 days. However, the information disseminated is both vital and timely. Max Keiser is a world renowned economic commentator and gives his breakdown of the history of ‘bubbles’ and how the City continues to game a system to breaking point. He is flanked by Respect MP George Galloway. Watch…

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One Response to “FILM: ‘Max Keiser Does Westminster’”

  1. Carl Jones Says:

    I am a massive supporter of Max Keiser…the establishment hate him. Press-TV have been banned and they`d love to ban

    It is such a shame that MK still believes in the pre Thatcher version of capitalism….it does not work. China has planned capitalism…so does France. We all plan, planning works..well, it works better than tossing a coin.and it helps more people.

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