Like the Taliban, BBC Erase Banksy Artwork Which Exposed Their Internal Savile Cover-up

What Do The Taliban And The BBC Have In Common?

The Needle


Before……. and After the Taliban


Before and……and After the BBC

Yes, that’s right, they both destroy great works of art in pursuit of their closed minded ideology.

Banksy, to my mind the UK’s greatest living artist (and actually, yes, I could justify that statement) created a piece of meaningful art outside of BBC Television Centre in central London which summed up just how disillusioned the British public, especially of my generation, feel right now. It was the poignant image of a young boy dropping his ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ medal into a drain. The BBC sent the workmen in to scrub it away.

Why ? Because it implied criticism of the corporation. All great art speaks, all great art stimulates thought, all great art, from Giotto via Manet’s ‘Olympia’ and beyond Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ to the present day, has been provocative.

The cultural philistines at the BBC can have as many Yentob inspired documentaries as they like but until they put artistic creation above managerial expediency they can never be a Corporation that Broadcasts for the British license fee paying public.

And do they own that hoarding ?

Does the BBC actually own that piece of hardboard that Banksy chose to place this artwork ?

And if the BBC are sued because a precious work of art has been destroyed and they didn’t own the hardboard hoarding opposite BBC Telivision Centre, who pays ?

Not the BBC management on their ludicrously high salaries, but all of us who pay the BBC license fee.

Just like McAlpine’s £185,000.



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11 Responses to “Like the Taliban, BBC Erase Banksy Artwork Which Exposed Their Internal Savile Cover-up”

  1. Guls Says:

    Interesting – this is hardly the time for the Beeb to be stifling meaningful criticism and debate around its role in the Savile scandal. Totally agree re the potential (even necessity) for art to be provocative and your assertion of Banksy’s importance: rarely has an artist managed to walk the line between purity of expression and accessibility; high and low-brow so successfully. A succinct post yet also content-rich and insightful, cheers,


  2. Guls Says:

    Reblogged this on musicbugsandgender and commented:
    As a one-time bastion of truthful reportage and creative expression, doesn’t the recently censorious behaviour on the part of the BBC seem incongruous? First they quash their own Newsnight investigation and now they’re – literally – whitewashing legitimate artistic comment. This is not the way to salvage a damaged reputation.

  3. Guls Says:

    Sorry, that should have read ‘the Needle’s assertion…’ – bit of a reblog malfuntion on my part…

  4. northsider Says:

    Agree with your main point, Guls, but I reckon you have to go back a long long way to find a time when Aunty was a bastion of truthful reporting. Its coverage of both Iraq wars, Syria, Libya and the conflict in former Yugsolavia was/is a sick joke. And let’s not forget the many programme faking scandals involving national treasure, David Attenborough, Vanessa Feltz, Blue Peter, and the aformentioned Yentob himself. As the old saying goes: if you get the name of rising early you can sleep as late as you like. The public in Britain easily forgave the Beeb all these transgressions, partly because the Beeb itself largely decrees what is and isn’t a scandal. As for Banksy, the Beeb loves art that is “edgy”, as long as it’s safe edginess.

  5. Joe Cullen Says:

    To my mind Graham Smith is the UK’s greatest living artist.

    Art is not in the doing of the Art but in the ability to sell it.

    Same goes for music .

    Most popular music is not worth a listen.

    I would not waste a day of my life at the New Tate.

    Tavistock Institute et al.

    As for the BBC, It’s a Zionist propaganda front.

  6. john martin Says:

    The BBC are a Zionist controlled propoganda brain washing company there to mindscript the Sheeple. All the Gov. are controlled by Zionists and the papers . See my post about the fact that a false monarch sits in Buckingham Palace. Another top Freemason Zionist fanny . Not one person from any part of the media , no msp s or mps have replied to my post even to tell me its not true . They cant because its a fact . I noticed that all the stuff about Saville , not one part of the media came out and said he was a Freemason and a Zionist . One person nearly did when she said he had frightening power from somwhere apart from being a celeb . We ve just had the London Games a huge Zionist controlled farce to stop the sheeple from thinking about whats really going on . Nothing but a huge pile of cash for the Zionist Elite .
    Now its the stuff on the news about the papers . No mention of the Murdoch Cabal all being Zionists. This wasnt mentioned of course in the phone hacking inquiry. Why,because the Zionists in control wont allow it . Alex Salmond picture grinning with Murdoch one day then Zionist Cameron the next then the false fanny from the palace . Sickening . Feed the war machine with cash cut benefits the Elite keep getting richer the poor get poorer. All the sheeple need to wake up and stop watching the brain control machine in the living room.
    Keep you doped with religion and sex and tv. Will it reach the stage where the Zionist Elite will tell us what art we can see or what we can read at all. It starts in school with the dumbing down of the kids . Fill there heads with controlled lies My grandsons parent were sent for because he told the teacher that she was saying letters of the alphabet wrong. She was telling the kids things like this is curly C for cat he was saying its not its c as we would say it . Control. Its all about Control. The Zionists must Control the sheeple to be in Control.

    The Most Dangerous Information in Britain.
    Ive sent this too every MSP Newspaper and TV company in Scotland.
    Guess what no one wants to touch it with a plastic fishing rod.
    This would be their downfall and everything they stand for
    All oaths useless illegal wars in her name stopped and murder charges brought up.
    The whole world changing their eduction in schools etc and lots of stuff I cant think about. Countries given back their Freedom all their wealth including her off shore illegal bank account given back to the people . Then there s taxes and people jailed by Judges who swear an oath to her . Probably lots of other stuff im not thinking about .

    A)Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg’s Fraudulent Coronation.
    1. The person who purports to be the queen has never, in fact, rightfully or Lawfully been crowned as the Sovereign. This knowledge stems from the fact that the Coronation Stone / The Stone of Destiny / Bethel / Jacob’s Pillar that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg was crowned upon is a fake. The real Coronation Stone; made from Bethel porphyry, weighing more than 4cwt. (458lbs.) according to the BBC telex in the film “The Coronation Stone”, (Covenant Recordings), and Ian R.Hamilton Q.C. in three of his books: “No Stone Unturned” (pages 36, 44), “A Touch of Treason”(page 50) and “The Taking of The Stone of Destiny” (pages 27, 35); was removed from WestminsterAbbey at 04:00 hrs on the 25th of December in 1950, by his group of four Scottish Nationalist students, which included and was led by Ian Robertson Hamilton himself. The other three were Alan Stuart, Gavin Vernon and Kay Matheson, as stated in his books.

    2. The real Coronation Stone (“National Treasure No. 1”), was taken to Scotland where, in Glasgow, it was handed over to Bertie Gray to repair it, and was later hidden by industrialist and philanthropist John Rollo in his factory, under his office-floor, according to Ian R. Hamilton’s books – “No Stone Unturned” and “The Taking of The Stone of Destiny”, and the factory-manager.

    3. A fake stone copy had previously been made in 1920 by stone-mason, Bertie Gray, for a prior plan to repatriate the Coronation Stone, and it was made of Scottish sandstone from a quarry near Scone in Perthshire, weighing 3cwt. (336lbs.). The conspirators had used it to practice with, before going to London to Westminster Abbey to remove the real Coronation Stone from the abbey. It was that fake stone copy which was placed on the High Altar Stone at Arbroath Abbey, at Midday on the 11th April of 1951, wrapped in a Scottish Saltyre (St. Andrew’s Flag – Dark blue with white diagonal cross on it) and found by the authorities, then transported to England, where it was used for the “queen’s”
    coronation, according to Bertie Gray’s children in a Daily Record Newspaper article.

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    5. As previously stated, the genuine Coronation Stone weighs more than 4 cwt. (458lbs.), but the one that Elizabeth A. M. Battenberg was crowned on, that has been on display in Edinburgh Castle since 1996, weighs 336lbs, not 458lbs., and thus cannot be the genuine Coronation Stone. Therefore, never having been Lawfully crowned, she has NO authority
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  7. Brian Says:
    This is an interesting link between Lord Mc Alpine and the Ovenden (pedo) art collection
    then there is the controversy of eric gill (convicted pedo) statues at BBC

  8. Like the Taliban, BBC Erase Banksy Artwork Which Exposed Their Internal Savile Cover-up | 21st Century Wire « Cold Reality News Report Says:

    […]… […]

  9. No Other King but Christ Jesus Says:

    Well, her contract was “as by law”, meaning man made law, since the Protestant Reformed religion was man-made law, and thus can always be reformed. Besides which, she didn’t specify to which ‘god’ she swore the oath. Her god appears to be rather different than the triune God.

  10. carl Says:

    I am NOT a Jew , I am of the House of Israel , I am an Israelite .I know that Elizabeth II is not of/from the loins of George VI and their are others that knows this as well . You can call this the revenge of the two brothers , Edward VIII and George VI ! YOU Elizabeth II , YOU ordered the Masonic killing of Princess Diana , YOU are guilty of murder !

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