Settlements Snarl: ‘Israel gambles on US protection from intl law’

Israel says it will go ahead with plans to build 1500 new settler homes in East Jerusalem – the part of the city that’s considered Palestinian land.

The project was given an intermediate green light by Israeli officials on Monday. This comes less then a month after the UN granted Palestine non-member observer status. Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of a future Palestinian state, and are promising to raise the issue at a Security Council meeting. Author and historian Gerald Horne says that with Palestine’s recent upgrade, Israel’s playing a risky game.


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2 Responses to “Settlements Snarl: ‘Israel gambles on US protection from intl law’”

  1. Palestine did indeed exist | Israel-Palestine Says:

    […] Settlements Snarl: ‘Israel gambles on US protection from intl law’ ( […]

  2. essential-intel Says:

    An illegal UN decision that violates the UN charter by granting a “state status” to an artificial entity (“Palestinian authority”) which is directly controlled by CIA,MI6 and FSB, cannot grant such an entity the right to claim half of Israel’s capital city. This entity exists only because Israel allows it to exist so the cost of running the autonomous zones won’t fall on its own shoulders. The day when Abbas and his gang will render themselves useless to the Israelis will be the day when a stand down order will be give to the IDF for the purpose of enabling a Hamas coup which will then see Abbas and co. thrown from Ramallah’s rooftops by Hamas operatives, and this will be the end of NATO’s “2 states final solution”.

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