Top PR Max Clifford Website Down, Following Arrest By UK Police Pedophile Unit


Clifford Was Called Into Question A Month Ago By 21st Century Wire

Nicholas Myra
21st Century Wire
Dec 6, 2012

It was reported today that PR guru Max Clifford has been arrested by special police Operation Yewtree in relation to alleged ‘sexual offenses’, and there is speculation that information held by Max Clifford about political and celebrity clients’ criminal pedophile activity has been kept hidden away from both police and the public.

As off this at least 2pm this afternoon, Max Clifford and Associates website, has been down, but it is not yet clear whether or not this closure is in relation to the PR kingpin’s arrest today. It could be due to incredibly server traffic as a result of Clifford’s detention.

Clifford: Trafficking in filthy information for profit, could be covering for pedo clients.

Clifford, aged 69, is said to have been held this morning by the Met’s ‘Savile’ unit Yewtree, apparently on suspicion of sexual offences and taken into custody for questioning at Yewtree’s central London police operating base. The arrest was also confirmed by Clifford’s legal team, Mishcon de Reya, this afternoon.

Ironically, it was Clifford who himself said he was contacted by a number of celebrities from the 1960s and 1970s who were “frightened to death” about a Savile  ‘witch-hunt’ and feared they could be implicated in the wider scandal.

At the time Clifford said, “All kinds of things went on and I do mean young girls throwing themselves at them in their dressing rooms at concert halls, at gigs, whatever”.

Last month 21st Century posed the key question amid total silence from both BBC and the mainstream media – as to whether or not Max Clifford was fit to be the ambassador for the BBC’s charity Children in Need.

This recently leaked video of Clifford boasting about how he ‘knows where all the bodies are buried’, and how he helped cover for the late Tory MP’s Alan Clark’s violation of two underage Harkess girls in exchange for fees and successful book sales, should have been enough for the police to arrest Clifford on the spot for questioning regarding the matter. But that didn’t happen. Watch the video again here:

It’s possible that events today might have just answered that question. That said, in light of this gross oversight by the public broadcaster, the public should be questioning whether the BBC Trust itself is competent enough – or relevant enough, to be the guardians of a multi-billion dollar public institution.

Remember, you heard that question here first – and not at the Times, BBC, Telegraph, Guardian or Independent.

Will police go all they way, and find out who Clifford has been covering for and who the victims are?

Stay tuned for more revelations and exposures regarding institutional paedophilia festering in high places.

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14 Responses to “Top PR Max Clifford Website Down, Following Arrest By UK Police Pedophile Unit”

  1. Carl Jones Says:

    Cliford has stated that “its all in his head”. I doubt he”ll spill the beans.

  2. Top PR Max Clifford Website Down, Following Arrest By UK Police Pedophile Unit: Clifford Was Called Into Question A Month Ago By 21st Century Wire | Sovereign Independent UK Says:

    […]… […]

  3. northsider Says:

    Could this arrest be a warning to him not to spill any beans, a signal that the Masonic establishment intends to play hardball with anyone who publicly lets it be known that politics,showbiz and the media are honeycombed with paedophilia? I must say this thought also crossed my mind when I heard that Wilfred De’ath had been arrested. De’ath provided crucial evidence against Savile on the October ITV documentary that exposed him. Also De’ath’s magazine,the Oldie was the first MSM outlet to expose Savile’s crimes

    • 21st Century Wire Says:

      Not sure, but the police could easily cut a deal with Max that he rolls a client or two in exchange for light treatment, but I doubt Max would do that. It’s dirt for dirt, as they say. Let’s see what happens, but I expect Max to get off via lawyers and then we’ll see how good a PR man he really is. He could do a McAlpine and claim martyr status eg ‘witch-hunt’ victim – I suspect this is what Max will try to do…

  4. JoAnn Galvan Says:

    I think its time the legal system drop its proverbial boot on the necks of these so called high price liars or lawyers as some so nicely call them! Its a disgrace that this is happening on such a large scale in todays world! Makes me wonder how many of them have been sexually abused and exploited. Alas the answer would be none! Sickos with money to buy them power its time for the ordinary man to stand up to these bullies and if nothing else threaten to put them to death for their crimes against humanity!!!

  5. Derek Hill Says:

    time for Blair’s 100 year D notice to be uplifted and the truth come out .

  6. James W Says:

    Oh there is very little doubt in my mind that this is a ploy to shut him up, or take him down. This stuff is never going to get sorted out in any adequate fashion until the whole country downs tools and converges on every single police station and media outlet and that would just be the start.

    You guy’s obviously have enormous amounts of information and ability that the police should be making the best of. Maybe you should be at a police station, every day trying to get some results from the information you hold. The police stations should be inundated on just the information that is available to everyone, regarding the butchery on 7/7. Why’s that not happening???? This corruption is everywhere and in every single governing institution, especially our Media. Yes they are a governing institution, they just don’t betray themselves that way.

    We can go on saying this and saying that till the cows come home and it will not do the least bit of good in the long run. Oh it might get the odd prick incarcerated here and there, but all the while they are closing their net around us. These bastards are ravaging the whole world and they are not bothering to hide their crimes anymore and they know, that we know, what they are doing and are just laughing about it.

    It’s going to take a lot of bloodshed to get this sorted, it’s time to start taking these scumbags out one by one, as they do to us, only then will they get the message. Why do you think they took our guns off us years ago, they knew the day would come. Bully’s only understand or listen to power and strength, that’s why they are where they are, yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. These in the main, are lobotomised morons we are dealing with, they only care about their own advancement and if they are not walking all over us themselves, they are letting it happen.

    While we are being fed the odd chicken, the Cockerels are shafting us in broad daylight and crowing about it. They are ultimately after a slave nation/society worldwide, where their slaves work for nothing and do as they are told. Until they achieve this world agenda they will not stop, unless they are taken out of the equation. We need to sacrifice the few (the Elite) for the good of the many.

    Far be it for me to criticise anyone telling it as it is, I do the same, I’m just saying it is going to be nowhere near enough, you will need to be willing to sacrifice your life to get this sorted out and that’s only until the next time some creep wants to tell someone else what to do and it will start all over again.

    Of course i may be wrong. Be Happy, Don’t Worry.

  7. James Mackie Says:

    I reckon this has been done to stop him capitalizing further on the paedophile scandal. Somebody like Clifford will go to miscreants and make them an offer they can’t refuse. That is, pay me lots of money and I wont drop your name in the letterbox. This arrest is a show of strength to Clifford by high powered paedophiles not to try and exploit the situation, or perhaps more accurately, not to try and blackmail them for more ‘protection’ as Clifford himself likes to call it.

  8. James W Says:

    It’s all well and good, picking out the odd issue here and there and going for it, when the bigger picture is being ignored by the masses and that is all the Elite are concentrating on. This is but a storm in a tea cup to them, nothing will come from it unless the media are properly addressed. Look at the hypocrisy Clinton is dishing out in Ireland, and the BBC etc, are just lapping it up and reporting it as if there is no elephant in the room.

    You know a society has lost direction when they have actually been brainwashed into thinking it’s OK if our parents and Grandparents land up in a care home for the elderly. Where’s our individual care, responsibility and integrity? It’s not ok, unless on medical grounds and even then they should be at home wherever possible. So it’s not surprising we are sitting on our backsides while our country murders in our name, when we can’t even be bothered, in the main, to look after our own parents when things get difficult.

    This is just one example, our society is fucked and the media have played a major part in this achievement and until we excise this monster it will continue. Attack the Media, destroy it as it exists now and we may just stand a chance, otherwise it’s goodnight Vienna.

    The media are their weapon of choice and their weekest link. This Leveson bullshit is just that, they already control it.

  9. northsider Says:

    Very much agree with you James W re media- it’s key to everything. In my view the crux of the problem is that the media itself, especially “respected” outlets such as the BBC and the Guardian, get to decree what is and isn’t a scandal. If they’re not talking about something, many people unconsciously assume it can’t be that important. When the likes of the Beeb get implicated in a scandal they either play it down and pretend it’s trivial, as they did with David Attenborough’s polar bears filmed in Amsterdam, or else they use a very cunning form of reverse pyschology, whereby they start histrionically attacking themselves over something that really IS trivial in order (A) to show how self-critical they are and (B) to divert people from the real scandal. The manufactured hand-wringing over not showing the Newsnight programme on Savile and the equally manufactured brouhaha over the Newsnight non-accusation of Lord McAlpine were both classic examples of this “self-stabbing” to induce public sympathy. However as you indicate the numbers just aren’t there at the moment to really confront the corrupt elite en masse. Do the masses ever effect real change anyway? I’m not so sure. Usually in revolutions and counter-revolutions, it’s small very determined groups who lead the way. I wouldn’t underestimate the impact these paedophile scandals can have on the public trust in the media and the establishment, which is why they’re doing their level best to keep a lid on it all.

  10. James W Says:

    Absolutely, they are distracting via diversion and so enabling all this mayhem and destruction. Of course these scandals are doing them no good and I hope as much as the next man that they will cause a break in the dam, but just look at the this short list, 9/11, 7/7, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Diana, Dr Kelly, The Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Bankers, MP’s Expenses, Hacking and that’s a Joke, Abused children, what’s it going to take.

    The Media need to go and most of them belong in prison, if not out of complicity then out of shear ignorance, neglect and stupidity. I’d build a wall and put them up against it, if not for all the abused kids, then for those poor individuals that chucked themselves out of the twin towers and what they are doing to the Middle East.

    Do the Media first, don’t be distracted by their chaff, then the rest will come tumbling down and it will expose the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Rhodes and that’s just the R’s. Then go for all their little secret societies and funny handshaking brigades, if they are doing nothing wrong, then they don’t need to be secret,(their maxim). They have taken “Gang Culture,” to its ultimate expression, because basically, that’s all they are.

  11. James W Says:

    Sorry, one more thing, I couldn’t have put it better myself, you have obviously been taking serious notes and it’s really great to hear. I would just like to add, this is not your usual war, the masses are being attacked and sucked into their schemes, unknowingly and are actually part of the problem, it’s more a psychological war and they are years ahead of us. If I may be so bold, therein lies the difference this time, the masses are part of the problem, hence, that is why the media need to be addressed or they are just going to walk all over the small groups that form to fight against them.

    There’s also another difference this time, where a glimmer of hope may lay for us, and that is, in years gone by we didn’t know what, or who were behind all the wars and mass murders going on around the world, but now we do and they are actually boasting about it. That’s now their Achilles heel and a way of bringing them down, the media (especially television) have never been so important and they run it.

    We can see them at it every day in the newspapers, or when we switch on our sets, their underlings are there, right in-front of us, for all to see, every day, without fail, attacking us psychologically. It’s time to show them for what they are and take them down. Hidden in plain sight, nothing in this outrage is more true.

    I hear The Mail being praised for this and The Mirror etc, for that, when these journalists should be leaving the corrupt institutions in their droves and defecting to the alternative media. But they don’t, they just sit there receiving their pay cheques, putting out the odd story here and there, which they are being allowed to, so as to placate the masses and give the impression and possibly hope to the alternative media, that they are actually doing something. They could go on like that forever, oh do you think that may be the point, it’s all Bollocks.

    We need to arm ourselves and make sacrifices, the police and the army are not going to do anything.

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