“Western Leaders Are Encouraging Terrorist Blood Bath in Syria” says Henningsen

Pat3_color21st Century Wire’s analyst Patrick Henningsen talks with RT News about the West and their Gulf state proxies’ backing of terrorist groups in Syria in order to accelerate regime change in Syria and to further destabilize the Middle East region. Washington and Britain are actively supporting al Qaeda and other FSA-related foreign fighters in Syria, a policy which is an international war crime and is costing thousands of innocent lives, and billions of dollars to western taxpayers and to the people in Syria.




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3 Responses to ““Western Leaders Are Encouraging Terrorist Blood Bath in Syria” says Henningsen”

  1. northsider Says:

    Very good interview. By the way, this is a bit off topic, but what has become of of Edge/Controversial TV? Its output these days seems to be a mixture of the TV version of Loaded! and worthy uncontroversial multicultural stuff. They still repeat some of the excellent interviews with the likes of Mr Henningsen, Gerrish, Ian Crane, et al., but I haven’t seen any up to date stuff in this vein on the channel for many months. That’s a real shame because so much has come out about the corruption of the establishment in recent months, and the msm are all seeking to downplay the significance of these revelations. We couldn’t really afford to lose both Press TV and Edge TV at such a crucial time.

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