Fantastic New Video by David Icke


6 Responses to “Fantastic New Video by David Icke”

  1. Ishtar's Gate Says:

    That really is a good video of David’s. Thank you!

  2. Rexisking Says:

    As always, David is excellent.

  3. James W Says:

    Brilliant!! One for the continuous loop, thanks.

  4. moshak Says:

    I guess I better start practicing “Traditional Sufi Islam” more openly, not caring for what the sheeople think or ! Ikey wants us to follow fringe on their way out/ extinct religious systems, ones that can be easily manipulated and without divinely written texts. He will never give positive regard or respect to proper proven Islamic traditions and beliefs..Gurgief wrote “Meetings with Remarkable Men” about sufi contemporary Sufi Moslem Saints and his experiences, hence enlightening the western world and introducing this Beautiful Spiritual Fountain unrivaled by any other, but you won’t hear Ike mentioning it. Shameful neglect and distractive dialectic against the Truth, I say.

    Bask in the Glory of The Creator!
    Be an instrument of His Divine Will.
    Lift not a finger with ones own desire let alone breath.
    Care not for peoples praise nor ridicule.
    Only then experience The Divine Miracle in every good intention proposed.
    (moshak a wanabe sufi)

  5. sweet Says:

    Yes I agree, main-stream-media and some non-m-s-m always give negative and out of context portrayals of Islam and Muslims which I know is not true. I’ve been going against the grain and reading up on Sufic Islam and talking to Sufi acquaintances. Theirs a lot to be learned of spirituality that goes on in the gatherings they hold with their Sufi Masters. I hear about powerful life changing experiences,very intriguing. But I don’t think I’m ready to go further yet. Maybe David Ike needs to make a video on it to open the way?

  6. James W Says:

    Fantastic Old Vidieo, check out Kate Bush and “Them Heavy People.” I wonder what she is saying????????

    David makes a hell of a lot of sense, he was dismissed once before, now i think anything is possible. And i know what he means by “we are Love,” it’s amazing, it can hit you like a brick out of nowhere, or I’m just lucky.

    Humanity is a beautiful thing, given the chance.

    Merry Christmas to one and All.

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