How Sir Jimmy Savile Fooled Everyone

Sir Jimmy Savile – a master showman, who through his collection institutional endorsements and establishment facade, he was able to fool the public. Most people believed he was the last person they’d suspect as being a serial child abuser, and if he been challenged whilst he was alive over his crimes, his defenders would say that any accusations against him would have served only to ruin a sterling career in show business…



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One Response to “How Sir Jimmy Savile Fooled Everyone”

  1. David Sogina Says:

    Dear Patrick   I have been following this Jimmy Saville case, which is not going anywhere, but blowing lots of hot air. I don’t think Jimmy fooled anyone while alive. I think editors of the scallywag magazine and the police approached him about his paedophilia activities and he told them flatly that their case won’t even stand to scrutiny as many high profile people were involved. The police haven’t come-up with a valid reason why they stopped investigating Jimmy in the 80’s and 90’s. Either the police were moved to other crimes or they were told forget about this.   Like david Icke put it Jimmy Saville was the ‘door-keeper of the cess-pit’ – which to me translates that he had every name of those who were registered P.I.E members and those who were not. So in the event of him being prosecuted while alive would have tested the establishment’s character. Now Jimmy is gone and I suspect those that have been questioned and bailed have some hard copy of other high ranking officials but will not unveil or give them-up. Good day david

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