‘Criminals, Terrorists And Pedophiles’: Spy Bill Author Slams Big Bro Critics

Britain’s so-called “snooper’s charter” bill is heating up debates among MPs as parliamentary reports on it are being prepared. The bill’s initiator has just released an emotional verbal offensive against the opponents, equaling them to criminals.


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One Response to “‘Criminals, Terrorists And Pedophiles’: Spy Bill Author Slams Big Bro Critics”

  1. northsider Says:

    Crikey! Words really do fail! The gall, the sheer nauseating, disgusting gall! A member of a governing party that placed a known, self-confessed paedophile, Sir Peter Morrison, in a senior government position has the barefaced cheek to play the paedophile card! It’s utterly unbelievable! Where are the “left-wing” media pointing this out? Where is the supposedly rabidly anti-Thatcher Guardian? Where are all the supposedly hardcore anti-Tories? Where is Seumas Milne? Where is Polly Toynbee? Where is George Galloway? Where is Dennis Skinner? According to Edwina Currie, a senior minister in the Tory government, everyone in that government knew what Morrison was up to and “sniggered” about it. And yet NO ONE in the mainstream media, or on either the mainstream left or right is talking about this! NO ONE! What planet are they on! But not only that, unbelievably, May can actually get away with citing paedophilia as a pretext for big brother snooping. “Surreal” does not even begin to describe it all!

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