Wikipedia Page Alteration: Has Derek Laud Been ‘Unfriended’ by Tory Elite?

The Needle

“I only ask because his Wikipedia page has been edited…”

On the 26th October I posted a tweet of his, here, and I copied and pasted directly from his Wikipedia page.

It used to read in the opening paragraph:

Laud is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron’s family and a personal friend of David Cameron and attended their wedding at Ginge, in Oxfordshire. He has a wide circle of friends in the celebrity, political and business communities.

But not anymore……….

It used to read under ‘Personal life’:

Laud has a wide circle of friends in the Conservative Party. The list of Tory friends with whom he is known to go on holiday and socialise with is illustrious, and includes Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo.

But alas no longer.

I’m just curious. I wonder if a reader of this is also a Wikipedia editor and can find out when this was changed and by whom ?

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One Response to “Wikipedia Page Alteration: Has Derek Laud Been ‘Unfriended’ by Tory Elite?”

  1. dion Says:

    Well interestingly enough,. I tracked Ian Greer, Lauds one time accomplice, down to ‘Somerset West’ in South Africa, ‘Helderberg Street Peoples Center’ 😉

    I believe Laud and Greer are still wholly operative and we could perhaps catch them with kiddies in transit,..

    I called locals in the area to ascertain if the pics i sent them were the same Lobbyist Greer of the late 80’s,.. I sent all my info out to 3 news journalists,. One replied they would follow the material up, the persons i chatted to in Somerset West said they wished for me not to mention their names as they were fairly certain he was protected by Mason interests,..

    I posted the Laud and Greer material links extensively on my Blog,. dion786mars.blogspot and I got an unusually large number of hits from IRELAND as a result,.. I massively redacted the posting of all the links i had researched after folks warned of literal safety concerns,..

    Apparently he calls himself ‘Reverend’ Greer to the locals,.. He earns R40k a month and lives out of town, whilst foisting his whole, ‘care for the poor’ and unemployed in his CBD ‘shelter’,..

    From what i hear, apart from his apparent ‘care’ center, he displays utter contempt for normal persons and flouts the law at any turn,..

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